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2021.02.02 EU-IFPRI. Mariam Raouf

The online start-up workshop presented the "Building a COVID-19 Rapid Response and Ag-Foresight Department in Egypt" project’s activities and future plans, including collaborative discussion and brainstorming with stakeholders on the most relevant issues and policies in the agricultural sector’s resilience during COVID-19.

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2021.02.02 EU-IFPRI. Mariam Raouf

  1. 1. This project is funded by the European Union Planning Workshop Building A Covid-19 Rapid Response & Agricultural-Foresight Department In Egypt Overview of IFPRI activities with MPED and MALR on which the project will build on Mariam Raouf Senior Research Associate IFPRI February 2nd, 2021
  2. 2. Foresight models are important for policy planning Example: IFPRI’s COVID-19 impact analysis with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development • IFPRI and MPED have collaborated to estimate the impact of Covid-19 crisis on the Egyptian Economy. • H.E. Minister Hala Said has stressed the importance of IFPRI’s support to the ministry during a recent symposium on Beyond COVID-19. • Supported by the analytical evidence, the government has taken bold actions to support the economy and vulnerable groups: • During the first half of FY 2020/21, the implementation of the government investment plan would significantly improve economic performance. GDP growth rate is expected to turn positive under the fast recovery scenario. • Large-scale public investment program is essential for a return to positive, short-term growth in Egypt’s economy
  3. 3. Trainings and evidence-based priority setting Activities with MALR  Supporting MOALR in various areas, including assessing the costs and benefits of alternative investments options in the context of the new agricultural strategy 2030 and related investment plan.  Conducting introductory online training of several staff members of MOALR/Cairo University in the area of economic modeling. Setting investment priorities: Presentation of AIDA and Egypt investment analysis, January 30th, 2020. Photo taken by Yumna Kassim CGE Modelling and the Formulation of Agricultural Policy in Egypt workshop, January 26th, 2020, Photo by Dalia Elsabbagh
  4. 4. AIDA as a tool for post-COVID investment prioritization AIDA is an online tool developed by IFPRI, IFAD and CGIAR-PIM for analyzing the economywide impacts of investments in the agri-food system. • An economywide (CGE) model that captures  all components of the agri-food system and  linkages between sectors or activities, factors, households, government & rest of world, and  sub-national regions • to assess the impact of agricultural investments on  economic growth, job creation and household welfare • The model captures both  an investment’s direct impacts, as well as  all its indirect impacts or spillover effects on the rest of the economy. English: Arabic: