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Effective seo hacks to bring leads for your business - SWA 2020

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Effective seo hacks to bring leads for your business - SWA 2020

  1. 1. About Eugene The SEO King Macarius • Former Digital Director of Standard Chartered Bank, Retail Banking in Singapore. • Digitalisation efforts of the Catholic Church in Singapore in areas of setting up of infrastructure, website & social media presence. • Prior experiences include implementation of Customer Relationship Systems and Shopper Loyalty Programmes as well as consulting the lawyers on PDPA implementation for major shopping mall groups in Singapore. • Avid Digital Marketing Strategist as well as a Certified Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Principal Consultant & Coach. - SEO King • Manages 360 Digital Marketing Campaigns for corporations and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to create a Digital Footprint to Attract, Engage and Retain more customers. • Mentor for Lithan Academy for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Implementation.
  2. 2. Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business Do you even know where to begin?
  3. 3. How Come Her Website Won and Mine DID NOT? The question on everyone’s mind is…
  4. 4. Components of a Good Website Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business.
  5. 5. Components of a Good Website Easy to Understand Copywriting, Simplify the Jargons & Lingo. Good Content Management System. CONTENT RELEVANCE & MANAGEMENT Interaction: Relevant Content, Use of Video, Organised & Easy to find content. Conversion: Clear Call to Action, CRM, Sales Funnel INTERACTION & CONVERSION Device & Browser Compatibility, Page Load Speed & Mobile Optimisation. FAST INTERFACE & PLATFORM COMPATABILITY Reliable Hosting, SSL, Easy to Navigate. Consider User Pathways and Flow. RELIABILITY & EASE OF USE Branding, Ease of Use, Typography & Colors. Consider Psychology of Colors. Its all about the User Experience!! DESIGN & FUNCTIONALITY How to become an UX leader in large organisation Speaker: Pranav Joshi, Associate Director – UX, Global Software Engineering How to get your website aligned with your sales funnel Speaker: Saliya Withana, Founder/CEO of Momentro Sdn Bhd Building the perfect service business website Speaker: Shaan Nicol, Director of ChillyBin Web Design Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business Speaker: Eugene, The SEO King, Digital Director, Shared IT Services
  6. 6. How did the Pandemic Influence Digital Marketing? Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business.
  7. 7. What is the “New Normal” COVID 19 & Beyond? 1. When will normal return? End of the Year or next year? Or forever in New Normal for some years? 2. What does social distancing mean? Operating at 50% Capacity. 3. Who is most impacted? Restaurants, Retail, Airline, Travel, Hotels, Events & Conferences 4. How will this impact our lives? Business, Socially, Employment and more... Restaurants and businesses are closing!!
  8. 8. Why were they impacted? 1. Relied too much on Footfall traffic. 2. No Online Order. 3. No means to deliver to their custome 4. Did not Adapt Fast Enough. How did the Pandemic Influence Digital Marketing? Who was impacted when the Pandemic hit? Food Outlets, Florists, Neighbourhood Hardware, Furniture Shops
  9. 9. Resistive to Technology Steep learning curve to learning Video conferencing and online meetings Their excuse There is no need for Website! How did the Pandemic Influence Digital Marketing? They were caught off- guard or perhaps too complacent! 1. No online ordering systems, no ecommerce. 2. F&B rely too much on the likes of Grab, Deliveroo and Food Panda. Who has customer information?
  10. 10. Going Digital in a Post COVID 19 World! Is it All DOOM & GLOOM? Google my What? Your business is not searchable. Not on maps. No listing in Google My Business . Youtube is for watching movies! Oh really? Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Here is the problem right!! I do not need a website! Then what you rely? Flyers? Social Media is for young kids! Do u know the right way of Ads targeting?
  11. 11. Digital Marketing Fitting into the New Normal Omni Channel Marketing – Multi touchpoints • Online to Offline – Booking of Appointments (FB Ads to Web) • Offline to Online: Re-marketing of walk-ins to onboard them online to continue the customer experience and journey. • Workflows, Customer Service Journey & Follow-ups • Integrated Social Media with Customer Service Functions • Show room Booking Systems, Queue Systems. • Temperature Taking, Attendance Taking Gives rise to a new opportunity? Plan, Systemise, Optimise
  12. 12. The Concept of a Digital Footprint Will SEO Bring Leads? Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business.
  13. 13. The Concept of a Digital Footprint • Use Digital Marketing to Build an Integrated Digital Footprint for your business! Driving vs breadcrumbs. • An Internet Footprint = Online Street Sign that points the search engine spider to your business. • Digital Marketing is not separate containers. Omni Channel Marketing is the new buzz word. • SEO is only one of the components of a Digital Footprint. • The others include Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Press Release, Offline Marketing, Loyalty Marketing & PDPA. • It is An Integrated approach: Online to Offline, Online to Offline - SO How do we Start?
  14. 14. It all Starts with Knowing Who to Target! Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business.
  15. 15. The Audience – Which Personna?
  16. 16. The Audience – Which Personna? Craft Better & More Relevant Messaging & Laser Targeting to Right Platform. Why is this important? • Know their Preferences, Know their Demographics, Know Where they hang out! • Know the Colours, Know the Lingo.
  17. 17. Target Audience Identification – The Halal Satay Company Primary Audience Identification – To Anchor Position
  18. 18. Target Audience Identification – The Halal Satay Company Secondary Audience Identification – To Identify & Capture New Markets
  20. 20. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? Should I Consider SEO to be part of my marketing strategy? • Demand Based Vs Interest Based targeting (a) SEO (b) Google Ads (c) FB Ads • Buying Keyword: Keyword with Strong Commercial Intent – Focus on Users Search Intent rather than just Keywords! (a) Property Agent Singapore, Property Singapore (b) New Launch Singapore (c) Executive Condo near (at) Sengkang East Way • SEO cannot be compartmentalised. Think Omni Channel Marketing • SEO Done Blindly! Need Business Objectives, Customer Journey, Message and Systems for follow up. PDPA
  21. 21. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? Should I Consider SEO to be part of my marketing strategy? • The EAT Concept (a) Expertise: Demonstrate your knowledge & expertise. (b) Authoritativeness: Trusted Authority, Be a leader in your market. (c) Trustworthiness: Quality Content with Quality Links • Secure Website, Device Compatibility, Overall Page Experience (a) Fast (b) Secure (c) Ease of Use, Low Bounce Rate (d) Device, OS & Browser Compatibility
  22. 22. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? Which Came First the Google or the Yahoo? • Search Result Relevancy: A query typed in Google provided more relevancy than did Excite, Yahoo and other search engines. • Redirected to other website, Yahoo kept to Yahoo platform. • A focus on User Experience: Google provided relevant information in relation to their search queries. • Indication of Relevancy: Sergei Brin and Larry Page thought links and clicks as a sort of recommendation, an indication of relevancy and value. No other search engine was doing this at that point in time.
  23. 23. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business?
  24. 24. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? The Google Algorithms at a Glance
  25. 25. 26 Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business?
  26. 26. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? The Keyword Research Process KEYWORDS - NOT ALL KEYWORDS ARE MADE EQUAL • Which Keyword will your buyer search for? Property Vs Apartment in Manhattan Vs 3 Room Apartment in Manhattan • Which is a “Buying” Keyword – Keyword with commercial search intent? • Do not over-optimise keywords; main reason should be readable and relevant to website visitor. THE DEPARTMENT STORE ANALOGY • Keywords & Topical & Contextual Relevancy to your market. • Is Your site well organised? Does Google know the location & service area of your Business?
  27. 27. 28 Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business?
  28. 28. When Google looks at a Website what does it see?
  29. 29. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? On Page SEO – Optimisation of a page in your Website Main Title: The main title of the article should contain the article keyword that we wish to rank for. The keyword is usually located closer towards the left or starting the title. Sub Titles: For an article minimum is to have at least 2 or 3 subtitles. Each subtitle will have to contain the keyword in it. Images: rename images to include keyword as part of image name. First Paragraph: The first paragraph of the article must contain the keyword preferable as starting with the keyword or placing the keyword at the left most possible position, nearer to the starting sentence of the paragraph. Content Block: As a tough guide if your content is 3 paragraphs, then the keyword should at least appear 2 times in that content block. Each content block must build upon the previous one to tell a story. An article can contain as many content block as possible so that the total words meets the article requirement of at least 500 to 800 words per article. Last Paragraph: In the last paragraph, the last sentence has to have the keyword towards the end of the sentence when possible or closest to it.
  30. 30. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? OFF PAGE SEO: BACKLINKS – LINK BUILDING • LINK POPULARITY – How Many Links? • SPEED OF LINK BUILDING – How fast was the links built? • LINK REPUTATION – How credible are your Links? • LINK DIVERSITY – Links from Different Sources, eg Social Media, News Sites, Directory Sites, Blogs, Industry Related Sites
  31. 31. SO Does SEO Really Works? Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business.
  32. 32. Will SEO Bring Leads to My Business? How Does This Translate to A Search Result? A DEMO!
  33. 33. Putting it altogether! Google Analytics Google Spider Domain & Hosting External Backlinks External Backlinks (Social Media ) also known as Social Signals Google XML Sitemap “Hey Google, wave wave, my site has got new content!!” Informs Google when site is updated. A good website should contain the following. 1. Tracking & Analytics Code: a) Google Adword Pixel, Facebook Pixel & LinkedIn Insight Tag b) Hotjar c) Google Analytics 2. Website Platform based on purpose: a) Normal Website: Wordpress (no Wix) b) E-Commerce: Shopify / Woo Commerce 3. The Look: Theme or Skins 4. Functions Needed: a) Wordpress: Plugins b) Shopify: Apps 5. Website Structure & Content a) Keyword in Domain b) Design of menu structure c) Post topic, category and tags d) Internal linking of posts. Website Ads 1. Google Ads a) Search Ads b) Youtube Ads c) GDN Ads – Adsense sites 2. FB Ads 3. LinkedIn Ads
  34. 34. Immediate Tips on improving SEO for your Business! Effective SEO Hacks to bring Leads For Your Business.
  35. 35. Immediate Tips on Improving SEO for your Business DOMAIN & HOSTING • Hosting in same Country that your main business area is from (Loading Speed & Location). • Keyword in Domain Name. • Buy an SSL secured domain for your site. WEBSITE PERFORMANCE • Beautiful Images ( too little text | too large file size) • Pay attention to Mobile Optimisation of your website (Responsive Design). • Take note of Website Load Speed. (big images, un-necessary scripts and too many plugins)
  36. 36. Immediate Tips on Improving SEO for your Business CONTENT OPTIMISATION • Always write with readers in mind and then the search engines. • Ensure that you write in Topical Relevance and Contextual Relevance. • Optimise the image file names with keywords. LOCAL SEO (LOCATION OPTIMISATION) • List your business in Google My Business. So that this maps your business mentioned in your website to a location. • List in General Directories & Trade Specific Directories using the same format for Business Name, Address and Phone (NAP).
  37. 37. Immediate Tips on Improving SEO for your Business VIDEO OPTIMISATION – YOUTUBE OPTIMISATION • Are you leaving money on the table by not being in Youtube? • Youtube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine after • Have a presence in Youtube and optimise it for search. SOCIAL MEDIA, IMAGES & GO LIVE TECHNOLOGY • Study where your competitors have their presence in! • Have a presence in Social Media. • Have branded images in Google Photos.
  38. 38. Emerging Trends or Technology Go Live Reach out Instantly 1. Group of ready users online, technology reaches out to them automatically the moment you go live. 2. Dual streaming technology allows you to stream live on at least 2 platforms. 3. Insta Story, Fb Live, Tiktok, Webinars. 4. LinkedIn trial for go live in USA. Bots Customer Centric Marketing 1. Marketing Bots: Good customer journey as easy as filling up a form, answer question to get to what you need. 2. Chatbots can be programmed for customer service issues or support. 3. FB Messenger Bots, Telegram Bots Instant Messaging (IM) Communicate Effectively 1. Facebook Ads can be blocked; browser ad blocker. 2. Emails can go to spam folder. 3. Reach out instantly. 4. Run Fb Ads to Fb Messenger or WhatsApp. 5. WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Skype Big Data Analytics 1. Visitor Analytics & Behaviour 2. Competitor Spying 3. Customer Service Information – Customer preference 4. Loyalty program 5. Sales Data 6. Google Analytics is key to understanding your web visitor. 01 02 03 04
  39. 39. Social Media & Emerging Trends Your prospect is out there… in Social Media!! You can simply impress your audience and personalise your reach to them to get them interested in what you offer. Provide Better Customer Service “Thank you for showing your interest in the Wonder Face Cream. To make sure you will get a Wonder Face, we will offer you a 20% discount if you buy with this code : WONDERFACEME Give a Discount Bring across your message to people who like similar interest as to what your Brand or business would offer. Offer a more Targeted Message When you overdo the “Follow Me” marketing it becomes SPAM !! PLEASE Don’t Overdo it !! By placing Pixels on your website, you can follow your prospect when he/she browses on Social Media. Do you see this in real life? The Concept of “Follow Me” Marketing
  40. 40. Social Media & Emerging Trends Your prospect is out there… in Social Media!! PLEASE Don’t Overdo it !!
  41. 41. Questions? Thanks!! Effective SEO Hacks for Bringing Leads for Your Business FREE GIFT !! Join Internet Marketing Secrets Community Telegram