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Future of OOH Media

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Future of OOH Media

  1. 1. F U TU RE OF OOH MEDIA Reaching the moving world By Jagruti K Saxena MICA, PGPCMX 2009-2010 ( Future of OOH 1
  2. 2. A Snapshot: With the advancement of media, technology, immense changes in lifestyle, the future of OOH (Out Of Home) is brighter than ever. The life of a regular SEC A consumer comprises of him getting up, reading the newspaper while having breakfast, rushing off to work, being at work most of the day, getting back to his family, and then going to bed. He spends an average of 16 waking hours out of his home. A study conducted by the IMRB, as compared to 2003 the amount of time that television was viewed went down by about 30 minutes in 2007. Print saw a drop of 10 minutes in the same pe- riod. All these factors add up in favour of the OOH Industry as the consumer spends most of his time outside and this could be well utilised. Tapping a new segment of prime time... Earlier, prime time was defined close to 8pm, when the consumer got back from work and watched television. The consumer is very busy and has a short attention span while he is on the move. So it is imperative to capture him in the interim period. This interim period could be while he's waiting for the elevator, waiting at the cash counter, at point of sale locations, or even inside toilets in malls. This is when the consumer isn't doing anything in particular and is most receptive to messages "The improved lifestyle to the consumer has given birth to the LCD".   Who’s on the target?    As an OOH media provider, one needs to recognise the audience that will consume the material, and what sort of material he will consume. In the television space the afternoon time slot is mostly watched by women, so the viewership is skewed towards women. In the OOH space, both men and women are equal receptors. OOH compliments television because it is viewed as top-up medium to television by advertisers. OOH media is more diverse and changing more rapidly than any other media channel, with a vast array of display formats, in a variety of places and situations. There are constant developments and technology advances which create new possibilities to communicate with audiences outside of the home. Future of OOH 2
  3. 3. Milestones towards successful OOH Future: Cost - OOH media will continue to be of greater importance to more brands, as a cost effective mass communicator and a gateway for new media to engage and influence consumers Greater Understanding - Needs greater understanding to be used effectively with the best return on investment. OOH media stands alone without editorial involvement, as pure advertising, so dedicated solutions are needed to identify audiences and influence them with advertising messages Look for Opportunities - This dynamic situation challenges brands, agencies and media operators, and creates a need and desire for the industry to learn and share information and to harness the opportunities which present themselves Innovation - New ideas and business models emerge to drive economic revitalization. Digital out-of-home media stands to be a steward of such growth The current economic times are forcing media companies to reexamine their spending practices. Ultimately, as media buyers and planners delve deeper into what’s working and that which is not, they can no longer ignore the true benefits and measurability of digital out-of-home media. OOH Future is bright with: Advances in various technologies New and exciting ways to use OOH Media Increased effectiveness, greater impact and higher engagement with audiences Demonstrate successful, real world campaigns Clutter in advertising, the need to be present at every touch-point, the relevance of OOH in local advertising and rural advertising have suddenly brought OOH to the attention of all brand market- ers. Innovativeness, flexibility, impact and coverage that OOH can achieve are the feathers in cap of OOH media over other non-traditional medium. Before OOH becomes a well recognized industry challenges such as lack of syndicated study or ROI models in OOH, other non-traditional media competing for attention of planners, government regulations in India need to be properly addressed. Future of OOH 3
  4. 4. Opportunities: Looking at particular types of OOH media in various markets, and how each are measured Positioning OOH Media in the sense of Ad Revenue More cost effective ways of measuring OOH media Using OOH audience research data to assist in planning campaigns Latest case studies (such as digital screen networks) OOH as estimated by PWC is expected to become Rs 2,000 cr industry by 2010. Though the part of media-spend in OOH is only 6% for now the industry has shown promising growth. The indus- try structure as for now is fragmented and less organized. All in all, it’s a ripe time for bringing in innovation in this media sector. As the new media emerges as the leader in advertising and promotions, OOH media can complement the communication strategy by showcasing innovative and creative outdoor advertising - reaching out to the world on the move! Future of OOH 4