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The 4 Blue Difference

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Swimming pool, self cleaning designer pools, landscape construction, wet edge and wet deck infinity pools.

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The 4 Blue Difference

  1. 1. DIRECTOR OF 4 BLUE: Jamie Loft<br />Specialists swimming pool builders &landscape architects .<br />The 4Blue difference<br />
  2. 2. The 4Blue difference<br />We are also pool and landscape designers, not just builders.<br />We use a sophisticated 3d program to communicate our idea’s to you, this way you can be involved in the design process.<br />This allows you to peer into your own crystal ball and see exactly what your proposed pool and landscape will look like, before a single sod of dirt is removed from your yard.<br />Some of our 3D design images, almost like a photograph of the real thing.<br />
  3. 3. The 4Blue difference<br />We build a no work - all play pool, so YES it cleans itself!<br />We are one of a few who are licensed builders who are trained to install the PCC 2000 self cleaning and circulation system.<br />This allows you to spend your time enjoying your pool, NOT maintaining it.<br />It is like having a pool man clean your pool everyday of the year<br />And it is totally safe to swim in while operating.<br />Schematic of a typical system layout<br />Debris canister, the only thing you have to empty<br />MDX anti entrapment drain<br />Pop up head in action<br />
  4. 4. The 4Blue difference<br />We automate the pool and spa’s operation, so all you do is push a button and it works.<br />No more trips to the pool plant room to turn valves and switch on heater, jets, turn of chlorinator, then pray you have done it correctly. Out automation systems will do it all for you at the touch of a button.<br />When your finished, simply turn it off. Its that easy.<br />You can even control everything from the spa with our PDA remote. Hotter colder, jets on – off etc.<br />Lifetime warranty on Jandy never-lube valves, never cease or fail.<br />Unique space saving versa valve<br />Motorised valve<br />Indoor one touch LCD controller<br />Remote PDA controller<br />
  5. 5. The 4Blue difference<br />We challenge ourselves to make your pool efficient <br />We can know use 1(one) pump with a variable speed motor to do the job of up to 4 pumps.<br />Variable speed pumps can save up over $500 on your power bill each and every year<br />Ozone injected on the suction side, is 50 times more powerful at killing bacteria than chlorine.<br />New large cartridge filters can reduce backwash and waste water and will also filter to a finer particle size, and will only require cleaning once a year.<br />
  6. 6. The 4Blue difference<br />“This not just what we do, it is what we love to do”<br />For an extensive view of our work, OR to discuss your next project please contact us, we would love be involved.<br />4Blue p/l Queensland 48-52 Collins Road Yandina 4561 p: 07-5641-1242<br />f: (07) 3011 1007 ABN 22-814-603-813 <br />