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  1. Collaborative Learning Submitted To: Mrs. Megha Jasrotia Submitted By: MRS. ARZOO SADHOTRA RollNo. 36 B.Ed Sem.2nd
  2. Introduction Collaborative Learning is an educational approach to teaching and Learning that involves a group of students working together to solve a problem, complete a task, finding solutions to problems, create a product.Collaborative Learning develops higher level of thinking, oral communication, self management and leadership skills.
  3. Meaning Collaborative Learning means everyone is involved in the Learning. In collaborative Learning students work together in small groups on a structured activity. Examples • A group of students discussing a lecture. • Students from different schools/Colleges Working together over the internet on a shared assignment.
  4. Characteristics Of Collaborative Learning Method • Positive interdependence. • Individual accountability. • Face to face promotive interaction. • Appropriate use of collaborative skills. • Group processing.
  5. Strategies For Making Collaborative Learning • Establish Group Goals. • Keep group midsized. • Establish flexible group norms. • Build trust and promote open communication. • Create a pre-test and post-test. • Allow groups to reduce anxiety. • Technology makes collaborative Learning easier. • Groups with an equal number of boys and girls are best.
  6. Advantages of collaborative Learning • Development of higher level of thinking skills. • Develop oral communication skills, self management and leadership skills. • Increase in students retention, self esteem and responsibility. • Develops social interaction skills. • Problem solving ability. • Preparation for real life and employment situations.
  7. Disadvantages Of Collaborative Learning • People need to go at different Speeds. • People try to take over the group. • Quiet people don’t feel comfortable. • Group members not participate equally. • People don't cooperative well.
  8. Conclusion Collaborative Learning suggests a way of dealing with people which respect and highlights individual group member's abilities and contribution. Collaborative Learning is commonly illustrated when groups of students work together to search for understanding, meaning, or solutions or to create a product of their Learning.