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(1/15) Personal Branding - Set Up


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(1/15) Personal Branding - Set Up

  1. 1. Personal Branding 2018 / @JoanTubau
  2. 2. Career 01. Set Up
  3. 3. Q #1: What is personal branding? (How good is my reputation?)
  4. 4. Q #2: Why am I studying what I am studying? (What's my message to the world?)
  5. 5. Q #3: Am I ready for the market? (Have I defined my positioning?)
  6. 6. Q #4: Where to compete? (Where can I outwork you?)
  7. 7. Q #5: How to design my career / brand? (Where / how to develop my strengths?)
  8. 8. Specialization. Opportunity cost... sunk cost too Overnight success' myth. Long-term goals' split
  9. 9. Tell me how the purchase of a 70.000EUR-car on credit will increase your freedom. I want to know
  10. 10. Honest, stunning positioning. Protect and conquer 'Everything that can be invented has been invented'
  11. 11. Let's play this little game: Say the first word that comes to your mind
  12. 12. Def. Marketing: Identifying / anticipating and satisfying customer needs in a profitable way
  13. 13. Def. Brand: Mental associations, held by the customer, which add to the perceived value of a product / service
  14. 14. Expect. shape experiences. $$ wine tastes better, really Coca-Cola. Brand loyalty overrode original preference
  15. 15. These associations should be unique (exclusivity), strong (awareness, trust) and positive (desirability)
  16. 16. Economics of attention. Price value, not cost Experience goods... reputation. Peters' classic
  17. 17. Fast Company: The Brand Called You (Tom Peters) Everyone has a chance to stand out. Really? Ok. What is that my product or service does that makes it different? What have you done lately to make yourself standout? What would your colleagues say is your clearest strength? Your most noteworthy personal trait? Forget your job title. Ask yourself: What do I do that adds distinctive value? What do I do that I am most proud of? What have I accomplished that I can unabashedly brag about? What do I want to be famous for? Imagine yourself a brand manager at P&G: When you look at your brand's assets, what can you add to boost your felt presence? Would you be better off with a simple line extension? Or would you be better off with a whole new product line? Is it time to move overseas—tackling something new and completely different? Start by writing your own mission statement. What turns you on? Learning something new? What's your personal definition of success? Money? Power? Fame?
  18. 18. A career is a portfolio of projects. What's your pitch? Ok, but no need to make it public, only for direction
  19. 19. Good PB 1. Reliability, deliver professional work. + Visibility 2. Be remarkable, not likeable (What was your name?) 3. My unique skill set—market it to the right customer 4. Co-branding, power is perception. You belong there 5. Track record: Writing, teaching, public speaking, etc. 6. Big-fish-little-pond. Experimentation, trial-and-error 7. Audience-tailored message. All details matter 8. Design. Good packaging sells much, much more 9. Unconditional love, dogs as the ultimate salesmen
  20. 20. Bad PB 1. Execution w/o strategic thinking / career connection 2. Focus too much on presentation, not content. Work! 3. Overpromote. Millennials, it's not always about you 4. Networking events. It won't happen there 5. 3-page resume, listing hobbies. Hey, you are only 21 6. Do I need a resume-website? (No) But what if... (No) 7. Excessive blogging. It's ok to delete ¾ of the post 8. Non-corporate business card. Instead: @Twitter 9. Digital footprint—little upside, unlimited downside
  21. 21. Non-traditional advice: 0 promotion until reaching 35 Do great work, make friends, ask feedback, start again
  22. 22. Yet you have contracted 30 hours here. ROI guaranteed The basics: Do you know how to write a formal email?
  23. 23. Syllabus
  24. 24. Career: 1. Reflection. 2. Design. 3. Implementation Marketing: Audience & Positioning. + Reinvention
  25. 25. (Theory / Reading discussion) (Mock interview, etc.) Extra: Alumni talk on building a meaningful career
  26. 26. W1. Career 01. Set Up. Why are we studying personal branding? BRIEFING W2. Career 02. Millennials. Trophy Kids in the workforce. W3. Career 03. Professional Skills. Where to build my brand—adjusted to my strengths. W4. Marketing 01. Positioning. Differentiation. Do your research. W5. Marketing 02. Branding. Brands today. Brands tomorrow. W6. Marketing 03. Promotion. Storytellers rule the world. W7. Marketing 04. Psychology of Choice. Tips from salespeople / behavioral economists. W8. Marketing 05. Social Media. Pick your platforms, and be consistent offline. W9. Career 04. Getting Your First Job. How to get there. How to stand out from the pack. W10. Career 05. Professional Work. Small details. W11. Career 06. Sales + Negotiation. How [not] to win arguments. W12. Marketing 06. Communication. Writing. Public speaking. Everything else. W13. Career 07. Networking. Map your relationships. W14. Career 08. Entrepreneurship. It can be taught. W15. Career 09. Next Steps. Do great work, make friends, ask for feedback, start again.
