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Education 3.0and thePedagogy of Mobile Learning
Education should be learning by doing.Ray Kurzweil: Humans Learn By Doing
Learning should be engaging, authentic, relevant.Authentic Learning for the 21st Century
Learning should produce a state of flow.Flow – A Measure of Student Engagement
Learning should tapinto and engage thelearners intellect,emotions, socialconnections, andthe body (wheneverpossible).15 Wa...
Learning should include critical, reflective thinking.Where is reflection in the learning process?
Learning should change behavior and thinking.Everything you know about curriculum may be wrong. Really. Grant Photo of Epic Learning Photo of Epic Learning
Guiding Principles
Rationale:Ownership and use patterns shoulddrive the types of mobile learningactivities, so transfer outside of thelearnin...
Teens and Technology 2013
Teens and Technology 2013
Based on Pew Research (and otherresearch), there is a prevalence of mobiledevice ownership but not smartphoneownership. BY... "SevenShades of Mobile"study, conducted byInsightsNow for ...
2011 Horizon Report
ECAR Student study, 2011 keyfindings• Students recognize major academic benefits oftechnology.• Students report uneven per...
ECAR 2011 Recommendations
Based on the technology thatstudents value, what types ofinstructional activities might "easily"fit into your own learning...
Mobile Education Landscape ReportMobile connectivity providesan opportunity to offer newways of teaching and learningthat ...
ECAR 2011 Recommendations
Education 3.0learners play a key role as creators ofknowledge artifacts that are shared, andwhere social networking and so...
Education 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0?
A Pedagogical Framework for Mobile Learning: Categorizing Educational Applications ofMobile Technologies into Four Typesht...
InstructivismInstructor explains why and howthey learn about the topic.
General Assessment Question:Would learners choose to engagewith the app on their own time?
ConstructivismLearners communicate with each other, andshare their understandings, feelings,knowledge, and experience, to ... Are The Seven Laws of Adult...
Active Learning
Previous Experience
Individual Differences
Practice andFeedback
1. Adults need to know why they need to know something before they arewilling to invest time and energy in learning.—- m-l...
Project-Based Learning as Education 2.0 and Andragogy
A new system (of education) in which learningis best conceived of as a flow, where learningresources are not scarce but wi...
Instead of worrying about how to distributescarce educational resources, the challengewe need to start grappling with is h... autonomous andself-regula... supports the tenets o...
ConnectivismLearners encourage each other to be involved innetworks, internet use, and make use of theirsensemaking (metac...
What do you want to learn and how canyou use your mobile devices to do so?
How would you document your learning?
How would you document your learning?Blogging
How would you document your learning?Photo Essays
How would you document your learning?Video Essays
What is the big, overriding legacy you want toleave with your learners?
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