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The father of gods and his family

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  1. 1. • By:Pablo Alonso.1º ESO 2012-13.IES FRAY PEDRODE URBINA
  2. 2. Zeus is father of gods andmen. A sky god, hecontrols lightning, whichhe uses as a weapon, andthunder. He is kingon Mount Olympus, thehome of the Greek gods.He is also credited as thefather of Greekheroes and the ancestorof many other Greeks.Zeus mated with manymortals and goddessesbut is married to hissister Hera.
  3. 3. • Zeus’ parents were Chrono and Rhea• Zeus’ brothers were Poseidon andHades• Zeus’ sisters were Hestia, Hera andDemeter
  4. 4. • His symbols were thethunderbolt, the eagle, the bulland the oak.
  5. 5. • Chrono swallowed up his children hadnothing but born; therefore, Rhea askedGea for a counsel and she told her thatwhen Zeus were born, she would give herhusband a rock. So that, his son woulddefeat him, as the prophecy said.