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How To Avoid Facebook Jail And Tagging Jail - FB Jail

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How To Avoid Facebook Jail And Tagging Jail - FB Jail

  1. 1. How To Avoid Facebook Jail And Tagging Jail - FB Jail
  2. 2. Hi what's up, I'm Ricky Mercado and in this video I'm talking about how to avoid Facebook jail and tagging jail because it seems to discourage a lot of people who just want to network with other individuals. So I decided to make a video and show you my process on how to avoid Facebook jail and tagging jail.
  3. 3. Posting a bunch of sales pitches may not get you put in jail (when URL is masked) but your friends will not interact as much with you and that is just as bad. Facebook jail and tagging jail is something very easy to put yourself in and it is also very easy to avoid. All you have to do is make sure you are adding people whom you relate to or people you think you may have something in common with. Also, I preferably like adding people who also have 1,000 friends or more and whom I can relate to. Next, to minimize your danger of avoiding Facebook jail you would need to click on the friend request icon on your top right. Let your friends find you instead of constantly ramming sales posts down
  4. 4. their throat. What you should do!
  5. 5. After an individual has clicked on the friend request button there's a link in which says 'Find Friends.' Make sure you click on find friends so you can see how everyone can stay away from Facebook jail. After clicking the 'Find Friends' button there should be another link that may say 'View Sent Requests.' Make sure you click on 'View Sent Requests' to elude Facebook jail. Then after clicking on 'View Sent Requests' the people or individuals whom you have added should be located on that page. Be positive to have at least ten Facebook friends to evade Facebook jail. Adding twenty, thirty, forty or more Facebook friends within fifteen minutes or less Facebook may send you to Facebook jail.
  6. 6. It may very well be from seven to thirty days with no concession to add others in ones Facebook account.
  7. 7. People on Facebook love to tag people so others can notice them. Not just the person they have tagged but the tagged persons Facebook friends as well. That is another way for other individuals who not your Facebook friend to add you on Facebook so you can stay clear of Facebook jail or adding jail. So, once you have tagged people you will want to wait about 3-5 days after you post goes live to untag the people you have tagged so the tagged persons friends can notice you and add you as a Facebook friend. Once you have untagged your Facebook friends you can start another tagging spree or tagging campaign.
  8. 8.