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Priority schedueling

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Priority schedueling

  1. 1. Revised Schedule To improve student learningSt acy B ro ck ie -C ur ricu lum C oach Bre t H a rte
  2. 2. TagexedoCOACH
  3. 3. Goals to improveorganization/CoI planningMonday: Teachers will be given all paperwork/info that is needed for Wednesday meeting(Friday if Mon is a holiday)Wednesday: We need to have members of thegroup take turns typing minutes of the meeting(1 per grade level) google doc to be createdFriday: All scanning must be complete by end ofthe day for Wed meeting (Thursday if Mon is aholiday)
  4. 4. Goals to improve timemanagement/organization“Am I making the most of the minutes in myday?” John C. MaxwellPrioritize your to do list: importance x urgency“Put first things first” Steven Covey
  5. 5. Early Mornings7:30-8:00 Available to Teachers/ in office orclassrooms8:00-8:20 Escort students to class, assist withstudents that are reluctant to go to class, etc8:20-9:40 In classrooms:focus UA and fluencydemonstration lessons, observations, co-teaching/ Curriculum duties, data review, meetwith Principal to review Curriculum andCommon Core Standards/Testing
  6. 6. Late Mornings9:40-10:00 Duty/Supervision10:00-12:00 In classrooms:focus Math, writingdemonstration lessons, observations, co-teaching/Testing (11-12:20 Lunch supervision fora while at the beginning of the school year)12:20-1:00 Lunch
  7. 7. Afternoon1:00-2:00 In classrooms:focus ELD, writingdemonstration lessons, observations, co-teaching/Testing/ Meeting with principal toreview Curriculum and Common Core Standards2:00-4:00 Meet with teachers, Curriculumduties, data review, meet with Principal/PBISmeetings
  8. 8. Resources Judging How to Spend Time as a Leaderjohnmaxwell.comThe Principal as Instructional Leader By JudyJenkins and R. Scott PfeiferBuilding Instructional Leadership