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CLIL training Spain

  1. 1. CLIL Training for Primary Teachers in Andalucía, Spain<br />Seminario: CLIL e la scuola primaria <br />José Luis Estefani<br />Universidad de Sevilla<br />
  2. 2. The situation in Spain<br />Autonomous regions with independent Education Authority<br />Must comply with regulations from Central Government<br />Decide on 30% of National Curriculum<br />Decide on National Guidelines: e.g. CLIL<br />Central Government promotes Bilingual Sections in State schools<br />Agreement: British Council – Ministry of Education<br />Basque Country - The INEBI and BHINEBI CLIL Scheme <br />Cataluña – The Orator Project – Nottingham University <br />Madrid – The CAM Bilingual Project - UK<br />Andalucía<br />
  3. 3. CLIL IN ANDALUCÍA<br />CLIL SCHEME<br />Ambitious scheme: 400 CLIL schools from 2004 to 2008 <br />(500 in 2009, 1200 expected by 2012)<br />Main features:<br /><ul><li> Optional for schools – must submit a project and commit themselves to develop it.
  4. 4. State subject content in the FL and groups of students (Y1 – Y6).
  5. 5. Guarantee staff involvement (B1 – B2).
  6. 6. Students must have at least one period in FL daily.
  7. 7. CLIL Diploma
  8. 8. Annual report comparing results.
  9. 9. Subject to inspections.</li></li></ul><li>CLIL IN ANDALUCÍA<br />CLIL SCHEME<br />Education Authorities support:<br /><ul><li> ICT equipment
  10. 10. Language assisstants
  11. 11. Extra budget
  12. 12. CLIL teaching materials
  13. 13. INSET Training</li></li></ul><li>CLIL IN ANDALUCÍA<br />INSET TRAINING<br />LANGUAGE<br />NEW LANGUAGE SCHOOLS: <br /><ul><li> City area
  14. 14. Evening CLIL-adapted lessons
  15. 15. Teachers freely admitted
  16. 16. Following CEFR Grades (B1 – B2)</li></ul>SECONDARY SCHOOLS: <br /><ul><li> Rural area
  17. 17. Qualified FL Teachers
  18. 18. Evening lessons</li></li></ul><li>CLIL IN ANDALUCÍA<br />INSET TRAINING<br />REGIONAL<br />CLIL ONLINE <br /><ul><li> Newsletter
  19. 19. Guidelines
  20. 20. School organisation
  21. 21. Good practice
  22. 22. CLIL materials exchange</li></ul>REGIONAL CONFERENCE:<br /><ul><li> Once a year
  23. 23. Organised by Education Authority
  24. 24. For Project Coordinators and Headteachers
  25. 25. Themes: Update CLIL trends, learn about CLIL abroad, deal with school organisation problems…</li></li></ul><li>CLIL IN ANDALUCÍA<br />INSET TRAINING<br />LOCAL<br />LOCAL INSET:<br /><ul><li> Conference – Nine Universities – every year
  26. 26. Seminar on Languages Integrated Curriculum – 8 LEAs
  27. 27. CLIL Show – LEA in Seville – swap CLIL materials
  28. 28. Workshops – Comenius Centre
  29. 29. Language improvement courses – Comenius Centre
  30. 30. CLIL methodology courses – Comenius Centre
  31. 31. ICT under a CLIL approach courses – Comenius Centre</li></li></ul><li>European CLIL in Development<br />A Primary Phase Consortium<br /><br />International Project on Primary CLIL<br /> The project aims to :<br />Develop understanding of CLIL approaches at primary level.<br />Build on the European Profile of a Foreign Language Teacher by defining a Profile of a CLIL primary teacher.<br />Create an online portfolio for student or practising teachers to manage their progress in develop CLIL approaches.<br />Produce and deliver a range of primary CLIL teacher training packages for those involved in initial and continuing teacher education.<br />Exploit opportunities for dissemination of findings to local, national and international colleagues .<br />