phishing worms peer-to-peer network security spam mobile database and system security ad hoc and sensor network security network and wireless network security cryptographic protocols e-mail fraud security & network management virus ubiquitous computing security intrusion detection and prevention e-mail security web 2.0 security security trojan protection internet security & applications network security session hijacking mim performance evaluations of protocols & security ap artificial intelligence ddos intrusion detection replay attack etc machine learning authentication services security web based applications privacy crowd sourcing social networking hardware-based attacks system security blockchain cryptography blockchain technology machine learning for security replay attack wireless network security network management data mining home networks trojan protectio body-area networks internet security & applicatio encryption cloud computing sdn intrusion detection and preven security of virtual machines sensor network security trojan protection security threats & countermeasur e-mail fraud virus ad hoc and sensor network security peer-to-peer ne network and wireless network security mobile cyber security network and wireless network s deep learning vanets big data cryptocurrencies database ) ubiquitous computing security web 2.0 security c trust manet security application ad hoc and sensor netw information security internet of things wireless sensor networks autonomous vehicles industrial control systems internet of things (iot) secur security and optimization security and privacy for iot bioinformatics neural networks steganography connectivity and networking security threats & countermeasures routing intrusion detection system electronic voting security security threats & countermeasures (ddos natural language processing computer vision iot applications and services • ubiquitous computing security • cryptographic protocols • virus • e-mail security • intrusion detection and prevention • peer-to-peer network security • mobile security threats peer-to-peer detection malware cloud cognitive security performance evaluations • performance evaluations of protocols & security • web 2.0 security • security & network management • internet security & applications • network and wireless network security fuzzy logic image segmentation key management attack aodv game theory information retrieval block cipher privacy challenges robotics • database and system security decryption android ad hoc aes attacks ontology knowledge processing pattern recognition performance evaluations of pro cloud and grid computing for big data internet security network image encryption e-commerce wireless network vanet dos cyber physical system (cps) ubiquitous computing signal processing for iot electronics deployment scenarios entrepreneurship iot-enabled innovation phishin parallel processing soft computing electronics and signal processing for iot iot qos substitution classification mobile ad-hoc networks wireless sensor network (wsn) security. cloud security data security mobile ad hoc networks denial of service data center network control hybrid intelligent systems fuzzy systems text mining visualization array signal processing experimental results resource provisioning internet of things (iot) watermarking cybersecurity machine learning and ai for big data wireless sensor network trojon protection usability malicious node data protection hacking access control rsa udp flood icmp flood malware analysis anonymity ssl permutation steganalysis symmetric key hash function secret sharing web security intrusion detection system (ids) wimax information hiding wsn nlp 3d and stereo imaging digital image processing big data mining iot-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship blockchain scalability block chain issues and trends smart grid wireless networks and mobile computing grid computing secure cloud computing ethereum computer & network security malware detection intrusion prevention fog computing chaos verification biometrics secure routing elliptic curve cryptography quantum cryptography ad hoc and sensor network security • peer-to-peer • network and wireless network security • mobile cryptosystem cooperation discrete fourier transform kyoto2006+ dataset network protocols key distribution virtualization cyberattack machine learning algorithms dynamic analysis mobile security scanning threats manets wireless ad hoc networks vpn genetic algorithm http flood attack syn flood dns reflection or amplification attack business intelligence framework service oriented architecture mobile banking mobile payment it security mobile agent reputation-based confidentiality password dsr ns2 visual cryptography wlan group testing ddos attack text steganography protocol cyber physical system smart city optimization trust and privacy ch edge & cognitive s fog data science biometric security internet signal processing color and texture spectral analysis data mining techniques experimental results and deployment scenarios blockchain authentication and authorization blockchain based security for the iot 5g and networks for big data multimedia etc big data applications consensus man-in-the-middle attack critical infrastructures decentralized trust management pervasive computation trust software systems and technologies