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Film idea presentation

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Film idea presentation

  1. 1. Film Idea Presentation Keeley McManus
  2. 2. The Genre I Have Decided To Work With.• The genre that I have decided to work with is the Horror genre because I have always taken and interest in the horror genre and I think it will give me the opportunity to really explore the genre and create my own version.
  3. 3. Synopsis of My Film• The synopsis of my film is that a girl that has left home and has moves into her own place starts to hear funny noises and it shows how she tries to uncover what is running around her house. As time progresses the more sinister the situation becomes and they fins themselves in a dangerous situation and she later has to fight for her survival against an evil guest.
  4. 4. Target Audience• The target audience of my film will be for late teens and young adults because in the sense of the horror genre is a recycled genre it will always be watched by the next generations, I think also that these ages are people who really do get a thrill out of being scared and enjoy the scariness of a film and that is the reason I have pick this target audience.
  5. 5. People That Might Star In My Film • For my female protagonist I think that I would have the actress Jennifer Lawrence as she has recently been in a horror movie and she ends up being the strong female survivor and I think she will make a good main character in my film. Also she is well known so she will be able to publicise the film more and hopefully more people will want to see the film.
  6. 6. People That Might Star In My Film • For the villain in my film I think that I would use Rebecca De Mornay because she plays a role in Mother’s Day where she goes on a killing rampage and kills the new tenants in her house that got taken away from her and this kind of finds in with my film.
  7. 7. Directors That Might Direct The Film • Famous horror genre directors such as Alfred Hitchcock would be great for our film (if that were possible) he had many popular films such as ‘Psycho’ which is classed as a classic in the horror genre field.
  8. 8. Filming Style• The inspiration for our film will be coming from horror movies such as ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Rec’ as they both use the technique of using the hand held affect to draw the viewers in more to the film and be more involved with it, also this makes it more scary and intense.
  9. 9. Film Examples Paranormal Activity: So as I said before I am going to be making my film with the hand held affect to make the movie more intense and so that the viewer feel they are actually the ones filming the situation and that they get a real sense of the storyline. Also, in most horror films not just Paranormal Activity they use a lot of close ups to show the expressions on theirs faces and show how scared they are in the current situation.
  10. 10. Film Examples Rec In Rec it is relatively similar to Paranormal Activity in the sense that it uses hand held filming, but instead of the main characters filming themselves they actually have a camera man filming what they are doing and the situation. For my film I was additionally going to film my film hand held but with the effects that it has on these films I don’t think that I am a big fan of the effect that it gives because sometime the shots don’t come out great and sometimes it does ruin the film. But with my filming I will be using both still shots and hand held to give it a mixture and variation to my film.
  11. 11. Poster Ideas:• The idea for my poster is for the magazine and poster to be the same colour scheme so that they have a constant house style. I will be again using the villain as the main picture to show that my film is of the horror genre and that it shows they darkness and danger involved in the film.
  12. 12. The Magazine Cover• The idea for my magazine is to make it a freemium magazine and only have the funding from advertisements, I have chosen this because my film will not be a high budget movie and so it well be featured in a local magazine.• The colour scheme of my magazine will be reds as that represents blood and evil etc. Also I will be using the villains protagonist as the main cover and make sure that she looks as evil as possible so that she can draw people in that are interested in the horror genre.
  13. 13. What Would Feature In The Magazine• My magazine will feature local arts, performances, music and films that are being released etc. I think this will be interesting to people that really take an interest in what is happening in their local area. Also, as it is free they might be more inclined to actually take a copy.
  14. 14. Comparisons With Existing Magazines Because my magazine isn’t a major magazine company, mine will be minimalistic and will not have mainstream information about films and such. Also as mine is free it will not have the funding to look one hundred per cent professional and expensive as Empire does for example.
  15. 15. My Magazine Name• The name that I have come up for my magazine is Local Buzz, it is simple and the buzz represents the way that people might react if they want to really see something local in their community. I will make sure that in the title I will make the ‘Buzz’ stand out so that it is eye catching and catch locals eyes.