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Transurfing - the new Reality method

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Transurfing is the new Reality creation method... forget about jumping around the Universe, meditating for hours or visiting Seminars. All you need to know, is in the 78 days practical Transurfing, offered for the first time in English.

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Transurfing - the new Reality method

  1. 1. The Field of the Heart: The gateway to All That Is and TheAll That Is Yet To Be ExperiencedWhen your attention(see The Observer Effect) takes you to a particular space or location withinan individuals field, you are not just interacting with space. You are interacting with information.Everything in the universe is light, information, and resonance. When you are observing aparticular space or place or location, you are creating resonance with information. It is the act ofthe observation of that information that provides the vehicle for transformation to occur.That is why when you observe a particular space or place, things appear to change. You are notreally doing anything other than observing fields of information. However, the act of observingentangles observer with observed and facilitates a different resonance or expression ofthe information. Fields of information nestle within what is referred to by physicists as torsionfields. Torsion fields are everywhere in universal consciousness. The field of the heart is atorsion-field. It looks like a doughnut comprised of two counter-rotating fields with the inner torsionspinning one way and the outer torsion spinning in the opposite direction.Within these torsion fields, there is a vortex. Within that vortex, information couples with thetorsion fields and this creates a certain amount of inertia and simultaneous momentum whichhelps the information to pop through the vacuum as form, action and experience. In-form-ationas possibility creates experience directly from the field of the heart.The reason in Transurfing we drop down into the field of the heart is that it allows us to access astate of neutrality or pure potentiality. The field of the heart provides access to pureundifferentiated states of information and energy potential before the information separates out asmatter or experience. The heart field is the gateway to the all that is and the all that is yet tobe experienced.Consider that the torsion field of the heart is the very first thing that forms before the physical heartcomes into manifestation and everything emanates from there. When you access the field of theheart, a state of pure torsion, you access pure potentiality before that potentiality separates outfrom itself as experience.When you drop down into the field of the heart, you dont really feel, notice, or think anythingrelated to that experience because its not experience yet. Its just pure potentiality. Everything thatwe do in Transurfing, we do from the field of the heart, which is pure potential. It gives us theaccess to allow for transformation to occur.In Transurfing we are creating resonance with a pattern before that pattern has been separated,identified and named as a particular experience. We dont label it, we dont name it, It is just apattern. That pattern becomes pure potentiality and in that potential state there are equally-weighted possibilities. This facilitates the probability of transformation into actuality.Learn more about Transurfing by visiting ...