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EmpowHER Media Kit Media Kit. 5th largest women's health and wellness online content and community. Contact

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EmpowHER Media Kit

  1. 1. Media Kit Answers. Advocacy. Community.
  2. 2. EmpowHER is a leader in women’s health and wellness on the Web. Our Mission To improve women’s health and change their lives. For HER EmpowHER gives women the health and wellness help and answers they want. Millions of women come to every year seeking health and wellness information, a community of women just like themselves, and tools for advocating for the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones. For Health & Wellness Marketers EmpowHER is your online marketing and communications partner for reaching the women who need your services, treatments and products. They’re looking for you. They need what you’re offering. We’d like to introduce you to them. OverviewTop5 Top 25 Top7%Women’s Health Of All Women’s Of All Health Sites& Wellness Site Lifestyle Sites Source: Experian HitwiseSource: Experian Hitwise Source: Experian Hitwise (all categories) 2
  3. 3. By a woman. For women. I got sick After a complete hysterectomy, my health tanked. The sicker I became, the more depressed I got. I was so depressed and hopeless I didn’t want to live anymore. I sought help Through a recommendation of a friend, I finally got the help I needed. The fix was simple, but was so hard to find. I thought “with my access to health resources this was harder than it should have been. If this happened to me, what is happening to women all over the world?” I got well, and then... I got mad At that moment, I decided I would dedicate my life to making sure no other woman would suffer as I had. That is how EmpowHER was born. It is the resource I wish I had when I was sick, and I feel blessed that it has already helped millions of women all over the world learn to advocate for their own health, and to support each other. Founder Inspiration for EmpowHEREmpowHER Connects with Women’s NeedsFor Information To Connect with Each OtherIn 2001, the Institute of Medicine validated the need The California HealthCare Foundation reportedfor studying the gender differences in all areas of that when patients managing the same chronicbiomedical and health-related research. EmpowHER condition share observations with each other, theirsupports women’s health research and advocacy, collective wisdom can yield clinical insights welland strives to provide the best resources and tools beyond the understanding of any single patient orfor women to take charge of their own health and physician. EmpowHER offers women a safe and caringwell-being. community where they can connect and share with each other. 3
  4. 4. Meet HER. The Chief Health &Wellness Officer for The Family Source: QuantcastEmpowHER’s Audience is:Web savvy9 out of 10 Women Seek Information via the WebNational Marketing Institute, 2009Social media savvy75% of Women Actively Use Facebook, Twitter andBlogs to Stay ConnectedBlogHer, 2009Community-oriented8 out of 10 EmpowHER Members Trust Health andWellness Advice Shared by Other Women on EmpowHEREmpowHER Member Survey, 2010Hyper-qualified30% of Women Have “Big 6” Health Conditions; While51% are “Active & Fitness Oriented”World Health Organization, 2009InfluentialMore than 80% of Healthcare Purchasing Decisionsare Made by WomenDaria Blackwell, Knowledge Clinic Inc., 2008 Women’s Health Conference Consumer Profile 2011 *projected 20M*Unique Visitors She Comes to EmpowHER for: 100% growth from • The largest women’s health and wellness content previous year library on the Web 2010 • The largest peer-to-peer community of women 10M talking about their health and wellness 233% growth from • Advocacy advice, tips and tools for HER, and HER2009 previous year loved ones 3M 4
  5. 5. EmpowHER improves health.Changes lives. Saves lives. “Plain and simple... EmpowHER saved my life.” Gina was suffering from irregular periods, heavy bleeding, and severe depression. Her treatments did not help her and she came very close to taking her own life. Then she heard about EmpowHER. She went to the site and shared her story, and within 24 hours she was on a brighter path. Now she has a doctor who is really addressing her issues and she feels like a new person. Gina Member, EmpowHER “Reading an article on EmpowHER saved my loved one’s life.” MonaLou’s partner was having odd sensations in his abdomen. Initially, neither seemed concerned. However, after reading an article on EmpowHER about the symptoms of aortic aneurysm, MonaLou realized that these symptoms matched her partner’s. They immediately made an appointment to see his doctor who scheduled emergency surgery. The size of his aortic aneurysm was at the top of the danger scale. Had it burst; he would have died. Post surgery, he is a perfect picture of health. MonaLou Member, EmpowHER “Thank you for such a life-changing experience.” Christina had a complete hysterectomy in her 30’s, creating a confusing path of changes to her body. Her doctor could not give her the answers she needed, so she turned to Internet research. She found the answers she needed on EmpowHER. According to Christina, “EmpowHER has been a tool for me that has been the missing resource I have been looking for all this time.” Christina Member, EmpowHER In HER Own Words Content Community Social Engagement Featuring over 60,000 pieces of Over 50 groups have been created RESULTS Hundreds of thousands of health original video, text and user- by EmpowHER members on topics questions, stories and comments generated content, ranging from diet, to arthritis, to are posted daily making EmpowHER has one of the largest women’s parenting. one of the most active women’s health and wellness libraries on the social networks on the Web. Web. 5