cyber trust and security theory of parallel / distributed computing networking and architectures computer networks & communications optical computing algorithms and applications models and algorithms big data techniques internal controls security engineering software security smart card password handling ldap kerberos v5 private key public key network protocols & wireless networks integrity denial of service attack protocols performance evaluation intrusion detection systems intrusion security management multimedia image processing anomaly network performance cipher text grid wireless denial-of-service ad hoc network bb84 protocol secret key trojan protection • security threats & countermeas e-mail fraud • virus quantum key distribution wormhole honeypots e-voting user identity m/g/r processor sharing queue chaotic system generalized arnold map fuzzy logic. firewall random forest window function device deployment initial trust device authentication methodology classifier cybercrime ecc security properties network forensics kleptography blowfish trust management rsa algorithm user authentication ipsec abnormal. packet flow management information technology wireshark integrity. trusted third party subliminal channel trapdoors covert channel mobile devices mobile network network security. sha-1 mapreduce collaborative environments denial-of-service attack rotor cipher brute force attack security techniques economics social engineering intruders bluetooth support vector machine mitigation databases forecasting mechatronics big data management alert correlation data & system integrity privacy and authentication semantic processing & nlp question answering (qa) signal or image processing télécommunications data visualization information extraction linguistic resources semantic processing morphology phonology natural language computing predictive learning signal identification peer-to-peer network embedded systems video signal processing cloud storage and file systems social media blockchain in digital forensic big data analytics and social media distributed ledger technology collective digital signature smart cities mnist benchmark. image classification key spoofing mitm attack cryptocurrency exchange covid-19 pandemic assessment survey cybersecurity culture unsw-nb15 sgd mse zero trust architecture web server handlers network defenses els end-to-end security model appliance risk management clusters and grid computing : security and role of p2p authentication and identity management authorization agent based trust management policy management information security. reputation system blockchain privacy iot connectivity and networking tools social networks & web 2.0 trust management blockchain attacks on existing systems big data search and mining computer science pairwise comparisons. analytic hierarchy process access security controls performance congestion control security for grid computing a digital certificate nsl-kdd administrator fair exchange protcocol insider threats and countermeasures security information systems architecture and desi security and privacy in mobile systems access control and intrusion detection diffusion. confusion shuffle henon map encryptions healthcare cybersecurity iot security sniffing surveillance usable security data description temporal sequence anomaly-based network intrusion detection system attacks & performance okhttpclient httprequests unavailability false alarms kdd cup 99 content management wordpress attribute-base-access-control role-base-access-control network architectures mobile networks & wireless lan interworking lte umts imsi identity kvefs encrypt file system key-value store file system in user space (fuse) protocols. least significant bit matrix partition spatial domain image steganography routing protocols • theoretical computer science and algebra sybil attack digital signature plain text svm traceback manet(mobile adhoc network). shortest path biometric authentication the mapping study internet of thing color space natural language prepossessing multi-layer encoding python programming language text stenography • security threats & countermeasures • database firewalls false alarm distributed denial-of-service (ddos) vehicular forensics risk mitigation unfettered rules benchmarks anomaly-based detection insider threat distributed denial of service (ddos) logistic map training public-key cryptography arithmetic coding cryptanalysis location privacy virtual machines reliability wireless mesh networks api calls behavioural pattern frequent sequence mining secure communication mutual authentication random number generator data hiding security policy session key establishment model checking error detection fault tolerant rc4 crypto stream ciphers network intrusion detection detection rate decision tree public key cryptography zigzag scanning psnr ascii code least significant bit (lsb) quantitative trait loci carry select adder dual-port read-only memory xor symmetric cryptography pox topology discovery software defined network ) • ubiquitous computing security • web 2.0 securi mobile ip standard simulation device association tls vanet security and privacy approaches vanet attacks vanet adversaries and attackers security and privacy requirements in vanet exploit. bro ids inventory device fingerprinting endpoint security tdes vulnerability assessment penetration testing voip feature mobile authentication web authentication password. entropy distributed denial of service benchmark text-based captcha nwtd trust-based routing protocols trust determination mansim. radial basis function neural networks email spam particles swarm optimization. distributed denial-of-service attack bloom filter. information centric network 3-d mesh hamiltonian model deadlock-free broadcasting communication wormhole routing googleglass smartwatch wearable devices wearable technology network dependency analysis data correlation security event management cloud software development threat modeling method engineering management & interoperability rotation of the bits multiple encryption braiding/entanglement owasp waterfall methodology agile programming inspection game. tcp/ip communications real-time networking network steganography industrial communication security avispa. practical testing system anomaly detection k-nearest neighbour lightweight comprehensive evaluation aco adaptive neural network static analysis security and privacy email fraud mobile communication gsm security necessary information pre-hacking security solutions challenges covert schemes artificial neural network attribute reduction des markov random walk model text clustering extractive text summarization probability model rhetorical relations security architecture 4g 3gpp certificate less cryptography key escrow empirical evaluation visualization and animation scenario-based approach shared secret session key strong authentication secure communication channel virtual password version control service-oriented approach application whitelisting updater identification online social network multi-faceted model bilinear pairing dynamic matching secret handshakes pairing based cryptography coefficient correlation shiftrows dna nist priority scheduling watch dog packet dropping attack information flow tracking functional call monitoring mobile adhoc network selfishness alert aggregation cognitive load hamming distance attribute-based encryption multiparty micropayment payment certificate ccmp radius tkip quality of service coefficient of variance cpu cuda gpu data density and encryption time cipher algorithms data size data type image coding quadratic residues secret image sharing protection m echanism hadoop map reduce study material virtual system video upload file upload xacml role-based access control privacy protection quality mis opportunistic large array packet broadcast cooperative transmission tcp sequence number attack syn flooding brute force attacks decision making frequent itemset recommender system k-means clustering rdf. owl n-triples sparql tcpview digital forensics autopsy the sleuth kit (tsk) netstat denial of service (dos) key share. greying effect shares distributed computing cloud service computer network profile cloning online social networks swifi hmac pgp encryption\decryption service discovery multi-channel mac crahn common control channel challenge dft dmt finger print authentication mobile cloud computing local authentication protocols knowledge base internet attacks parsing risk planning small business security plan black hole attack agent based intrusion detection system (aids) lsb steganography bmp image file hashing. bgp protocol resonant polarization input impedance fractal vswr current distribution gain wire antennas mom credits. flash crowds interweaving dabechies4 iqim and pso. computerbased information system sead ariadne vanet architecture smt ndm aran man-in-the-browser critical infrastructures. zero cross prewitt iris sobel canny daugman non-adaptive group testing ddisjunct matrix. ditributed denial-of-service attack 8 bits microcontroller iaas& authentication paas twitter knowledge-based authentication vn clustering multi-som som dct based steganography random grids hybrid policy deployment firewall policy stemming porter stemmer intrusion detection system. mobile agents multi-agent systems mobile code network-level security and protection idpf ip falsifying network simulation tool bgp botnets cyber defense internet casinos quantitative evaluation anomaly severity evaluation multi-anomalies evaluation. semantic evaluation anomaly severity classification sql injection conditional entropy wardriving wireless local area network (wlan) wired equivalent privacy (wep). cross site scripting security risks emerging attack vectors all-optical network security optical switch crosstalk erbium-doped fiber amplifier (edfa) gain adjustmen false positive rate (fpr) aodv. rul mog-hmm svm. prognostic wi-fi wireless networks ns2[1] security protocol caesar cipher[2] encryption/decryption[2] physical layer media access control dll. llc legitimate traffic. graphical password application resource qos routing multipath routing energy-aware routing utm clinic resource description framework(rdf) mix blue-tooth temperature control temperature monitoring hvac ir circuit distributed ac resource injection software vulnerabilities path manipulation unreleased resource source code analysis low-resource mode of operation ubiquitous stacked auto encoder relieff algorithm email forensic dataset cybercrimes aquila optimization likability traceability software maintenance separation of concerns context-aware traffic light co traffic light control (tlc) requirements engineering (re) interoperability networks for big data encryption and decryption inspection game confusion matrix impersonation phishing attack email users data analytics correlation log loss hot log live log insufficient logging soc siem neural languages countermeasures avispa industrial communication secu data management software engineering mobile networks semi-trusted third party fairness verifiability secret-sharing optimistic multi-party computa trustworthiness autoencoder invertible mobile device data center intellect learning finite elements information retrieval and ai neural languages and nlp gitlab jenkins cve-2021-44228 ci/cd continuous delivery continuous integration dimensionality reduction infrastructures for big data educational data mining computer security secured watermark system (sws) embedded system signal processing cad design and testing data storage nosql data stores public safety crowd monitoring cctv cyberattack impact cyberattack types personal privacy economic stability cyberattacks saudi arabia parameters sensor node leach energy efficiency cluster head selection algorit cluster head big data analytics big data and iot application security awareness security behavior self-efficacy pre-processing alert prioritization alert clustering merging trellis coded genetic algorith session key matrix pseudo random key generator finite automata xperimental results ultrasonic audio digital signal processing voice activation threshold cryptography byte characteristic zss signature cyberdefense double spending cybercrime awareness cybercrime on social media healthcare education self-sovereign identity digital transformation software configuration managem public cloud severs data outsourcing pervasive/ubiquitous computing regulation and trust mechanism software-defined networks rerouting devices authentication security metrics packet analyzer tcp network traffic data integrity data center network trust and privacy challenges dos attack secure division secure sum naive bayesian privacy preservation authentication scheme cryptography primitives password replacement sequence number monitoring agent side channel monitoring hooks system call hybrid analysis android banking trojans security threats & countermeas web and internet computing ontology and semantic web machine learning & application grid and scalable computing information technology trends bitwise-based hash split sketch principle component analysis victim identification ddos detection claims processing process improvement insurance security logs hypergraphs cloud data security fine grained access group key management electronic payment hash chain ai algorithms knowledge representation multimedia & cognitive informa symbolic machine learning security posture open-source erp software factors attributes measurement framework lexical semantics parsing/grammatical formalisms chunking/shallow parsing monetary policy socioeconomic impact peer-to-peer transactions fintech central bank digital currency digital rupee smart contracts smart banking survey domain analysis scoring benchmark http strict transport security shape representation text processing document recognition signal noise control victimization information emotion signal ciphers identification encryption modes feature engineering block ciphers encryption time cryptographic algorithm wormholes spread spectrum selective jamming detection models ensemble machine learning ddos attacks bayesian network r360 web intelligence evolutionary computing ai in cyber security nids software defined networking network intrusion detection sy protection mechanism machine translation question answering interactive education face recognition hdfs (hadoop distributed file file systems cloud storage mobile computing context-aware computing smartwatches assessment fuzzy set theory accounting random forest algorithm pe header pe file higher education mobile education face and gesture constraint processing filter design and structures signal reconstruction network layer security radar signal processing medical image analysis medical image processing ad hoc and sensor network multi input multi output (mimo smurf attacks electronics and signal process services salting techniques hash analysis security breaches threats and attacks lan passphrase mixture words nouns recall recognition user behavior reinforcement learning optimal path big data tools and systems virtualization on platforms in the cloud data storage and management in cloud computing security techniques for the cloud virtual compute clusters system integration cloud based reference dna multilayer security indexing cipher dna cryptography nb. knn cnn offline signature recognition smart contracts. decentralized application added value applications enablers arxiv reddit stackexchange text classification topic modeling dst. internet of things (iot) security blockchain technology and cyber security we introduce new detection engine for hybrid cover a variant of covert channelworks similarly as netw the privacy. most of such attacksare devised using computer network is unpredictable due to informati iot devices. technical and security issues comparison. review mare sama software architecture microservices trojan. human factors end-user errors information systems cisco packet tracer cyber-attack security issue smart devices incentive