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More than words-from rap to literature

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Copy of the handout I gave during my presentation at Woodbridge school on Saturday 17th May 2014.

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More than words-from rap to literature

  1. 1. More than words-From rap to literature Saturday 17th May 2014, Woodbridge School. Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages, Alderley Edge School for Girls @icpjones A downloadable copy of the presentation slides for this training session will be available from: My Languages Blog Paroles, Jacques Prévert & Spectacle, Jacques Prévert Music resources: Ana Tijoux: Las horas Grand Corps Malade: Un verbe, aimer Le blues de l’instituteur Kevin, Karla y la banda (Spanish cover of “wrecking ball” and many more pop songs Origin of words Set phrases and expressions (mind mistakes and slang) (animate pictures and make them speak) Podcasts and translation of English idioms Tongue-twisters, puns and jokes Rhyming dictionaries and apps
  2. 2. (fr-sp-Gr-it-En) Word Clouds and Word Art Text-to-speech software Audacity free sound editing software Decide Now! App!/id383718755?mt=8 Storybird Script-writing (Morph) (Simon’s cat) Oktapodi (subtitling software) School Tweeter Feed Reading support Lingro Pinterest for grammar