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Procurement: Savings or Innovation? Use Technology to Do Both

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Amid geopolitical and fiscal uncertainties, 2016 sees CPOs returning to their traditional savings focus with renewed vigor.

CPOs are also exploring how to increase their contribution to the business through collaborative product origination.

With the right technology and vision in place, you can identify hotspots for both savings and innovation. Instead of asking which first, you can now just ask when….

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Procurement: Savings or Innovation? Use Technology to Do Both

  1. 1. Signal us in cyberspace @ibmcommerce @ibmprocurement Alight to destination SlideShare Technology reimagines your universe, so you can meet your mission to save and innovate. 82% of leading CPOs believe procurement technology includes strategic solutions (e.g., supplier relationship management) 77% agree that technology is coupled with business/procurement processes 40% have a digital strategy covering cognitive analytics, crowdsourcing, and digital reporting 70% deliver cloud/mobile/social solutions For 92% of leading CPOs, interactions with external stakeholders are valuable 62% are more likely to broker new relationships with innovative suppliers 52% are better at using supplier ecosystems to co-develop new technologies 38% likely to invest in spend analysis technology For 74% of CPOs, cutting costs is top priority 1/2 consolidate spending1/3 seek to lower TCO Today’s CPOs must continue to engineer savings... But with business moving at breakneck speed, how can CPOs propel their organization forward? SAVINGS or INNOVATION? Catalyze product ideation through supplier collaboration. Make technology your copilot – Arrive at your vision faster and easier. Use technology to do both. •The Deloitte Global CPO Survey, 2016: •The journey to value: Transforming procurement to drive the enterprise agenda, IBM Institute for Business Value, 2014: