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My home town

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My home town

  1. 1. Bat-Erdene My home town
  2. 2. My home town My name is Azzaya. I was born in 1998 and in a beautiful place called Naranbulag sum of Uvs province.
  3. 3. Symbol and flag
  4. 4. Map of my homeland
  5. 5. Geography of Uvs province Uvs is located in the west of the Mongolia and borders the Russian Federation for 640 km, in the east 340 km of border lies between Uvs and Zavkhan province. In the south and west it borders with Khovd and Bayan-Ölgii provinces for 200 km each. Of the total area of the province, 60% belongs to the mountain, and 40% to the Gobi semi-desert.
  6. 6. History of Uvs province After the revolution in 1921 in Mongolia, on November 21, 1925 the government founded the Chandmani Uulin Aimag It was celerated 90th anniversary in last summer So, It has a lot of historical and cultural records
  7. 7. Population of Uvs It has about 75000 population including 60% of population is Dörbet, 15% is Bayid and 15% is Khalkha. Also there are a number of Tuvans, Khotons and Kazakhs living in this province. These people are very kindly, generous, smart, brave.
  8. 8. Wonderful places 1.Uvs nuur 2.Khyrgas nuur 3.Golden sand SPA 4.Khankhokhii mountains 5.Chandmani mountain monument 6.Goojuur waterfall 7, Achit nuur 8, Uureg nuur etc,
  9. 9. Uvs lake is the biggest in Mongolia. And it’s covered 3423 square kilometers, lies in the northern part of the Great Lakes basin in the northeastern region of Uvs province at 84 km in length and 79km in width. Uvs lake
  10. 10. KhYARGAS NUUR Lake surface area 1407 square kilometers, wide 31 kilometers in length with an average width of 19 kilometers of the waters is a height of 1208 meters above sea level.
  11. 11. Golden sand SPA Golden sand /altan els/ is located in the eastern part of the UVS NUUR basin boorog deliin els covers the eastern part of golden sand. It’s biggest sand of Mongolia.
  12. 12. Khankhokhii mountains Khankhokhii mountainous 2205 km area of international protection in 2000, top of the helmet mountains 2928 meters above sea level.
  13. 13. Chandmani mountain monument Mongolia’s related to the prostate comprehensive memorable iron age, 1100 meters above sea level consists of red granite.
  14. 14. Taps waterfall Taps waterfall falls 17 meters. Many lakes in the mountains 3000 meters above sea level.
  15. 15. Famous people There are a lot of famous people in my homeland who are best singer, wrestling, politician of Mongolian. Incliding, Yu.Tsedenbal was one of the leaders of Mongolia from 1940 to 1984. During his political life, he served as prime minister and general secretary of the Mongolian People's Party.
  16. 16. Famous person Mongolian best singer S.Jawkhlan Mongolian great awarga wrestling Kh.Bayanmunkh
  17. 17. Ulaangom is a capital of Uvs province. It is located 26 km South-West from the lake Uvs Nuur shore and on the slopes of the Kharkhiraa mountain, 120 km South to the Russian border. The city has monuments from the communist era, such as a monument of Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal.
  18. 18. 90th anniversary Uvs province was celebrated historical 90th anniversary from 22-25 of July last summer. It was organized very well. A lot people came to celebrate Naadam from each part of Mongolia. Also, most sum of Uvs were celebrate 90th anniversary too.
  19. 19. 90th anniversary
  20. 20. I love and proud of my home town. I want to work my home town when I will graduate my university.
  21. 21. Thank you for attention