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Diptico remote patient monitoring (rpm)

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Diptico remote patient monitoring (rpm)

  1. 1. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Avda. Fuente Nueva, 12. 28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes - Madrid - Spain Tel.: +34 916588760. Fax: +34 916588769 E-mail: HOW IT WORKS • Earlydiagnosisofabnormalitiesanddecompensations. • Fewernumberofre-admissions. • Longerlifeexpectancyforchronicpatients. • Higherqualityoflifeforthepatient. • Lowercarecosts. • Easy and intuitive management, for both the patient and healthcare professionals. Bene ts • BigData • Algorithms • SmartSearch • ECGanalysis • MachineLearning • NeuralNetworks Multi-channel Data entry Arti cial Intelligence Analysis and Reports using (AI)  Collaborative and Communication Tools (EMR) Electronic Medical Record Predictive Preventive Personalised Participatory
  2. 2. 60% 85%80% Of the consultations in Primary Care correspond to these conditions. Of hospital admissions are from these chronic conditions. Of the patients admitted in Internal Medicine are chronic. of being admitted to the hospital for each of the conditions they have. A chronically ill person has a higher chance58% CURRENT SITUATION and economically.” sustainably, socially “Improving chronic patient care Source: -Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) - "Strategy for the Approach of Chronicity in the National Healthcare System". Ministry of Health, Social Services andEquality,2012. Increased life expectancy and improvements in healthcare have allowed pathologies as prevalent as diabetes, heart failure, HIV infection or cancer to becomechronicconditions. REMOTE PATIENT MONITORING (RPM) SOLUTION Generation of a sustainable environment, through the complete control and management of the patient using remotemonitoring. • Integration of multiple scenarios/ clinical environ- ments, adapting to the healthcare needs of the patients. • Possibility to integrate and intercommunicate differentdevices. • Allows for the sharing and collecting of the patient's information with doctors and healthcare profession- als. Multichannel Approach Direct connection to medical devices Kiosks ChatTHE CHALLENGE Professional standard platform, which providesIntelligent monitoring and patient-centered tracking services, in a unique environment for different types and groups of patients with remote coverage ideal for Telemedicine. The solution enables the integration and interoperability with existing information systems and new digital technolo- giesthataddvaluetotheeHealthecosystem,suchaschat,videoconferencingandinformationanalysissystemssuchas BigData,MachineLearning,andArti cialIntelligence. Patients Portal Professionals Portal 2007 2011 2015 2019 38,9% 40,0% Those over 50 years old with two or more chronic illnesses in Spain. • Contributetothesustainabilityofthehealthcaresystem. • Improveaccesstoinformationforpatientsandprofessionals. • Allowpatientstohaveaccesstotheparticipationandself-managementoftheirhealth. Purpose