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Social Platforms Playbook

Social Media Platforms 101 done for Baldwin&. This presentation was written with Hillary Pitts.

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Social Platforms Playbook

  1. 1. Social Media Basic Platform Playbook February 2015
  3. 3. Current Social Landscape 
 and Key Platform Roles
  4. 4. What is Social Media
  5. 5. What is Social Media
  6. 6. Social Media is Huge and Still Growing Source: Pixlee, Januar y 2015 0 350 700 1,050 1,400 Facebook G oogle+ Instagram Tw itter Tum blr Snapchat Pinterest Worldwide Active Social Media Users (Millions)
  7. 7. How the Key Platfor ms are Operating Family Dinner Everyone’s An Artist The New CNN The Dream Catcher A Gym Membership Cable TV Comic
 Con Networking 
 Happy Hour/
 Career Fair Etch-A-Sketch
  8. 8. What Drives Engagement?
  9. 9. Factors Affecting Perfor mance CONTENT TIMING TARGETING FUNCTIONALITY
  10. 10. Factors Affecting Perfor mance CONTENT TIMING TARGETING FUNCTIONALITY
  11. 11. Platfor m Nuances FACEBOOK TWITTER PINTEREST INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE/GOOGLE+ USAGE Typically viewed as the main focus of all social efforts; Most widely adopted platform Timely updates and joining new conversations Visual discovery platform Visual sharing platform • Video hosting (YT) • Adds a social element to Google Search (G+) CONTENT SUPPORT Plain text, links, photos, videos, tagging (locations + users/pages), events Plain text, links, hashtags, photos, videos/Vines, tagging (locations + users/pages), animated gifs Photos, videos, animated gifs, rich pins Photos, videos, hashtags, tagging (locations + users) • Video (both) • Photos, plain text, links, events, polls, animated gifs (Google+ only)
  12. 12. General Content Best Practices General Best Practices to Keep in Mind
 • Visuals tend to drive the highest engagement since they take up more real estate in the newsfeed and are more digestible • Utilizing 2-3 hashtags when posting on hashtag compatible platforms helps increases chances of being discovered and joining relevant conversations (Twitter, Instagram, Google+) • Imagery styles to avoid include borders, hard to read images, heavy copy, and heavy branding
  13. 13. Platfor m-Specific Best Practices FACEBOOK • Sharing content specific to trending topics/pages helps increase reach as Facebook will show these more often than content unrelated to a trend • ‘Like baiting’ or asking for engagements hurts your chances of appearing organically as these are seen as artificial engagements by Facebook TWITTER • The shorter the tweet, the higher the engagement rate some studies have shown INSTAGRAM • Mostly mobile, so emojis are encouraged when they fit the tone • Adding additional hashtags in the first comment in a post can help search ability without hindering engagement rates • Do not include links in post descriptions as these are not clickable. Links should be included at the profile level and updated based on objectives PINTEREST • Longer images tend to drive the highest engagement • Long, keyword-rich descriptions help aid in discovery for both pins and boards • Descriptions should not be time sensitive. Instead, they should provide ongoing value (i.e. a ‘How To’, Recipe instructions, etc.) • All pins should link to a relevant page to ensure the user has the opportunity to take the desired action based on the pin’s content YOUTUBE • Keyword-rich titles and descriptions help aid in discovery • Always include a relevant category and tag(s) • Use a high quality frame as the thumbnail to drive click throughs * These are ever evolving, so if you have a question about a platform, please ask.
  14. 14. Maximizing Assets Across Platforms
  15. 15. USING ONE PRODUCT WELL ACROSS PLATFORMS Burt’s Bees Coconut and Pear Lip Balm Instagram Facebook Twitter
  16. 16. Facebook | Using One Product Well Across Platfor ms WHY IT WORKS • Includes a visual (as opposed to sharing a plain text update) allowing it to see more real estate in the newsfeed • The copy provides value by being humorous and does not “like bait” in anyway that would cause it to be penalized by the Facebook algorithm • Takes advantage of the seasonality (winter)
  17. 17. Instagram | Using One Product Well Across Platfor ms WHY IT WORKS • A link is not included in the unclickable area (description or comments) • High volume and relevant hashtags are included • Hashtag use is limited to <3 in the image description - optimal for engagement
  18. 18. Twitter | Using One Product Well Across Platfor ms WHY THESE WORK • Tweet copy is short and to the point • High volume and relevant hashtags are included • Hashtag use is limited to <3 - optimal for engagement • A visual is included in both tweets and is sized to show an optimal preview in the newsfeed
  19. 19. SHOWCASING SIMILAR CONTENT ACROSS MULTIPLE PLATFORMS Benefit Cosmetics – ‘They’re Real’ Collection Focus Facebook Pinterest Instagram
  20. 20. Facebook | Sharing Similar Content Cross Platfor m WHY IT WORKS • Includes a strong visual as videos now autoplay in the newsfeed (without sound) • The CTA does not ‘like bait’ and the description provides value by being humorous • Takes advantage of a key life event (the 16th birthday)
  21. 21. Facebook | Sharing Similar Content Cross Platfor m WHY IT WORKS • Includes a strong visual step by step how- to • The CTA does not ‘like bait’ and the description provides helpful information
  22. 22. Pinterest | Sharing Similar Content Cross Platfor m WHY IT WORKS • The posted visual is long allowing it to have more real estate in the Pinterest feed • The description includes keywords (i.e. lashline, liner) that would be natural for users to search for on Pinterest • No time sensitive information is included in the pin or description • Hashtags #benefitcosmetics so users will see where the pin originated from even when it is repinned • Links to a relevant landing page
  23. 23. Instagram | Sharing Similar Content Cross Platfor m WHY IT WORKS • The visual does not contain a text overlay and features a high- quality image • High volume hashtags are included in the description to help aid in discovery • No links are included in the description, preventing any frustration from not being able to click through
  24. 24. Social in 2015 + Beyond
  25. 25. Where Is Social Going in 2015? MOBILE VIDEO PAY TO PLAY CHAT APPS SUMMARY Smartphone adoption continues to grow and has caused an increase in accessing social networks via mobile apps. 25MM inter net users in the US alone used a social networking app in October 2014. We can expect to see an increase in native video support and capabilities across social. Already, native video on Facebook is poised to surpass YouTube in terms of uploads, and Twitter recently launched video cards publicly.  Organic reach on social continues to diminish - specifically on Facebook. As other platforms continue to see growth and release ad products, we can expect a decline in organic reach across social networks. Chat adoption continues to grow despite privacy concer ns due to the intuitive mobile use of these platforms. 3 of the top 10 most active global platforms are chat/ messenger apps. IMPLICATION Social requires a mobile first approach. Assets should be mobile optimized and consideration for where users are when seeing your content is crucial to success. YouTube is not going away as it is vital to organic search and discovery. Testing native uploads v. linking to YouTube and seeing which drives stronger performance will be necessary as brands increasingly use this medium. A paid media budget for social is necessary to effectively reach users and drive engagement with content you have invested time and resources into creating. Although growth metrics make chat and messenger apps seem like a prime place to focus, the opportunities for brands are limited at this point.
  26. 26. Resources
  27. 27. Resources Pinterest Guides LinkedIn Company Resources Twitter for Business Resource Center Facebook Business Resources YouTube Playbook
 Instagram for Business Blog Instagram for Business The resources below offer up to date best practices and research directly from the individual platforms. In addition to checking these for product updates and educational materials, we recommend subscribing to their respective newsletter to have important information sent to you directly.
  28. 28. Appendix