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SEO and Social Media: Why You Need Both to Move the Needle

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Think SEO isn’t sexy? Think again. Arguably, there is nothing more seductive than successfully reaching your intended audience and advancing your mission. Good SEO can do that for you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t often get as much attention as social media does when it comes to talking about your communication strategy. After all, it's more fun to talk about filters for Snapchat than thinking about keyword research. But SEO should inform your content development. Why? Because search engines are responsible for 85% of all website traffic. Understanding what your target audience's needs are and what they are looking for when they need you most is a critical piece of the puzzle. This webinar will tell you what you need to know to better understand SEO and how to use it to move the needle for your organization. What could be sexier than that?

[Presented at PestWorld 2017, Baltimore, MD – OCT 2017 –]

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SEO and Social Media: Why You Need Both to Move the Needle

  1. 1. Speaker: KiKi L’Italien, CEO of Amplified Growth
  2. 2. • CEO of Amplified Growth and Association Chat • Host of Association Chat Podcast • Faculty and corporate trainer for Mediabistro and Imparture Training • Writer and video blogger for EventMB • Writer and faculty for Meetings Today magazine.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. The #1 Thing Most Organizations Do Wrong with Social Media
  5. 5. The #2 Thing Most Organizations Do Wrong with Social Media
  6. 6. §Google §Facebook §Think about Voice Search §Make it easy
  7. 7. • Cross promotes with brand’s Twitter handle • Optimized for local search • CTA in graphic
  8. 8. § Micro – Under 10k (some say 500-5k) § Macro – 10k+ followers § Micro provides better value & conversion § High Domain Authority and/or Page Authority = Better “Link Juice”
  9. 9. § How do users get to your website? Direct/Search/Referral/Paid § What is the most visited page on your site (after the homepage) and why? § What are your target audience’s top questions that your organization answers?
  10. 10. What happens after #PESTWORLD2017? KiKi L’Italien Amplified Growth Twitter: @kikilitalien Association Chat Biggest takeaway from session? Tell me! #PESTWORLD2017