mlk cold war world war ii fdr malcolm x civil rights naacp woodrow wilson world war i treaty of ghent watergate korean war neutrality acts bay of pigs jfk cuban missile crisis new deal great depression hoover crash freedom rides sncc league of nations roaring twenties william h. taft theodore roosevelt brown v. board rosa parks nye report kellogg-briand pact "i have a dream" james meredith sit-ins birmingham campaign 12th amendment 23rd amendment suburbs car culture the atomic age baby boom gold standard bryan garfield arthur mckinley cleveland harrison cotton kingdom intolerable acts boston massacre stamp act boston tea party bicentennial win election of 1976 fall of saigon immigration nativism railroads westward expansion canals great crash coolidge harding garvey movement scopes trial monroe american system madison napoleonic wars war hawks hartford convention andrew jackson tecumseh james madison marbury v. madison judicial review anthony paul catt stanton red scare alien & sedition acts liberty bonds president wilson herbert hoover pizarro cortes columbus obama iraq 9/11 bush afghanistan iran-contra affair war on drugs reaganomics deregulation mondale lewinsky whitewater ross perot operation desert storm persian gulf war ap u.s. history document based questions creep ford nixon iranian hostage crisis camp david accords pardon energy crisis stagflation oil crisis opec soviet union detente china realpolitik my lai massacre tet offensive gulf of tonkin operation rolling thunder escalation vietnam war new frontier till robinson parks 1950s culture 38th parallel kennan containment marshall plan woodstock hippies atlantic charter lend-lease act appeasement roosevelt berlin wall lbj peace corps eleanor roosevelt reform recovery relief dbq apush black panthers emmett till sit-in birmingham core versailles treaty 1920s jazz age the great war bull moose party eugene v. debs fair deal eisenhower truman modern republicanism imperialism spanish-american war
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