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Digital and Social Content Marketing Proposal Example for Resort Hotel

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal
  2. About Flow Social Media Marketing Services: • Digital Marketing Strategy • Influencer Relations • Content Marketing • Twitter Parties • Sponsored Blog Posts • Social Media Consulting • Event Marketing Flow was formed with the goal of connecting great brands with customer advocates and leading innovative social media campaigns that drive meaningful marketing results. Flow has partnered with key blogger influencers to provide it’s social media expertise to the travel, leisure, and alcoholic beverages industries. Learn More: Contact Us: Flow’s Staff Have Lead Campaigns For Brands Including:
  3. Online Marketing Objectives for 2015 1. Attract more qualified traffic to website from US and International markets 2. Convert more traffic into leads (website contacts) 3. Unify Marketing Tactics into a Cohesive Strategy 4. Improve Online Reputation i.e. Bloggers, Yelp, TripAdvisor 5. Attract more wedding groups
  4. Audience Targets 2006 Visitor Statistics for Zion National Park: Summer: Families and Groups Fall / Winter: Couples International Visitors in Summer / Fall: 20% / 7% France (5% of all visitors) 14% / 6% Germany (4% of all visitors) 13% / 21% England (3% of all visitors) 12% / 5% The Netherlands (3% of all visitors) US Visitor in Summer / Fall: 26% / 15% California (19% of all visitors) 14% / 30% Utah (11% of all visitors) 7% / 7% Nevada (5% of all visitors) 5% / 2% New York (4% of all visitors) Special Occasions – Weddings Source:
  5. How Did People Find Out about Zion National Park? Source: More than 50% of visitors find out about Zion National Park through Word of Mouth. An integrated social media campaign will help gain traction within that group for Zion Mountain Resort. Fall Summer
  6. Potential Marketing Tactics • Social Media • Website Updates (blog posts and SEO) • Content • Search Marketing • Online Reputation • PR and Event Sponsorships • Direct Mail • Online Display Advertising
  7. Challenges to Overcome Primary Challenges: • Awareness – Increase awareness of Zion Mountain Resort, especially to international visitors through integrated communication strategy. • Consideration - Increase demand for Zion Mountain Resort among brides as a destination wedding location.
  8. Marketing Strategy Traffic from Paid, Organic Search, Direct, Referrals, and Social sources. Interested customers Customers Increase traffic from qualified sources by targeting geographic territories and audiences we can’t reach by search and geographic promotion of “shopping” type content, while also expanding organic and earned traffic efforts. By increasing qualified traffic, recapturing lost customers, and providing better “shopping” content on the website to elevate the Zion Mountain product we can convert more “shoppers” into customers. Customers that leave website can be remarketed to on Facebook and Google to bring them back to the website and re-capture lost leads. remarketing
  9. Digital Wedding Marketing 1) Pinterest – Create boards with highly sharable content that brides will want to curate as part of their “Dream Wedding”. Images will carry your branding and link back to the weddings page on 2) Instagram – Create a steady stream of wedding related content on Instagram with hashtags so you content can be found effectively. 3) Content Marketing – create wedding related blog posts on at least once per month as well as guest posts on other blogs at least once per month. 4) Social Integration with Offline Wedding Show Activations and Advertising – when you execute offline campaigns such as wedding shows, make sure there is a digital / social element so we can continue the conversation with the brides after the event and build a relationship with them to converts to a booking. 5) Blogger & Social Influencers – Build relationships with wedding and lifestyle bloggers but also with local wedding vendors online such as photographers, stylists, caterers, etc. who can be a source of leads. 6) Digital Advertising – Leverage social posts, user generated content and promote to targeted audiences as well as sponsored bloggers and Adwords campaigns to reach brides.
  10. Social Media & Influencer Strategy 1) Social Media should be integrated into all marketing channels including: PR, Website, Customer Service, Remarketing, and Direct Mail. 2) Social Channels content should focus on engagement with customers and influencers but also have specific posts that are designed to be promoted to grow the base. 3) Social Listening for what competitors are doing and what your customers are saying. 4) Specific tactics such as Twitter Parties and blogger / social influencer trips should also be included.
  11. Online Advertising • Use sponsored placement on blogs, display ads through Google AdWords, and potentially pre-roll video to drive traffic to the website that would otherwise be unachievable through organic search. • Use content promotion through networks like Stumbleupon, Taboola, Outbrain to reach (geographically targeted) people interested in “Vacation” and other target keywords. • Use AdWords remarketing tactics to move people from “shoppers” to “customers” based on people who visited the website and then left.
  12. Content Marketing and SEO • Fresh blog post content at least once per month to attract traffic and engage website visitors. • Post content and updates on social channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TripAdvisor as needed. • Update website pages and optimize for search as needed.
  13. Reputation Management and CS • Monitor reviews and respond as needed to negative ones. • Update profile pages and optimize for search. • Develop mechanisms for incentivizing reviews without direct compensation i.e. tent cards, reminders in emails, etc. • Leverage social channels and influencers to build brand advocates.
  14. Measurement and Analytics • Monitor competitor social properties to see what resonates and what they are doing to attract new customers. • Set website goals and landing pages to measure new tactics such as Remarketing, AdWords, and Content Marketing efforts.
  15. Proposed Budget • Marketing Retainer: – Execute on prioritized tactics discussed in this deck including managing digital marketing strategy, social listening campaign, analytics monitoring, executing advertising campaign, SEO updates, monthly reporting, and client communications. – Estimated XX hours / month at $95 per hour: $X,XXX • Social & Influencers: – Social Channel Management, XX hours / month at $70 per hour – Sponsored Blog Posts, $200-$300 per post depending on blogger influence – Coordinate blogger / social visits, 2-4 hours per influencer at $70 per hour (plus guest travel expenses) – Twitter Parties, Sweepstakes, and Contests, $1,500-$3,500 depending on scope (plus prizes) • Advertising: – Budget TBD based on more formal marketing planning • Content Marketing: – $100-$200 per article for blog posts on site (may be variable depending on involvement from company staff) – Link building budget TBD based on more formal marketing planning