  27. 27. W1. Course logistics. Introduction to positioning. The college experience. TOPICS W2. Managing expectations. 10.000-hour rule. Developing your passion. W3. Winner-takes-all market. Strengths, not weaknesses. Decision models. Resiliency. W4. Who is the best customer for your product? What's your first message for him / her? W5. Non-weird theories. Reputation crisis & PR. Enduring brands. Permission marketing. W6. Storytelling. Advertising greats. Content. The creative process. Rules of virality. W7. How humans make decisions. Cognitive biases. Marketing implications. Ethics. W8. Gaining exposure. Google yourself. Visibility + Relevance. What about LinkedIn? W9. The rules of the game. Personal branding tool-kit. The interview process. Adjust. W10. Effective presence. Power is perception. Behavioral management. + Productivity. W11. Behavioral, again. Leadership profiles. The science of persuasion. Do you trust me? W12. Authentic, impactful presentations. Sense of humor. Tailoring the first impression. W13. The structure of networks. Emotional intelligence. Cold-calling. Pitch with style. W14. They don't have to like you. The downside. The digital economy. Real-world skills. W15. Simplicity for a noisy marketplace. Metrics. Purpose / happiness. Infinite games.
  28. 28. W1. Readings W1. HOMEWORK W2. Readings W2. Career Questionnaire. Part 1. W3. Readings W3. Career Questionnaire. Part 2. W4. Readings W4. Career Questionnaire. Part 3. W5. Readings W5. Self-Marketing Plan, Part 1. W6. Readings W6. Self-Marketing Plan, Part 2. W7. Readings W7. Self-Marketing Plan, Part 3. W8. Readings W8. X Project, Part 1. W9. Readings W9. Website, YouTube, Social Media. W10. Readings W10. Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn. W11. Readings W11. Interview, Pitch. W12. Readings W12. Negotiation. W13. Readings W13. Self-Marketing Plan, Part 4. W14. Readings W14. Self-Marketing Plan, Part 5. W15. Readings W15. Self-Marketing Plan, Part 6.
  29. 29. W1. X00. Syllabus. X01. The Brand Called You. (First read.) READINGS W2. X02. Trophy Kids. X03. Brooks. X04. Lucy. X05. Greatness. X06. 12 Peak Performers. W3. X07. Career Rocket Fuel. X08. The Pmarca Guide. X09. Competition is for Losers. W4. X10. The Positioning Era Cometh. X11. In Praise of the Purple Cow. W5. X01. The Brand Called You. (Second read.) X12. Vaynerchuk. X13. Perennial Seller. W6. X14. Ogilvy. X15. Bernbach. X16. Ads Don't Work That Way. X17. Watterson. W7. X18. Two Brains. X19. Choice Architecture. X20. Nudge. X21. Phishing for Phools. W8. X22. Digital Strategy. X23. You Are What You Tweet. X24. You Are What You Measure. W9. X25. Career Planning Handbook. W10. X26. Jobs. X27. How Hardwired Is Human Behavior? X28. Freakonomics. W11. X29. The Art of the Deal. X30. Haidt. X31. How to Price Anything. X32. Malhotra. W12. X33. How to Write with Style. X34. How to Give a Killer Presentation. W13. X35. Learn to Love Networking. X36. Please, No More Advice. X37. Ferrazzi. W14. X38. The Psychological Price. X39. Before the Startup. X40. The Long Tail. W15. X41. Frankl. X42. Running Novelist. X43. Kahneman. X44. Gilbert. X45. My Own Life.
  30. 30. Where / what would you study if you had to sign a ... ... non-disclosure clause—but retained the knowledge?