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Scientific poster (oil)

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Scientific poster (oil)

  1. 1. A new way of seeing oil Anselmo López Sánchez-Ortiz María García Navarro Pablo Antonio Franco Magdaleno Recycling oil: making soap Recycling oil: oil lamps Is the most common way to transform oil into another useful item, and it’s quiteIntroduction This way is easier than making soap, and we easy. can also recycle other items during the processThe oil is a viscous and liquid Materials of creating oil lamps.substance which has less density than - 5l of used oilwater and it can’t be mixed with it. MaterialsIt can be made from olives, other - 5l of watertypes of seeds and fruits, animals - 1kg of caustic soda - Used domestic oiland even from minerals. There are two - 1kg of sodium perborate - Any used recipient (in this case, used lighttypes of oil: - Natural perfume from any plant bulbs) -Fuel oil - Piece of cloth as a wick -Vegetable oil Steps:We are going to develop the second Steps: 1. Heat the Those ones come from the plant 2.When it boils, add the used oil.and animal Kingdom. There are 1. Remove the materials inside the light bulb.different types of animal oils, such 3. Mix the water and the oil, and littleas whale oil, that can be eaten, but by little we add the caustic soda and the 2. Fill the bulb with the used oil.actually the most used in the daily sodium perborate, constantly are the vegetable oils which 4. We can add different ecological 3. Wet the cloth into the oil.come from seeds, fruits or roots. We substances.use this type of oil for domestic 5. Move the mixture for 1 hour. 4. With a lighter, burn the cloth.activities. 6. Let the mixture stand for 1 day. 7. Expand over a cardboard for dryingBut used domestic oil is a very it and after that cutting it in differentdangerous substance for the Oil lamps are a very original type of pieces.environment. With only 1l of used oil decoration, and it can be in many differentwe can contaminate 1000l of water, so forms.the best way to prevent this is After all this, we can use this soap as arecycling oil. There are special normal one, but this won’t has been madeplaces to take the oil, and there it industrially.will be processed and transformedinto useful oil again.Recycling oil containerAnother way of recycling is using itto create other stuff, such as cream,fertilizer, oil lamps, soap, etc.We are going to show you how to maketwo of them: soap and oil lamps.These are two very simple ways torecycle used domestic oil, so peoplewill see how easy the protection ofthe environment is. And you? Which other uses could yo give to the oil?