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  1. 1. Odyssey Final Project
  2. 2. Athena, m helpful, intelligent, strong, and wise. I am a relative of Zeus. Lover of Odysseus. Who protects well-known heroes. Who needs love and acceptance. Who fears to be taken over. Who gives aid to others. Resident of Mount Olympus, Minerva.
  3. 3. My Journey By: Odysseus
  4. 4. The Land of the Lotus Eaters was definitely a place I never wanted to leave! But literally, if you ate the Lotus plants it would make you
  5. 5. The Land of the Cyclopes was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. We got to witness the Cyclopes like I always wanted, and we were still able to escape his cave in just the right amount of
  6. 6. Aeolus’ Island is where Aeolus, the keeper of the wind, lived. My men stayed for a month to recover. The king wanted us to leave and go home, so he gave me a bag of winds as a gift. Aeolus told my men and I not to open the bag, or we would find ourselves having a hard time getting home. My men disobeyed the king's wish.
  7. 7. This was at Circe’s island where she changed all of my men into swine excluding me because I was wrapped and protected by a magic herb. She said in order for her to turn them back, we had to visit
  8. 8. The Land of the Dead is a place where all the deceased people went When I dropped by there during my journey as of Circe’s order, I saw my mother there who I hadn’t seen since I first left. It meant that she had passed away while I was gone. I also saw one of my former soldiers there too. I promised him I’d have a proper memorial for him which I later then did.
  9. 9. The next destination I traveled to and through was the Sirens. There were beautiful women there, the Sirens. They sang so perfectly that it would distract the shipmen, and they would crash their ships. Because of this, I made all of my men put wax in their ears, so the ship wouldn’t crash. While they focused on sailing the ship, I listened to see when the Sirens would stop, so
  10. 10. Scylla and Charybdis are two obstacles I had to over come while on my journey. Scylla is a sea monster, and Charybdis is a whirlpool. I tried to stay farther from Charybdis more, so my ship wouldn’t get sucked into it. Scylla ended up eating my men one for each head she had (six).
  11. 11. ` The Cattle of the Sun God brought many upsetting memories to me. Helios warned my men and I never to eat his cattle; my men decided to disobey anyways, so Zeus strikes lightning that kills all of them except for myself because I didn't eat them.
  12. 12. I’ve decided to disguise Odysseus as a begger. This might be the safest I can keep him right now, so the suitors won’t kill him! So far no one has found out about it yet! #thankful Posted by Athena via Twitter I’ve changed Odysseus back to himself for a certain, special moment. Telemachus has finally been reunited with his father for the first time in twenty years! #beautifulmoment Seems like Odysseus is really disgusted of how horrible his kingdom has been treated since he’s been gone! He is especially traumatized by the way they have treated his dog, Argus. #RIPargus #sad #disappointing
  13. 13. Penelope still has hope for her husband’s return. She challenged all the men that want to marry her to shoot Odysseus’s bow and arrow through twelve ax handle sockets. She offered this because she knows only Odysseus can complete this challenge. #clever Posted by Athena via Twitter The begger (Odysseus) has taken the challenge! And he got the shot perfectly! Everyone around here is so shocked . It’s coming time that I should reveal his true identity! The begger has killed all the suitors! Nobody knows that it’s really Odysseus yet! I think it’s time his kingdom should know!
  14. 14. I’ve finally changed Odysseus back to himself! And better yet, I made him look even more handsome! He’s taller, massive, and enlightened everywhere! #honored Posted by Athena via Twitter Penelope and Odysseus have finally been reunited! It was such beautiful, sweet moment! I feel so special to have witnessed it! #happy The whole kingdom is so happy for Odysseus's return! They can all finally live in peace! #positivefeelings