schemes. rewards federated learning incentive schemes high port application sinet port filtering data flow pipeline traffic patterns covid-19 related ioc prediction support parameter. k-means clustering algorithm detection model malicious javascript firmware resource management ngns finding roots modulo. signing group group digital signature implementation technology sensors power distribution social computing consensus mechanism signing group. difficult computational problems groupdigital signature land http flood tcp syn flood markov chain attack detection structural similarity index measurement (ssim). universal quality image (uqi) image fidelity (if) peak signal to noise ratio (psnr) mean square error (mse) frequency domain z-transform identity federation. limitations identity management federated identity management distributed system. information-centric internet-of-things. intelligent transportation system sensor network. etc db index cyber human behaviour stylometric analysis phishing email attack cyber-security security policies defense mechanisms employee awareness wimd cybersecurity wimd wireless implanted medical devices cardiac implanted device health belief model windows api calls. term frequency-inverse document frequency vectors n-gram analysis malware classification convolutional neural network risk and threats bayesian belief network malware propagation modelling shifting shifting. sprase svd (ssvd) singular value decomposition (svd) multimodal authentication exponential kronecker product (ekp) kronecker product context-sensitive exponent associative memory mode fingerprint face biometric fusion information theor engineering cybernetics decision support system multimedia & telecommunications database & information retrieval image signal processing networks & fuzzy system dns poising. legal. regulation protection personal law general data trust in service-oriented architecture- open archi and nist statistical tests matlab simulation chaotic algorithms images security hash function [2] open application xml-dsig ws-security soap httpi https http signature-based misuse detection architecture agent trojan protectionstem security database and syvirus strong t -consistency group communication server security small business security e-commerce systems security mobile phones conditional random fields layered approach secure two-party computation zero-knowledge proof distributed eigamal encryption similarity coefficients vanet etc. v2v stdma csma packet marking autonomous system sensing layer resonant frequency micro cantilever dynamic source routing. network coding hybrid idps perimeter-based idps network-based idps host-based idps idps sensors/agents tcp re-assembly cyber-crime & bdi. vendor lock-in csp multi-cloud feature selection. keystroke dynamics. biometric web-based fuzzy-c means clustering background subtraction foreground detection background removal x64 systems neighbour mean interpolation image interpolation programming languages operation system simulator emulator web filtering collaborative web systems vector valued functions privacy preserving implicit function theorem hitech act hipaa incident response team cyber incidents incident response ecurity threats & countermeasures (ddos network applications emerging technologies for next generation network discrete algorithms and discrete modeling network operation and management mobile and wireless networks network security and privacy communication network protocols communication network architectures and design features. mlp filtering. enron keyword search report generation digital forensic email forensic cassandra big data. attacks prediction threat activity. cyberattack ontology cyberattack prediction network and wireless network securitymobile iot security and privacy blockchain new design blockchain consensus algorithms blockchain foundations blockchain-based security for the iot iot experimental results and deployment scenarios security & network management e-mail security multimedia etc big data tools and systems big data privacy and trust big data applications models and algorithmsbig data infrastructure and p big data big data techniques peer-to-peer network security database and system data and grid room system information leak peer to peer and overlay networks qos and resource management dos attacks ndp fragment header flow-label ipv6 security vulnerability remote authentication man in the middle attack user authentication framework analysis dynamic billing system data aggregation distributed hash tables & linear diophantine decentralized network multimedia content management trust management for virtual organizations policy of trust in e-leaning systems trust and reputation management mobile and sensor networks trust/risk based security frameworks trust management system for wireless certificateless public key encryption certificateless signature scheme digital certificate certificateless public key cryptography set protocol fuzzy logic & perspective of intrusions association mining temporal sequence patterns ubiquitous computing security web 2.0 security olsr willingness function smrr blockchainbased security for the iot blockchainauthentication and authorization analyze formal timestamps nonce pkm informtaion technology safety response time self-configuration self-cure self-protection self-optimization