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Personal branding by Khaled Elahmad @Shusmo

Personal Branding is essential in separating yourself from the mass, the do's and don't's of personal branding and a great personal branding check list

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Personal branding by Khaled Elahmad @Shusmo

  1. 1. Personal Branding | | @Shusmo
  2. 2. It is not about YOU Personal Branding is not about YOU It’s about what other people’s perception of YOU. | | @Shusmo
  3. 3. If you fit They will: Hire you Partner with you Invest in You | | @Shusmo
  4. 4. Give away Value People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. So you need to give away value. You are not entitled to a place, you have to earn it | | @Shusmo
  5. 5. Anatomy of Personal Branding Mind: Know your Strength, Weakness & values. Heart: Give Value. Everything else: Social Platform (Username, photo, cover, statement, listening, insights, engage) | | @Shusmo
  6. 6. Old generation Old generation is into: text, photos, and recorded videos | | @Shusmo
  7. 7. New generation New generation is into: Instant content like stories, selfies and snaps | | @Shusmo
  8. 8. Sell Sell Sell If you post ONLY about your services then what you are saying is “follow me and engage with me only when you need my services.” | | @Shusmo
  9. 9. But if you are offering fresh new valuable knowledge everyday they will follow and engage daily | | @Shusmo
  10. 10. Personal Branding Do’s & Don’t’s
  11. 11. Personal Brand OR Too Personal Source: | | @Shusmo
  12. 12. Your Family Your last trip to Cancun is generally too personal for your personal brand. A vacation shot paired with a caption about how you can work from anywhere when that is what you teach others to do is right on brand. Source: | | @Shusmo
  13. 13. You in Action Anytime you are doing something that shows that other people are interested in what you have to say make sure you document it! This is authority-building gold and you can the value out of the event by posting about it later as it shows 3rd party validation of you as an authority. Source: | | @Shusmo
  14. 14. Your Pets Dogs are easy likes, but unless they are part of your everyday business (dog trainer) they are generally too personal for a personal brand. Once in awhile is OK. Source: | | @Shusmo
  15. 15. Behind the scenes Social media was practically made for behind-the-scenes-of-your- business posts. These scenes all communicate that you’re doing Badass things as an authority, while allowing you to connect with the audience in a more personal way Source: | | @Shusmo
  16. 16. Food Resist the temptation of taking Instagram shots of your meal. Food photos are all over the internet and it doesn’t add to your brand. Unless there is a message behind it like “ Dining at Salad Boutique with my partner celebrating our new family business (with a photo of you instead of the food)” Source: | | @Shusmo
  17. 17. Credibilitybuilding Anytime you are featured anywhere as the authority on your topic post it everywhere. Still do give value if you can. Share a tidbit from the content so your followers can walk away with something. Source: | | @Shusmo
  18. 18. Value Content Sharing your expertise in a way that is valuable to your ideal target audience is THE BEST way to engage online. Don’t forget: Nobody cares about you being an expert, so they aren’t going to pay attention unless they are getting something from you. Nothing personal, we just don’t have enough time! So creating content that is valuable to the reader is a MUST and therefore, obviously has a huge place in your personal brand. Source: | | @Shusmo
  19. 19. Your issues *Not to be confused with sharing your experiences and struggles as they relate to your area of expertise.* Just because you can get a lot of engagement by airing your dirty laundry doesn’t mean you should; at least, not in the places where you’re trying to build a professional reputation. Some people use very personal stories when promoting their brands and businesses successfully, but it’s successful because they can tie it back to their area of expertise. If you can’t tie it back in some way, it doesn’t belong on your authority-building personal brand. Source: | | @Shusmo
  20. 20. Political Rants No matter how engaged or heated you are about politics, your personal brand is not the forum for it. P.S: Unless it is a national campaign Source: | | @Shusmo
  21. 21. Personal Branding Blueprint
  22. 22. Score your Communication Skills Source: | | @Shusmo
  23. 23. Which platform should I start with? Source: | | @Shusmo
  24. 24. Brand Checklist Source: | | @Shusmo
  25. 25. Your solution Source: | | @Shusmo
  26. 26. Opportunity to serve Source: | | @Shusmo
  27. 27. Communication style Source: | | @Shusmo
  28. 28. Communication style Source: | | @Shusmo
  29. 29. Communication style Source: | | @Shusmo
  30. 30. Work on your Bio Source: | | @Shusmo
  31. 31. Commitment Source: | | @Shusmo
  32. 32. THANK YOU | | @Shusmo