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The Human Element

The Human Element is the vital connective tissue that makes customer engagement possible. Understanding why and how this can potentially impact marketing, sales and service endeavors within an organization is critical to an organization’s success.

This element is part of a series of five and is an extension of the previous presentation - The Five Powerful Elements of Customer Engagement. For more customer engagement information, connect with me on twitter: @johnemerritt to keep up with the latest information and new presentations coming.

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The Human Element

  1. The Human Element The first of 5 Powerful Customer Engagement Elements Profile: Slideshare: rritt
  2. • A short while back, I published the presentation five powerful elements of customer engagement. I asked if there was an interest in an extended version of the slideshow and there was an overwhelming response. What will follow is the first in a series of Five. This is the Human Element. Each of these decks are a collection of ideas and insights about each element of customer engagement.• I hope you find this series useful, inspiring and thought provoking.
  3. • Just Keep in Mind That…• Customer Engagement is not Rocket Science• While we may think go customer engagement as a very complex and highly advanced part of society, it’s really as simple as everything else we do in our daily lives.• As you go through this presentation, the one thing that I’d ask you to keep at the forefront of your mind is that simplicity drives successful customer engagements not complexity.
  4. • So Where Does Customer Engagement Begin? Good Question.
  5. • 1 – People are Real.• 2 – People rely on Trust.• 3 – People Talk.• 4 – People have a Life.• 5 – People don’t’ Forget.
  6. • The Vital Connective tissue across each element are the people whom are to be engaged.
  7. • The Key to Customer Engagement is People
  8. • Which Leads us to the First Element in Customer Engagement
  9. • The Human Element
  10. • We Are Human.• People are Real. They don’t want to be a number but they want a relationship that works best for them.
  11. • So we start dabbling in channels with no guarantee of a solid commitment, but it might get their attention.
  12. • And while numbers may paint a picture if how many connections made, What value do they really offer?
  13. • Perhaps value in the number is an indication of influence.• The Halo Effect• Through the “halo effect” idea, first impression can influence subsequent judgments of perceived credibility.
  14. • Does this mean that a person would build an instant relationship or immediately buy stuff? Not exactly.
  15. • So what can we do as marketers to make this happen?
  16. • Well, out job is not getting people from A to B to C, it’s creating value.
  17. • So the value marketers can create is by encouraging people to engage
  18. • Giving them something to believe in through first hand experiences.
  19. • …people will never forget how you made them feel.
  20. • Focusing on that is better than any possible chance at gambling on each potential relationship
  21. • So Always Remember That• Customers = People
  22. • People = Human• Vital to Customer Engagement
  23. • Without people, there can be no customer engagement.