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58th ICCA Congress | Ambassador Programme - The advanced edition - Steen Jakobsen

  1. International Congress and Convention Association #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunch Measuring impact of ambassador programmes Steen Jakobsen Dubai Business Events
  2. #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunchInternational Congress and Convention Association • Established in 2010 • Owned and managed by Dubai Business Events – The Official Convention Bureau for Dubai • Aimed at connecting and supporting individuals who are committed to Dubai’s growth and global positioning • Objectives: – Help us identify and bid for key international meetings and conferences – Grow Dubai into a hub for knowledge and innovation – Contribute to the objectives and global positioning of our Strategic Partners – Support our ambassadors in achieving their personal and professional aspirations • Current number of ambassadors is 340 individuals The Dubai Al Safeer Ambassador Programme
  3. #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunchInternational Congress and Convention Association • Medical professionals, leading scientists, researchers, academics and subject matter experts working in Dubai and the UAE • Represents academic institutions, associations, and government departments across all industry verticals and scientific sectors • Passionate about Dubai and share an interest in promoting the Emirate as well as their scientific or industry field to the outside world • Share a willingness to collaborate with other stakeholders in the city and engage with their peers internationally • Share a vision to drive knowledge exchange, foster thought leadership and create impact for the benefit of Dubai and the UAE Who are our ambassadors
  4. #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunchInternational Congress and Convention Association • Based on strategic partnerships with government entities, universities and associations across the UAE • Currently MOUs in place with 15 strategic partners such as: – Dubai Health Authority – Dubai Municipality – Society of Engineers – Emirates Medical Association – University of Dubai • Annual project plans outlines objectives, activities KPI for each strategic partner • Designated DBE account manager and MOU partner contact persons manages annual project plan Strategic Partnerships
  5. #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunchInternational Congress and Convention Association • Set annual objectives • Hold strategic partners and ambassadors accountable • Key Performance Indicators – New bid opportunities – Bid submissions – Bid wins – New strategic partners – New ambassadors – Parters and ambassador satisfaction • Review and report regularly How to measure impact 0 20 40 60 80 100 Bids submitted 2016 2017 2018 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Bids won 2016 2017 2018
  6. #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunchInternational Congress and Convention Association • Annual event with special recognition of sucessful ambassadors • Publish and share ambassador success stories in local media • Provide ambassadors and their families with tickets to entertainment events, hotel stays, shopping and restaurant vouchers etc. How to motivate ambassadors
  7. International Congress and Convention Association #ICCAWorld#HoustonLaunch Thank you!

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