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IDCEE 2013: Tech Entrepreneurship in Brazil - Eric Santos (CEO @ Resultados Digitais)

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Eric Santos participated in the IDCEE 2013 Panel "Starting online business and investing in Brazil: what lessons are there to learn for tech entrepreneurs and investors in CEE?"

Eric Santos is a founder and CEO of Resultados Digitais, the leading marketing management and automation platform in Brazil.
Over the last ten years, Eric has managed and created Startups in the mobile and Internet space, being recognized as a thought leader in online marketing and tech entrepreneurship in the country. Eric is also a columnist for several important publications in Brazil, such as Endeavor.

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IDCEE 2013: Tech Entrepreneurship in Brazil - Eric Santos (CEO @ Resultados Digitais)

  1. 1. Tech Entrepreneurship in Brazil Challenges and Opportunities @ericnsantos
  2. 2. Marketing Digital Simples, Acessível e de Resultado Brazil’s leading online marketing and sales platform 1
  3. 3. Challenges for entrepreneurs in Brazil • Bureaucracy • Standard commercial practices • “The brazilian way" • Lack of education • Very few exits • Lack of Seed funding
  4. 4. Challenges are good!
  5. 5. Unique opportunities • Huge market, but still little competition in most areas • Great opportunity for proven business models with proper adaptation/tropicalization • Easy(ier) access to Latin America • Abundance of talents
  6. 6. Thank you 40