autonomic network clustering technique awgn and raleigh fading channels. bit error rate(ber) ecb and cfb cryptographic algorithm pre-zf pre-mmse mimo-ofdm peerto-peer network. intrusion attacks taxonomy of attack intruder maximum power transfer electronic circuit control system automation touch sensor computing communication technologies networks mobile & wireless networks lowest id clustering algorithm sybil node mobile ad hoc network spammers web spam redirection manipulating search engine search engine hiding techniques cloaking detection database and system security intrusion detection a lucas digital signatures fair-exchange contract signing andit security protected health information personal identification information information assurance network security & its applications pki interoperability cross-certification certificate practice statement(cps) certificate policy(cp) certification authority(ca) public key infrastructure(pki) ngn ec-aka aka eps lte security • intelligent agents and systems • trust management • privacy and authentication • cryptography and coding security and privacy policies security in distributed systems artificial immune systems computational intelligence in security multiple flows tcp protocols high-speed heterogeneous networks. next generation networks casper/fdr authentication and key agreement protocols heart rate device gps emergency arduino microcontroller accelerometer accidents hierarchical model low-power improved watchdog watchdog security area control regulation and trust mechanisms biological and evolutionary computation reinforcement and unsupervised learning ) • ubiquitous computing security engineering search engine optimization malicious websites intrusion detection and prevention internet securi counterfeit. and machine learning knime aes. session based key sbskct embedded devices. modular exponentiation n-1 attack simple power analysis dominant feature set. outlier analysis behavioral profile terrorism social network analysis (sna) backtracking bit watch nodes traversed administrator field associative node ubiquitous computing security web 2.0 security cry corporate infrastructure disaster recovery data loss security breach authentication and key agreement. umts security telecommunications system gsm system false alarm rate naive bayes classification multi stage filter enhanced adaboost compression. transformation threshold secret sharing public verifiable signcryption standard model provable security identity based cryptography signcryption fairness. ttp (trusted third party) security and privacy in pervasive/ubiquitous compu authentication and non-repudiation intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment untraceability cryptography and coding survivability intrusion resilience fault-tolerant networks diversity androidapis privilege escalation system call dependence graph behavior representation data compression. huffman coding thematic analysis medical internet of things classification problem. svms functional analysis kernel functions legendre polynomials man-in-the-middle. obfuscation server less server based escrow less tree based hierarchical multicast group peer to peer key management protocols wireless attacks wireless intrusion detection system attack test cases attack taxonomy cueing. interfaces one-time passwords chosen ciphertext security. conditional proxy re-encryption proxy re-cryptography random oracle model noise & entropy anti obfuscation technique low level feature merkle-hellman. simultaneous diophantine subset sum coppersmith lattice reduction lattices snmp mib multi- agent distributed query processing location cloaking location based services windows registry forensics kdd cup 1999 dataset. which motivates many researchers to discover metho intrusion detection is one of the standard stages image cipher. scrambling multimedia networking mobile & broadband wireless internet network based applications network operations & management measurement & performance analysis internet and web applications high speed networks adhoc and sensor networks heterogeneous wireless networks security standards security assessment business information security false positives true positives it policy common vulnerability exposure (cve) spam email sender mail server receiver mail server anti-spams wsn security cross layer architecture packet latency. benevolent node base station (bs) route trust (rt) indirect trust direct trust geometric mean (gm) device discovery physical proximity fidelity coordinate ratios equatorial cloning isotropic cloning quantum copying machines eavesdropping todv cross layer detection body area network security body area networks misbehaving node tbraodv ad-hoc isakmp dsss • network enterprise machinelearning information gain e-learning security e-remedies e-risks e-learning secret reference matrix (srm) peak-signal-to-noise-ratio (psnr) discrete cosine transformed (dct) botnet and honeypot. iptrcing flooding attack internet threat monitors (itm) • peer to peer and overlay networks • optical networks and systems • next generation web architectures • measurement & performance analysis • internet and web applications • high speed networks • adhoc and sensor networks • next generation internet • heterogeneous wireless networks fair exchange protocols fair document exchange dempster–shafer belief