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Making A Difference

  1. 2. Home is Where the Heart Is Light Up Your Holidays & Heartland Alliance invite you to join us this holiday season to make a difference – one home at a time .
  2. 4. Create family memories that last a lifetime… by lighting up YOUR home for the holidays & changing lives of those less fortunate.
  3. 7. Children in the Guatemalan highlands region, where Heartland Alliance lends its mental health care and sustainable housing expertise.
  4. 8. Make a Socially-Conscious holiday purchase this season Sign up before September 1 st to have your home decorated.
  5. 11. Heartland Alliance protects more than 300 children a year who’ve been smuggled, trafficked, or arrived in the United States unaccompanied - and reunites them with their families.
  6. 12. Light Up Your Holidays & Heartland Alliance are partnering to raise $150,000 over 3 years. We need your support to make this a success!
  7. 14. For a child living in poverty, health care is too often a luxury. Heartland Alliance provides healthy starts for mother and child.
  8. 16. “ You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi We take this message to heart & bring it to your home. Together we will make a significant difference in our own communities.
  9. 18. Refugee children have witnessed atrocities and suffered great loss. Heartland Alliance renews their spirit, giving them hope and a home for their future.
  10. 19. Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights is one of the largest independent, non-sectarian, nonpartisan, non-profit organizations serving more than 200,000 people annually.
  11. 21. All it takes is one person to encourage a child to strive for success. Heartland Alliance believes every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment in which to grow.
  12. 23. Light Up Your Holidays is donating 25% of its total profit generated from our joint efforts here today to Heartland Alliance, to save children who are forced into labor & sex trades, or on the streets with nowhere to call home.
  13. 26. Children growing up in poverty have opportunities to learn and interact with others in a safe space at Heartland Alliance.
  14. 27. Heartland Alliance – Creating hope for a hurting world through Service & Policy in:
  15. 30. Save 20% on your own holiday lighting this year and know that a significant portion of your sale will benefit families in critical need.
  16. 32. YOUR Purchase of Holiday Lighting by September 1 st will - move people from extreme poverty & danger to stability & success here in Chicago.
  17. 34. Teaching job skills to people who are homeless gives them the power to change their futures. Heartland Alliance believes every person deserves to work and support their family.
  18. 36. Refugees, immigrants, and asylum-seekers should have the opportunity to know their rights. Heartland Alliance helps provide accurate information to protect people threatened by poverty and danger.
  19. 38. Create family memories in your own home this holiday season & for families in critical need. Sign up TODAY for a FREE holiday design consultation. Support conscious business practices.
  20. 40. Critical funding to nonprofits continues to suffer drastic cuts this year. This proactive effort is our creative response to fill funding gaps and continue to provide vital programming.
  21. 42. Hire Light Up Your Holidays by September 1 st and receive a 20% discount on labor & products.
  22. 43. After 12 years in a refugee camp in the Ivory Coast, Prince and his family arrived in Chicago. He says Heartland Alliance has given him a new perspective on being a refugee and a leader.
  23. 45. Every family should have a sense of belonging & a place to call home. Heartland Alliance helps families find a home and feel safe.
  24. 47. Heartland Alliance uses its resources and expertise to make sure that new refugee families have adequate housing and support as they begin their new lives in Chicago.
  25. 49. For more information about the partnership between Heartland Alliance and Light Up Your Holidays please visit: