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OrchestratorMail presentation

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OrchestratorMail is an innovative application that brings efficiency to email communication. By fitting into your existing email platform, OrchestratorMail provides a simple, yet elegant structure to simplify the back and forth of email communications. OrchestratorMail effectively decreases email overload, minimizes misinterpretation and organizes email into an easily viewable system.

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OrchestratorMail presentation

  1. 1. ORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  2. 2. The current email system design is not sufficient for corporations today and the future. Email is the defacto communication medium for people working together. In the current fast paced and ever changing business environment with a diverse, global workforce it leads to overload and anxiety just to keep up with email. OrchestratorMail addresses the email communication issues in corporations while retaining the ubiquitous nature of email.ORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  3. 3. The Difference Email Email + OrchestratorMail Email communication can get frustrating, specially if you are working OrchestratorMail brings structure to email, makes communication with other people on a deliverable or fulfilling an outcome. The back and explicit. Its server based organizing and follow through, reduces email forth of clarifying the misunderstandings, following up with people and overload, and reduces the anxiety of missed emails. sending reminders gets tiring. Please send me the plan REQUEST | Please send me the operations plan From: Wag Hotels OrchMail on behalf of Waghotels Sent: Tue 2/15/2011 11:15 AM Sent: Tue 2/15/2011 11:15 AM To: Ritu Raj To: Ritu Raj Good to see you this morning. I think we covered a lot of REQUEST Due By ground. We should be able to move forward soon. May 24 Please send us the Operations Plan 5:15 PM Wag Hotels Requested to Ritu Raj I liked the ideas that Tom and John brought up for review- ing the email system. Click to REQUEST Respond Regarding the operations plan, send it along so we can Good to see you this morning. I think we OK, I Will review it. We are in a meeting for the rest of the day so covered a lot of ground. We should be able to wont get back to you till next week. I Can’t move forward soon. Hope to see you at the offsite next month. OK, Except I liked the ideas that Tom and John brought up for reviewing the email system. Thanks This is Done Regarding the operations plan, send it along Delegate so we can review it. We are in a meeting for Peter Respond the rest of the day so wont get back to you till Later next week. Clarify/ Comment Hope to see you at the offsite next month. Thanks Download OrchestratorORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  4. 4. One TouchEmail + OrchestratorMail ClearOrchestratorMail offers a Intentionone-touch response to emailcommunications. REQUES TBy fitting right into your current Please s end us themail communications, the Wag Hote ls Requeste e Operati ons Pla Due By Explicitsystem seamlessly provides REQUES d to Ritu Raj n May 24 Due Date T 5:15 PMstructure and pre-set Good to see you covered this mornselections that minimizes a lot of g ing. I thin Click to able to m round. W k we Respondmisinterpretations and ove forw e should ard soon be OK, I Will I liked the .ambiguity. id Clarity of brought u eas that Tom and I Can’t p for revie John Response Regardin wing the g the ope email sys OK, Exce pt along so rati tem. we can re ons plan, send it This is meeting view it. W Done for the re e are in a back to y st of the ou till nex day so w Delegate t week. ont get Hope to Respond see you Thanks at the off Later site next month. Clarify/ Commen t Peter Downloa d Orches tratorORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  5. 5. Digest View OrchestratorMail Open Conversation SummaryOrchestratorMail From Type To Subject Due By Description All Responses Due From Me (5) Last Response Next ResponseOrchestratorMail givesyou a quick look at allyour open emailcommunications, andrespond directly from thesummary. All Responses Due To Me (15) From Type To Subject Due By Description Last Response Next ResponseNo more flagging,creating folders,searching for the criticalemail communications. Respond Later (2) From Type To Subject Due By Description Last Response Next Response You Are Observing (2) From Type To Subject Due By Description Last Response Next ResponseORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  6. 6. WhoFor teams working together, emails are a defacto Executives are overloaded with emails, requests In a global, diverse workforce, most coordination isstandard for making requests, offers, follow for critical decisions and follow up on initiatives done over email. How does one account for differ-through and reminders. and plans. ent interpretation of language, which is given by the culture and environment?OrchestratorMail gives structure to the back and OrchestratorMail brings clarity and one-touch OrchestratorMail establishes a common taxonomy,forth of email conversations. It automates follow response to communications. It gives visibility to creating a common understanding of language andthrough and reminders. when things are due in an easy-to-manage, open brings people globally on the same page. communications summary.ORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  7. 7. OrchestratorMail OrchestratorMail Benefits Reduces email overload by overlaying structure to critical OrchestratorMail is a server based application that emails that are required to get the work done. brings efficiency to email interactions between people Reduces the time spent to organize, flag and search for working together. critical conversations. Simplifying, creating common understanding, and Alleviates the anxiety of forgetting or missing critical accountability in email communications results in emails. reducing the email overload and increasing productivity. Eliminates the need to follow through and send reminders OrchestratorMail does this by applying practices of to get responses back. linguistics - basic structure and semantics - to email communication. Makes it easy to understand the intention of the email from the subject heading, so focus can be on the critical OrchestratorMail operates using email as a platform for information. interaction and communication, and yet is independent of any email platform. Eliminates the gap between the sender’s intention and the recipient’s interpretation. Creates a common language for the group you are working with especially in a global environment. Keeps track of all your open conversations in a summary format at your fingertips.ORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Effeciency to Email Communication
  8. 8. Reducing the Email Overload Define Emails by Pragmatic Intention Common Explicit Conversation Email Process For (Type of Taxonomy Due Date Summary Each Type Conversation) View a list of all open Having a due date conversations that you At any stage of the instead of “asap”, are part of, including Each type of conver- conversation there are makes communication the ones that you are Most emails that are sation has a recurring only a limited set of more explicit. waiting on the otherWhen working with initiated have these and common pattern responses possible. OrchestratorMail’s people to respond toothers, email conversa- common intentions: of back and forth We have distilled automates reminders you.tions require a lot of - Question exchange. those responses to and follow throughs.follow throughs and - Discuss The process keeps create a taxonomy.reminders to overcome - Note the email interactions This taxonomyambiguity, misinterpre- - Information on track and takes creates a commontation and lack of - Request conversations to their vocabulary for theclarity. - Offer/ Propose logical conclusion. people that you work to decrease the chance of misunder- standing your inten- tion.ORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  9. 9. Collaboration Ecosystem Collaboration After - Collaboration Coordination (Same Time & Place) (Different Time & Place) (Different Time & Place) Collaboration Space Collaboration Tools such as OrchestratorMail overlays In person, or vitually File Sharing, Scheduling, Basecamp, a structure on top of Goto Meeting, Webex Instant Messaging, Yammer regular email. Planning Execution Personal Productivity Tools Hundreds of emails are generated when OrchMail reduces the chances Tools like GTD, Xobini, help dealing with changes, dependencies and of miscommunication and people manage, prioritize and breakdowns and increase as it gets automates follow throughs. organize the things that they closer to fullfilling an outcome. have to get done.ORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  10. 10. Testimonial “I am finding OrchestratorMail to be an extremely useful tool. It is the first time that I’ve actually felt as though I have visibility into what is going on across all of the key initiatives the people in my department are pursuing. I am currently tracking approximately 100 deliverables across 20 key projects and am able to see when things are past due, drive discussions of status and have a record of accomplishments that I can use to keep *my* management informed of what’s going on. It also underscores the individuals that have the most trouble in managing commitments. The daily summaries work well as a personal productivity tool and orient me toward the things that I really need to take care of. My practice is to look at the date summary of open items at the beginning of every day, send “nudges” to the people that are past due, and make sure I’m on top of the things that *I* need to take care of. During the day I receive emails and status updates on the various projects. Every other week or so I look at what’s been accomplished in the last 2 weeks and will be accomplished in the next 2 in order to build a status report for the CFO.” Ken Brooks | SVP, Global Production & Manufacturing Services | Cengage LearningORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  11. 11. Pricing Hosted Server License $79 $129 Annual license per seat Perpetual license per seat Free Trial for 90 days 18% Annual Maintenance Volume Discounting Available Need Sharepoint server 2007 Volume Discounting AvailableORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication
  12. 12. ORCHESTRATORMAILBringing Efficiency to Email Communication Organize a Demo (415) 876 7000 Contact Us (415) 876 7000 OrchestratorMail 420 Stanyan St, Ste 3 San Francisco, CA 94117