theory hashcode hacker websites • quantum computation • program semantics and verification • probabilistic computation • parallel and distributed computing • natural language processing • cryptography • computational science and applications • machine learning • information theory • computational physics & biology geometry • computational complexity • automata theory • algorithms and data structures e-mail architecture header analysis e-mail headers e-mail forensics feature coding pca ca certification authority &security chebyshev polynomials blind signature friendly-cooperative framework system hardening anti malicious objects star topology black scholes equations malicious object native language password textual password shape based authentication multicode encryption transversal designs reed-muller codes communication connectivity and quality control network system control charts anomalies ieee 802.11g multiple encryption. secure electronic transaction f8 a5/3 stream cipher unauthorized access network design real estate infrastructure security wireless sensor network. wireless mesh network wireless ad-hoc networks web application penetration testing security testing ) * ubiquitous computing security * trojon protection * security threats & cou e-mail fraud * virus ad hoc and sensor network security * peer- information theoretic security rational secret sharing fault tolerance topology. authenticated symmetric key establishment biometric key wireless body sensor network (wbsn) ofdm spectrum sensing inter symbol interference (isi) cognitive radio mpi. encrypted data international data encryption algorithm (idea) hiding information unicode multi-layers arabic text python scapy kali linux de-authentication attack (ddos logistic regression k-nn naive bayes response & tracking. base station sensor nodes attack path reconstruction ddos-attacks icap client honeypot browser vulnerability adhoc on demand distance vector protocol(aodv) translation. elecronic voting user lifecycle workflows provisioning security synthesis symmetric cryptosystems non linearity s box memorability of passwords snakes & ladders game graphical passwords attackers . mac-layer threshold level real time application rtos mobile ad hoc networking non-invertible transformation cancellable biometrics fingerprint biometrics biohashing best practice it governance mapping pdca information security management systems (isms) iso 27001 cobit nsgaii. objective functions attack tree • security • internet security and public-key. system access control deviation detection distributed resource allocation asynchronous distributed pricing packet detection and packet header matching (phm) snort network intrusion detection system (nids) ad hoc and sensor secure network secure servers cryptoviral extortion. conficker gpcode.ak password (information) snatching evasive/ deniable/ untraceable attacks electronic espionage threats electronic warfare threats cryptotrojan cryptovirus cryptovirology firewall systems design computer networks identity based firewalls proposed method. noise categories wavelet thresholding image denoising classification accuracy support vector machine (svm) hybrid intrusion detection system secure routing protocol trust-based routing distributed rate control. bandwidth reservation medium accesscontrol lan attack host based ids arp spoofing active detection oauth oix openid digital identity shoulder surfing session passwords priori probability life time network density compression-crypto one time pad floating point number data integration mediator credential physical cryptography physical unclonable functions dispute settlement smart vehicles enterprises security risk managemen manage security programs risk principles management enterprise risk management risk mechanism maturation of a profession esrm enterprises security risk management ip spoofing modeling system dynamics delay. cdma throughput diffusion process and stream cipher. and bernoulli map quadratic map tent map statistical hypothesis testing kolmogorov-smirnov test statistical test of significance queuing model poisson arrival buffer traffic flow diffusion stage staffing 2-d arnold cat map encryption and decryption algorithm for watermarki digital multimedia stage staffing watermarking copyright protection static and mobile wsn. node replication attack sybil clone crossover sha-512 sessionbased minutiae ann probabilistic encryption deniable encryption receipt-free rigging coercing authentication. covert channel. diffie-hellman algorithm arithmetic encoding biometric information honeypot and nics. iptables network intrusion prevention np-complete quotient ring diophantine equation one-way function nonlinear function. invisible digital watermarking pixel smart cards remote user authentication attack games. eavesdroppers wireless body area networks niger-delta clustering routing judy array blom location-dependent social networks community consensus pragmatic web agent-based systems spatial reasoning computing with words uncertainty language-action perspective and delay vmware performance measurement network virtualization switching and addressing techniques self-organizin & privacy next generation internet & web architect phonology and morphology addressing & location man data shredding confidence level lsb replacement steganography ipfix flow scan detection