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Why Leading Innovation Is Essential For Product Managers - ProductCamp Austin 9 - H. Del Castillo, AIPMM

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The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) are excited to attend ProductCamp Austin 9 on Saturday, August 18th.

The AIPMM is the hub of all things product management. It is where product professionals go for answers. With members in over 65 countries, the AIPMM is the worldwide certifying body of product team professionals.

It is the world's largest professional organization of product managers, brand managers, product marketing managers and other product team professionals who are responsible for guiding their organizations, or clients, through a constantly changing business landscape.

The Association of International Product Management and Marketing is creating a culture of mentoring within the product management professions
— to assist current product professionals in successfully confronting obstacles in their day to day efforts
— to facilitate rising product professionals in gaining experience and becoming successful product management leaders in their organizations
— to forward the profession, individual practitioners and product teams in successfully bringing products through the entire product lifecycle process

AIPMM Premium Membership provides the foundation for building your own product professional mentor network with access to member-only mentor matching, mentor/protégé facilitation, leadership trainings and opportunities for continuing education, as well as the potential to join the distinguished AIPMM Product Management Ambassadors Council.

AIPMM also offers training courses that prepare product management and marketing teams to take the CPM® and/or the CPMM® certification exam(s).

AIPMM's Certified Product Manager (CPM®) and Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM®) programs are internationally recognized because they allow product professionals to demonstrate their expertise and provide corporate members an assurance that their product management and marketing teams are operating at a high competency level.

Contact Hector Del Castillo at http:/ for information about AIPMM membership benefits, certification courses in your area, or for help aligning your business and product strategy.

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Why Leading Innovation Is Essential For Product Managers - ProductCamp Austin 9 - H. Del Castillo, AIPMM

  1. 1. ID # Target Audience: PM Advanced Category: Product Strategy Format: PresentationTitle: Why Leading Innovation Is Essential For Product ManagersDescription: Innovation is a central element of business growth strategy within companies that aim to generateadded value for their customers, the company itself, and stakeholders. While many company executives andexperts agree that in order for their companies to survive today’s increasingly global marketplace, they must facethe unpleasant truth that there may have to implement fundamental changes in who they are, what they do, andhow they do it. Few executives feel their companies are good at the specific processes and tactics frequently tiedto successful innovation, such as generating breakthrough ideas, selecting the right ideas, prototyping, anddeveloping business cases. We will provide insights to define and implement a process to drive innovation that isaligned with your companys strategy, core capabilities and business model. This discussion is for product teamprofessionals who want to lead innovation efforts to grow their company.This presentation is for product managers, product marketers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and technology-basedbusiness owners who want to lead innovation efforts to grow their company.Vote for this highly engaging session that will help you create a winning product strategy to deliver higher valueto your customers and create new revenue streams for your company.Presenter: Hector Del CastilloHector is a senior consultant with over 10 years of experience directing the product strategy to lead high-performance product teams. He has launched several profitable technology-based products and solutions. Heprovides services as a consultant, contractor, coach, or trainer to organizations that need to create value-addedproducts that delight customers and effectively market them to create demand.For more information, contact:Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMMTransforming products to profit for technology-based organizations.TMProduct Marketing Director, AIPMM