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Introduction to criminology notes

Criminology and Crime Notes:,[object Object],A brief overview,[object Object],Criminology,[object Object]
What is Criminology?,[object Object],I.  Criminology,[object Object],A. The scientific approach to studying criminal behavior.  ,[object Object],An interdisciplinary science that seeks to explain the causes, extent, and nature of crime in society.,[object Object]
   1. Individual and societal causes of ,[object Object],   crime (sociological and psychological),[object Object],    2. Incidence and forms of crime ,[object Object],    (statistics),[object Object],    3. The definition of crime in terms of     ,[object Object],    law (legal),[object Object],    4. Reaction toward law breaking ,[object Object],    (punishment and rehabilitation) ,[object Object]
What is Criminology?,[object Object],B. Closely related to the field of ,[object Object],       criminal justice, which is the study ,[object Object],       of agencies of social control that ,[object Object],       handle criminal offenders.,[object Object]
Why is crime so riveting?,[object Object],Why do we pay so much attention to crime?,[object Object],·According to Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, feeling safe is our most important need after our basic physiological needs for air, water, and food.  ,[object Object]
Why is crime so riveting?,[object Object],·Or, in a darker view, we are filled with    repressed criminal impulses and we seek a  vicarious outlet for our aggression…,[object Object],·There are many other explanations, but whatever the case, our view of the nature and extent of crime is often distorted by news reports, TV, and movies. It is everywhere in the media, and we can’t get enough!,[object Object],,[object Object]
How is crime portrayed in the media (TV/movies/news)?,[object Object],Criminals?,[object Object],Victims?,[object Object],Criminal justice system?,[object Object]
II.  Crime,[object Object],A.  Definition: A wrong against society proclaimed by law and, if committed under certain circumstances, punishable by society.,[object Object],Remember:As society changes, what is defined as a crime changes.,[object Object],B.  Two Models of Crime,[object Object],1.  Consensus Model--People agree on     ,[object Object],       basic norms and values.  Those who break ,[object Object],       them must be sanctioned. Laws set 	boundaries for acceptable behavior within ,[object Object],        the society.,[object Object]
2. Conflict Model—There are different value systems and norms between groups. The most powerful group imposes its definition of crime on the rest, and the justice system primarily serves them and reinforces their power. ,[object Object]
C. Crime vs. Deviance,[object Object],	1.  Deviance is abnormal behavior,[object Object],	2.  Not all deviance is criminal.,[object Object]
3.  And not all crime is deviant behavior. ,[object Object]
D.  Types of Crime,[object Object],	1.  Violent Crime--crimes against persons,[object Object],	2.  Property Crime,[object Object],	3.  Public Order Crime--contrary to moral ,[object Object],             values,[object Object],	4.  White Collar Crime--Business related,[object Object],	5.  Organized Crime--illegal acts by illegal ,[object Object],             organizations,[object Object],	6.  High Tech Crime,[object Object],What types of crimes are these?,[object Object],Embezzlement,[object Object],Grand Theft Auto,[object Object],Murder,[object Object],Prostitution,[object Object],Credit Card Fraud,[object Object],Assault,[object Object],Vandalism,[object Object],Bank Robbery,[object Object],Bribery,[object Object],Illegal Gambling Operations (Bookmaking),[object Object],Arson,[object Object],Public Drunkenness,[object Object]
III.  The Criminal Justice System,[object Object],	A.  Purposes,[object Object],	     1.  Control Crime,[object Object],	     2.  Prevent Crime,[object Object],	     3.  To provide and maintain justice,[object Object],	B. Organization,[object Object],	     1. Local law enforcement,[object Object], 	     2. State and federal law enforcement,[object Object],  	     3. Courts,[object Object],  	     4. Corrections,[object Object],C.  Ideologies: Crime Control (Punish)  ,[object Object],              vs. Due Process (Protect),[object Object],		1.  Informal justice system,[object Object]


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