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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

  2. 2. Target Audience We understand that our audience is the main attraction when creating a film. Otherwise what is the point of making the film? We didn’t intend on making a profit so we had to ensure that our audience for convinced with our film.
  3. 3. Target Audience Our target audience was primarily people between 15 and 25 as we conducted prior research showing they are the most common to watch short films. Also with the accessibility on Youtube and social networking sites, we tried to entice people in between that age range because they are part of the technological age. Our target audience is why we chose to have an iPod as our means of time travel and also why we had a young cast.
  4. 4. Target Audience When the lead passes the iPod on to someone else, we originally written for the person to be an old man. Yet due to difficulty casting, we decided to cast someone our age, yet who appeared as a different stereotype. We chosen to do this so that we are appealing to other types of people, hopefully broadening our audience.
  5. 5. Presenting our idea We initially created a pitch for our short film and presented this to the class. We had to present our idea for the narrative as well as mise-en-scene, setting etc. The class were generally accepting of the idea, and we gave them questionnaires for them to fill out. Our audio response to their feedback can be found: feedback-by-mh1554-my-group-in.html
  6. 6. Feedback We were thinking of our audience throughout the project. The building blocks of our idea stemmed from the needs of our viewers, they wanted tragedy, despair, fun and enjoyment out of their experience and this is exactly what we tried to deliver. Sasha is the tragedy and despair when she is killed, then the fun and enjoyment comes when the audience watch my dancing, and shocking outfits.
  7. 7. What we learnt We have learned a lot about our film from the audience feedback, the main aspect that we used from the feedback was the use of narrative. Our audience wanted to feel for the characters they are watching. We had been lacking in this department and decided purely on the expectations of our audience that we needed more narrative.
  8. 8. What we did Myself and Sasha, on separate occasions told university lecturers of our initial idea, and we were told it needed more narrative. This forced us to brainstorm possible ideas, where eventually Harley (director) and myself derived the idea of tragedy, with the girl being hit by a car in the earlier hours of the morning. This death lead to her beloved iPod being passed on to the lead character. Paul Baldwin – lecturer at Teesside University and radio producer. He was who myself and Sasha presented our ideas too. His feedback gave me inspiration to develop the narrative.
  9. 9. What we did with what we had We feel we have met the needs of our audience very well, one of the fundamental problems with us being students is the budget of literally nothing. We couldn’t use special effects and use elaborate sets with employees waiting hand and foot. With this in mind we wanted something achievable which satisfied everyone.
  10. 10. Facebook I placed the short film on my Facebook wall, to see primarily who would like this, and also so that my friends can view my product. Although it doesn’t seem too popular, a lot of my friends came up to me personally and commented on my film, showing that more people have seen it than I had thought. This was a clever way to screen the film as I know most of the people in our target audience use Facebook.