mac addresses hash value. lu-cac caca bandwidth link utilization reliability. emergency response communication wave files. decrypting encrypting signature based detection behaviour based detection flow based detection c&c irc botnet mobile ad-hoc network share n) visual cryptography (2 smart-card multi-server low-cost cryptography node misbehaviour. malicious packet dropping controlled flooding reputation mobile ad hoc network (manet) bloom filter wake up receiver vlsi low power multigeneration keys. random kd (key distribution) sec-leach (secure leach) sensor networks leach (low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) galois counter mode. link layer security circular queue. md5 sha-256 ip ao udt high speed bandwidth next generation network protocol desirability functions best practice frameworks baseline manuals risk analysis and management information security controls signatures web services interpolation. qim m-ary modulation error concealment data value network security & identity privacy attack graph. efficient probabilistic packet marking algorithm probabilistic packet marking algorithm online auction network byzantine behavior multicast communication ad-hoc networks hierarchical design ids tls protocol timers typing rhythms keystroke passwords implementation cost service differentiation. mb-ofdm interference limitation pareto-efficiency password strength text passwords vulnerability analysis olsrv2 selfish nodes content clusters overlay replica impersonation attack. undetectable online password guessing attack ecc-3peke protocol finite fields & montgomery algorithm. cellular automata log analysis. audit system event classification http intrusion detection. fuzzy cognitive mapping fuzzy intrusion detection application layer misuse detector semantic intrusion detection naive bayesian classifier false positive big-dragon cryptosystem. little dragon cryptosystem multivariate cryptography and matlab. customizable security. policy-driven security content-addressable storage security matlab network security management complexity. ldpc codes chained codes image video cover media anti-spam email filtering workload characterization knowledge discovery in databases and privacy prese integrated verification. software implementation usage control malicious mechanism message digest routing protocol soa selinux registration time. packet loss handoff delay triangle routing route optimization tunneling longitudes latitudes location coordinates transposition cipher rangoli masquerade attack remote user smartcard batch verification service authentication identity based cryptography (ibc) ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network security protocols quantum networks file handler regexpr html sub perl quantum superposition state no key-exchange inter packet delay ieee 802.11b ieee 802.15.4 heterogeneous wireless network coexistence dfa vulnerability signature processing signature formulation intrusion detection / prevention systems key establishment lu matrix composition feedback convolutional coding soft input iterations guard node cluster key sensitivity avalanche legal aspects packet sniffers ip traceback mix zone pseudonyms click spam web advertising google ads pay-per-click advertising authorization and password. apache spark security analytics feature selection feature extraction hdl. bfmawddl bfcdnba bfma dpa wddl bf securing windows microsoft domain environment spectrum analysis automated ids anomaly-based intrusion detection system protocol safety. elliptic curve software networking pki ivote i-voting electronic voting system and exemption. medical system metric availability dependency information system. application-layer ddos attack browsing model one-class support vector machine notification beacon seed smartphone disaster lea markov-model rfid brute-force attack j48. email classification authentication & q-learning response historical mobile ad hoc networks security encryption and decryption. shared bitmap rate limitation connection failure behavior self-propagating malware shared register array malware detection and mobile device. finite elements. intellect learning. wireless. secured watermark system (sws) and computer securi threshold cryptography. steganography; image segmentation; byte characteri cyber-defense. software configuration management usable security. data outsourcing; privacy; public cloud severs; ac zss signature. and crypt ography. password replace ment cryptographic algorithm. hdfs (hadoop distributed file system) interactive education. risk assessment attack graph and services. computer multi input multi output (mimo) adhoc network smurf attacks. fair exchange dst hybrid covert channel z-transform; frequency domain; watermarking; mean sensor network etc. db index. performance evaluation. network security; malware propagation modelling; b biometrics; biometric fusion; face; fingerprint; c information theory dns poising hash function [2]. we propose a novel distributed intrusion detection new kinds of network attacks are emerging endlessl it is necessary that this security concern must be in order to the rapid growth of the network applic user authentication; group communication; secret s fuzzy c-means clustering fuzzy neural network data and grid room system information leak
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