  6. 6. We can help you help others. “Our EmpowHER campaigns have provided us with a solid 4:1 return on investment. EmpowHER stands out among its peers. They have provided us rich content that is targeted to well-informed and highly-interested health care consumers.” Greg Harrison , Administrative Director, Marketing & Business Development, Saint John’s Health Center “EmpowHER has been an excellent addition to our integrated marketing campaigns at Banner Health. We are impressed. EmpowHER has over-delivered on unique visitors to our content and profiles, and the company’s staff offers great ideas, helpful resources, and measurement to prove the value in our investment. We look forward to expanding our relationship.” Stacy Mowery, Director of Brand Strategy, Banner Health “EmpowHER delivers. They exceeded our campaign’s monthly unique visitor goal by 2 times; drove nearly 2,500 qualified visitors directly to our site, and delivered more than 26,000 page views to our sponsored content. We wanted to reach women in their 30s - 50s actively looking for health and wellness resources. EmpowHER was an ideal online partner.” Shelley Ducker, Associate Director , Communications, Qiagen In THEIR Own Words EmpowHER Gets Results Clients Come to EmpowHER for: Looking for a 2:1 to 4:1 ROI? Smart marketers that • Compelling educational content work with EmpowHER win share of mind and wallet • Top search rankings with nearly 1.5 million women who are making health and wellness buying decisions every month. • Broad content publishing and distribution • Highly-qualified impressions, traffic and audience • Brand-safe social media engagement • Targeted prospecting and lead development resources • ROI measurement and reporting 6
  7. 7. We introduce health andwellness marketers andagency professionalsto highly-qualified andengaged consumers.$2.2 BillionHealth and wellness advertiserswill spend $2.2 billion in onlinemarketing in 2011; growing at10% per year.eMarketer, 2010157 MillionThe overall number of eHealthConsumers, those online for anyhealth and medical information,has grown significantly over thepast four years. This market nowstands at 157.5 million consumers,or 1.6 times the number of eHealthConsumers in 2005.Manhattan Research Resource, 2009 Market Profile Partners & Clients We Serve Health Care Marketers Agency Professionals • Health Care Providers/Hospitals • Digital • Pharmaceutical/OTC • Marketing Communications & PR • Medical Device • Advertisers • Consumer Packaged Goods • Media Buyers • Health Insurer/Payer 7
  8. 8. Content & marketing opportunities that work for you. Content Development - Content is king. And, we’re great at king making. Video, text and user-generated content is created by a world-class team of Internet and television producers and expert health and wellness editors. Optimization & Marketing - Be seen. And found. Content is transcribed and search optimized for maximum performance on the big engines, then is published and syndicated to millions of consumers. Advertising & Traffic - Eyeballs don’t matter. Customers do. Content is promoted to highly-qualified-and-engaged consumers looking for what you have to offer. Qualified audience performs better than ad impressions. Social Media - Brand-safe social interaction works. We’ve figured it out. Your brand is safer in our hands on the social Web than anywhere else. We understand the unique challenges with regulatory bodies and laws that affect your brand, and we know how to help you acquire social assets, engage them appropriately, and protect your brand in the process. Measurement & ROI Reporting - If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed. Detailed statistics, robust analytics, intuitive narrative and easy-to-follow charts and graphs give you clarity and insight to prove, measure and improve ROI. ServicesTargeted Marketing Gets ResultsEmpowHER users want smart content that teaches trust, and empowerment to make the best choicesthem something and is easy to find online. They seek for themselves and their loved ones.validation about their experiences from peers they 8
  9. 9. Sponsorship programs you can’t get anywhere else. Content Sponsorships Over 650 health conditions and wellness topics for women – the largest range on the Web – offers your brand the best fit online. Resource Center Sponsorships “Hot Topics” Resource Centers Packaged editorial destinations that combine timely news and relevant third-party or EmpowHER-developed content for brands who do not have original content. Custom Resource Centers Custom editorial destinations that integrate original content into brand-specific messaging, direct marketing or market research campaigns. Campaign & Program Sponsorships 1000Women Campaign Viral and cause marketing converge here to create one of the largest online grassroots campaigns for women’s health and wellness offering powerful direct-to-consumer opportunities for brands looking to create a cause-oriented relationship with the women they serve. The Women’s Conference® Unique opportunity at the preeminent forum for women in North America. Direct-to-consumer promotion, product placement, billions of media impressions, brand integration and tv-quality commercials integrated into custom-produced educational programming on the hottest topics in women’s health. The WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury Affiliate with a leading sports franchise without breaking the bank. Brands that serve female athletes and active, fitness-minded women of all ages shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Sponsorships are customized to meet your specific needs and include content, experiential marketing and highly-effective Web promotion. OfferingsHow Our Sponsorship Programs Work For YouEmpowHER has developed unique sponsorship you to reach them through partnerships exclusive toprograms that target women looking for the products, EmpowHER that cannot be found elsewhere.treatments and services you provide. And, we allow 9