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Online Reputation and Influence - How to Create, Grow and Maintain Influence on a Digital Social Web

We are living in a world where your reputation and influence is migrating from offline to online
Reputation is moving from local to global
It is also moving from fixed to mobile (smart phones and iPads)
Reputation and influence can be gained faster and broader than in any other time in history. But we are still used to the old paradigms and ideas of influence and reputation because “technology changes fast but humans evolve and change slowly”
In this presentation (which was the second Keynote at The BE-Wizard conference in Italy on March 16, 2012) we look at what is required to establish, grow and maintain your influence online. This presentation looks at the way personal brands such as celebrities, professionals and knowledge workers can establish themselves as thought leaders and experts globally. If you are a consultant, executive or professional this presentation will give you tips and tactics to win at your career and life

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Online Reputation and Influence - How to Create, Grow and Maintain Influence on a Digital Social Web

  1. 1. Online Reputation and InfluenceHow to Create, Grow and Maintain Influence in a Digital Social World
  2. 2. Reputation
  3. 3. Influence
  4. 4. “In my career two things have been vital.. Credibility and Visibility” Geoffrey Rush – Academy Award Winning Actor This is where creating influence starts!
  5. 5. Visibility
  6. 6. The “Usual” Way to Create Influence
  7. 7. The “Usual” Way to Create Influence
  8. 8. The “Usual” Way to Create Influence
  9. 9. The “Usual” Way to Create Influence
  10. 10. The “Usual” Way to Create Influence
  11. 11. The “Usual” Way to Create Influence
  12. 12. The “Usual” Way to Create Influence
  13. 13. Influence is moving from Offline to Online
  14. 14. The “Knowledge” Economy
  15. 15. The “Google” Web
  16. 16. The “New” Ways to Create Influence
  17. 17. Online Credibility
  18. 18. The “Social” Web
  19. 19. Why you shouldcreate influence
  20. 20. Why you Should Create Online Reputation and Build Influence1. Find a job 2. Chase a new career3. Grow existing career4. Learn more about yourself5. Get focused6. Promote a product or service7. Connect and meet your global “Tribe”8. Increase credibility of your business9. Protect the reputation of your “Brand”
  21. 21. Why you Should Create Online Reputation and Build Influence• Jobs 
  22. 22. .Why you Should Create Online Reputation and Build Influence• Career
  23. 23. Why you Should Create Online Reputation and Build Influence• Focus
  24. 24. Why you Should Create Online Reputation and Build Influence• Promote
  25. 25. Why you Should Create Online Reputation and Build Influence• Connect With Your Tribe
  26. 26. Why you Should Create Online Reputation and Build Influence• Protect Your Reputation
  27. 27. challenges
  28. 28. The Challenges
  29. 29. Challenges• What do I want to be Influential About?
  30. 30. Challenges• It’s Complicated
  31. 31. Challenges• It’s Too Public!
  32. 32. how to create influence
  33. 33. Step One – Getting Started• Keys to Getting Started – Positioning and Focus – Define your Audience  – Goals – Domain name  – Easy to use Software - WordPress  – Self hosted – Select and Secure your Brand on Social Networks
  34. 34. Getting Started• Positioning and Focus 
  35. 35. Getting Started• Positioning and Focus – FedEx is about “Peace of Mind”
  36. 36. Getting Started• Define your Target Market 
  37. 37. Getting Started• Secure your Online Names:  – Domain Names & Social Network Brand
  38. 38. Step Two – Create Content• Must Haves – Learn the “Art of The Headline” – Educate, Inform, Entertain and Inspire – Make it easy to read – Communicate with multiple media – Majority of content should be “Evergreen”
  39. 39. Create Content • The “Headline”
  40. 40. Create Content • Multimedia
  41. 41. Create Content • Evergreen
  42. 42. Step Three – Market and Promote• The Essentials – Optimize for Search (SEO) – Social Networks – publish and participate – Email – Sharing Buttons – Subscription   – Free Content – to drive subscription and liking – Credibility – banners plus quantification – The Twitter Secret
  43. 43. Market and Promote• Search
  44. 44. Market and Promote• Social Networks
  45. 45. Market and Promote• Email
  46. 46. Market and Promote• Credibility – Books – Speaking – Awards
  47. 47. Market and Promote• The New Age of  “Attention Quantification”• Measures of Influence and Reputation – Re-Tweets  – Likes – Fans – Views – Subscribers
  48. 48. Market and Promote• The Twitter Secret - One Secret Weapon to Accelerate  your Influence Globally – It’s Instant – It’s Targeted – It’s Powerful  
  49. 49. Market and Promote• The Twitter Secret - One Secret Weapon to Accelerate  your Influence Globally   
  50. 50. case studies
  51. 51. Case Study - The “Passionate Expert”• Guy Kawasaki – Social & Digital Platforms for Promoting “Guy”
  52. 52. The “Passionate Expert”• Guy Kawasaki – Digital Platforms for Influence – Facebook – Website and Blog – Book Reviews – Email – Banner Ads – Photo Contest – Quizzes – Infographic – Slideshare – YouTube
  53. 53. Case Studies• Darren Rowse, Social Media Examiner, Tim Ferriss, Mari Smith
  54. 54. Case Study – CEO & Senior Executive
  55. 55. Case Study – Celebrity
  56. 56. measuring
  57. 57. Measuring Influence
  58. 58. Measuring Influence• What they measure – online buzz
  59. 59. Measuring Influence• What          Measures - Reach
  60. 60. Measuring Influence• What          Measures - Amplification
  61. 61. Measuring Influence• What          Measures - Network
  62. 62. Measuring Influence• What          Measures - Topics
  63. 63. Measuring Influence• How is Influence Measurement Being Used?
  64. 64. Measuring Influence• How is Influence Measurement Being Used?
  65. 65. takeaways
  66. 66. Nine Major Takeaways • Influence and reputation is moving online• Credibility before Visibility • Content defines you• Explain your mission in one sentence• Market relentlessly!• Displaying attention quantification is important• Twitter is a sharp tool to get global attention• Influence is now measureable
  67. 67. Be Persistent! “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not,…Genius will not, Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts…… Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent” Calvin Coolidge - US President
  68. 68. Twitter: @JeffBullas