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What to See, Do and Eat in Singapore

With a plentiful supply of astonishing choices, you’ll, by no means, be stuck for things to see, do, and of course eat in Singapore!

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What to See, Do and Eat in Singapore

  1. 1. Things To See Like any Asian country, Singapore too has stored arts, history, culture, nature and wildlife, and architecture in mint condition. See the modern National Gallery, the Asian Civilizations Museum, Changi Museum, the colonial buildings, and China Shop-houses in the colorful Chinatown Heritage Center to enjoy the interesting multicultural fabric of the city, and the Jurong Bird Park to feel nature's wonder.
  2. 2. Marina Bay Sands
  3. 3. Gardens by the Bay
  4. 4. Singapore Zoo
  5. 5. Botanic Gardens
  6. 6. Clarke Quay
  7. 7. Asian Civilizations
  8. 8. Jurong Bird Park
  9. 9. Merlion Park
  10. 10. Things To Do A few years ago, Singapore was tagged as a boring city suitable only for shopping, dining in a restaurant, and watching a movie. It has pulled out that label in a great fashion and emerged as an attractive destination of the Asian continent. Whether you a nature lover, party animal, or a thrill- seeker, you will get exhausted doing many things the city offers you.
  11. 11. Sentosa Island
  12. 12. Singapore Flyer
  13. 13. Night Safari
  14. 14. China Town
  15. 15. Kusu Island
  16. 16. Sri Mariamman Temple
  17. 17. Tiger Sky Tower
  18. 18. Armenian Church
  19. 19. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
  20. 20. What to EatVacationing in Singapore is not all about sightseeing and leisure activities; it also means eating the delicious local fare. When it comes to things to eat in Singapore, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Here is our pick of must-try Singaporean delicacies.
  21. 21. Bak Kut The
  22. 22. Oyester Omelette
  23. 23. Soft-boiled Eggs with Kaya
  24. 24. Crab Delicacies
  25. 25. Fried Carrot Cake
  26. 26. BBQ Sambal Sting Ray
  27. 27. Duck Rice
  28. 28. Hokkien Prawn Mee
  29. 29. Satay
  30. 30. Nasi Lemak (lit. coconut rice)
  31. 31. Mia Siam
  32. 32. Wanton Mee
  33. 33. Thank You