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Ignite us

What is marketing in 2013? How do you ignite your ambassadors and the makers of things?

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Ignite us

  1. Ignite us How do we engage the makers online? Helge Tennø @congbo Image by Kamal Zharif on
  2. five parts: Seven Five real/physicalCulture Passion trends guidelines world
  3. Culture Part 1: Culture: “we must try to put ourselves inside their skin and look at us through their eyes just to understand the thoughts that lie behind their decisions and their actions” - Robert S. McNamara, The Fog of warImage by Dot! on
  4. Culture
  5. Culture“I’ve never met a company that understood its customers”
  6. Culture
  7. Culture
  8. Culture specially goes for digital technologythis e
  9. Cultureproof!
  10. CultureHMV and Jessops are both inadministration.It’s not that people don’twant to buy things, rather ..they want more than justto buy things
  11. Cultureproof!
  12. Culture proof!“Whether physically or through connected technologies, shopping is still best experienced socially” - PSFK Future of Retail report
  13. Culture times are changing / nothing lasts forever“the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stone..” - Richard Sears - image by Zanthia on
  14. Culture
  15. Culture
  16. ing is a mechanism for creating needadvertis
  17. Culture
  18. Culture
  19. Culturethen:
  20. Culturenow:
  21. Culture
  22. Culture ...passion.....the problem with these venture firms is that they target short term success, but makers don’t wan’t short term success, the want to create a living, to spend their life doing something their passionate about.. Jonas Feiring
  23. Culture
  24. Seven trendsPart 2:
  25. Seventrends
  26. Seventrends
  27. Seventrends
  28. Seventrends
  29. Seventrends
  30. Seventrends
  31. Seventrends
  32. Five guidelinesPart 3:
  33. Fiveguidelines
  34. Fiveguidelines
  35. Fiveguidelines
  36. Fiveguidelines
  37. Fiveguidelines
  38. real/physical world
  39. real/physical worldThere is no real and digital life, they are the same...
  40. real/physical world“A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools it happens when society adopts new behaviors.” - Clay Shirky, US Now
  41. real/physical worldMicrosoft offers a toolbox
  42. real/physical world- Gives people opportunity to participate at their own level- Connects passionate producers to passionate consumers- Gives makers the opportunity to follow their dream
  43. real/physical world- Gives people the ability to use their skills- Sense of purpose, bigger goal- Gamification layer- Not only an open social platform - it’s retail
  44. real/physical world Statoil at ONSA wonderful display of digital / physical imagination
  45. real/physical worldLeading up to And continuing afterwards event An event is just the short space in time when several people are experiencing the same thing simultaneously - it should neither be the beginning or end of the experience... IMAGE BY IHL ON FLICKR:COM
  46. real/physical world“light lots of small fires” - Mark Earlsbut ONE thing IMAGE BY PIERO SIERRA ON FLICKR.COM
  47. “hey, fellas, look, they turned the app into a bank”
  48. PassionPart 5: Passion
  49. PassionWe even created one of these ourselves:
  50. Passion What we have is...passion...
  51. accelerator... What we need is
  52. PassionBe a passionate part in our idea
  53. Passionwe don’t want your traditional marketing - we want your Bill Gates 1984
  54. Passionignite us Image by ElDave on
  55. thank you! Helge Tennø @congbo