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Kailash Yatra 2016 - Kailash Tour Package 2016

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Book Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Package 2016 at

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Kailash Yatra 2016 - Kailash Tour Package 2016

  1. 1.  NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. a Hospitality business Group with offices at India , Nepal and Representative offices in various parts of India and Overseas. NTP has Destination Management units for India “NTP India Tourism” and Nepal” Nepal Tourism Package “ With over 28 years of experience, we are the leader of the Pilgrimage and Hospitality market bound to Nepal employing more than 40 industry professionals. Our main aspiration is to provide best services at bookings & Nepal Tours and Kailash Yatra Holiday packages.  The Vision  to convert your dreams into reality by providing matchless quality and service.  Mission  With passionate commitment to innovative travel, unfailing delivery of value in services and assurance of safe and happy travel, NTP believes in upholding the highest ethical standards, while creating new benchmarks in the chosen industry.  Approach  Honesty and transparency are two focal points, on which all our relationships with customers have been built upon year after year. At NTP a promise is a promise. Apart from quality, you are firmly assured of no hidden charges. Customer delight and maintenance of good will are much more foremost to us, than profits
  2. 2.   Contact Person :  Address :  Phone No. :  Email:  Mob:  Skype  Nepal Office Address:  Contact Person:  Phone Number