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BENEFITS OF PLAY (cont’d.) Through Play as a Competitive Advantage (July 2012)

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BENEFITS OF PLAY (cont’d.) Through play, an individual avoids what [Patrick Bateson, a We’re living in a world that is Cambridge University biologist changing so quickly. Things thatand prominent play scholar] called the lure were the right answer are noof ‘false endpoints,’ a problem-solving style longer necessarily the right answer.more typical of harried adults than of playful And so we need to be able toyoungsters. False endpoints are avoided explore the possibilities and bethrough play, Bateson wrote, because players open. If we can bring play moreare having so much fun they keep noodling into our adult lives, start movingaway at a problem and might well arrive at our creativity into our adult lives, there are somesomething better than the first, good-enough great benefits to that.”solution.” —ALLISON ARDEN, publisher of Advertising Age —ROBIN MARANTZ HENIG, and author of The Book of Doing “Taking Play Seriously,” The New York Times, Feb. 17, 2008