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Custom Themes vs Premium Themes

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In this presentation, I talk about what you should know before choosing a custom theme or purchasing a premium WordPress theme. From working with developers, hosting concerns, support and more.

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Custom Themes vs Premium Themes

  1. 1. WordPress Themes: Custom vs Premium What you should know before choosing your next theme Presentation by Jean Perpillant | @jpdesigntheory
  2. 2. Using a Developer It’s like being a kid in a toy store
  3. 3. You don’t need to know any coding
  4. 4. Hosting| Speed | Mobile Depending on the amount of expected traffic, load speed, responsive, and Google friendly
  5. 5. You’ll Be Unique
  6. 6. Custom Support
  7. 7. Premium Themes
  8. 8. Ready to go out of the box! Most themes include a working demo .xml file to get you going relatively quick with preset layouts and pages.
  9. 9. You’re going to save a ton of money No really, like hundreds of dollars.
  10. 10. A little coding can 
 go a long way
  11. 11. Test drive before you buy Most themes include multiple home page, landing page, and sub page configurations and layout options.
  12. 12. There’s Documentation This helps you find out how to manage your options and understand what settings make your theme work.
  13. 13. Things you should know: • Have clear goals for your project development • Get a clear understanding of their support channels • Ask for references of current clients • Check out their resume • Be sure to have a mutually beneficial contract • Avoid #ScopeCreep by knowing what you really want • Test the demos on various browsers and devices • Find out how support is offered • View the ratings for the theme before you buy it • Do a check on the theme developer • Read through the all of the description • Check out when the theme was created and last updated Custom Themes Premium Themes
  14. 14. Where to find 
 Premium Themes
  15. 15. Where to find 
 WordPress Developers
  16. 16. Jean Perpillant @jpDesignTheory