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5 Secrets to Killer Lead Generation Using SlideShare

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So you've tried all way and means to drive leads for your business. But B2B leads are just so damn hard especially with mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Enter SlideShare and it's unlimited potential. With these simple hacks you'll start generating leads in no time!

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5 Secrets to Killer Lead Generation Using SlideShare

  1. Using SlideShare Killer Secrets for REAL Lead-GEN 5
  2. So you want to get leads with SlideShare? But the premium for LeadShare is too expensive?
  3. "SlideShare can't work for me, I'm going back to Facebook"
  4. get access to the summit Want to learn from the experts for FREE?
  5. If you're in B2B marketing, you simply can't afford NOT to use SlideShare
  6. Here's how I got monthly and more than on slideshares I’ve made 2 Million views 400+ subscribers
  7. *1. Start collecting*
  8. Many users don't bother to create an external landing page for subscribers.
  9. If you're not capturing leads via leadshare or your own form..
  10. Then you've wasted their view and your marketing opportunity.
  11. Your funnel's grab the low hanging fruit.
  12. Example Landing Pages: Link on SlideShare Landing Page Deck by Ross Simmonds
  13. *2. Distribution*
  14. If nobody finds your Slideshare, nobody's gonna bite. AHOY!
  15. Get embeds anywhere with your relevant audiences
  16. Examples Embeds:
  17. Sharing on SocialGuest blogging EmailSEO
  18. *3. Give something in exchange*
  19. The same digital marketing principles apply here.
  20. People will exchange their details ONLY for something of value
  21. Examples Lead Magnets: Prezly TrackMaven
  22. Why not give them your SlideShare as a pdf? Here’s ours;)
  23. *4. Focus on YOUR expert topic*
  24. You don't want to be attracting just ANY lead…
  25. You want to attract people who NEED what you can provide!
  26. Creating targeted content for targeted audiences gives you a higher chance of doing that
  27. Example: If you're selling digital marketing services, write content about the considerations and approaches specific to your audience.
  28. *5. Go at it for the long haul*
  29. WARNING: You might not get overwhelmed with leads on your first deck.
  30. Content marketing is a long-term strategy not a short-term burst. Remember:
  31. With consistent quality and distribution, you'll start getting eyeballs.
  32. GIving up too fast = loss of following.
  33. get access to the summit Want to learn from the experts for FREE?
  34. Pre-order our new edition of SlideShare Marketing: PRE-ORDER SlideShare Domination