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Emarketer Proxxima 2014

  1. Twitter: #Proxxima
  2. Brazil vs. the Rest of the World 6 May, 2014 Presented by 
 Geoffrey Ramsey
 Chairman, Founder Twitter: #Proxxima
  3. 389 builds 782 data sources 59 slides Atenção
  4. § Following the connected, always-on consumer 
 § Following marketers, who are trying to follow the connected, always-on consumer
 § Following the money Agenda Follow me on Twitter: @geofframsey ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  5. I. The Connected, Always-On Consumer
  6. In many countries, internet users spend 2+ hours/day online Source: eMarketer; Motorola Mobility Study; comScore; Ipsos 3.6 hours SECOM; IBOPE 4.9 hours GlobalWebIndex 3.6 hours GroupM 2.4 hours comScore
  7. 2014 4.6B 64% penetration Global Pop 7.0 B Source: eMarketer, 2014 2017 5.1B 69% penetration Global Pop 7.3 B The global view:
 mobile penetration 24% of pop 1.8B 34% of pop 2.5BSmartphones
  8. Population 203 Million 
 We see the same trend in Brazil
 Mobile Phone Users 154 million (76%)
 Sources: eMarketer, 2014; US Census Bureau, 2013 Smartphone Users 41 million (20%)
 In 2017 Smartphone Users = 71 million (34%)

  9. Today’s digital consumer is everywhere... Fragmentation rules.
  10. Fragmentation is everywhere. ...yet also elusive.
  11. Smartphone 
 Users 20% of pop Mobile Users 76% of population ©2013 eMarketer Inc.Source: eMarketer 2014 There is a huge amount of audience fragmentation within digital channels Social Users 37% of population Tablet Users 16% of population (IAB Brazil; UM; Munchner Kreis; McAfee; E.Life; Ipsos OTX) Digital 
 Video Viewers 34% of population (comScore; IBPOPE)
  12. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. There is a huge amount of audience fragmentation within digital channels Smartphone 
 Users 20% of pop
  13. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Source: comScore, 2013 There is a huge amount of audience fragmentation within digital channels iOS 32% RIM 3% Android 55% Windows 1% Symbian 1% all other 8% Smartphone Users
  14. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Video Games Maps Shopping Weather News Reviews There is a huge amount of audience fragmentation within digital channels Social
  15. Social media usage in Brazil is very high 71% 87%GlobalWebIndex UM 80% Social Media Penetration 73% Ipsos 73% 71%eMarketer
  16. Brazil is one of the most “social” countries in the world 67% 64% 71%
  17. Our attention spans are fragmented, too! Over 75% of internet users in Brazil use their smartphones or tablets while watching television ––IAB Brazil & comScore Brazilian smartphone users use their phones while watching TV for an average of 52 minutes a day ––Millward Brown, 2014
  18. With mobile, being online has become a persistent, anywhere state Mobile users check their phones 100X daily Source: Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing International, 2013 Some of you have done that within the past hour!
  19. Consumer Attitudes Towards Advertising Cético Resistente Desconfiado
  20. II. How Are Marketers Keeping Up with the Connected, Always-On Consumer?
  21. Few are meeting the “big data” challenge 3 Steps...
  22. Step One: Admit if you have a problem. 43% “Poorly Integrated” 46% “Improving” Liam Ramsey Needs improvement. Precisa  se  aprimorar
  23. NOTE: mobile is the least integrated
  24. Step Two: Realize that the path to purchase is no longer linear
  25. Let go of the classic “Funnel” model...
  26. ...and move to the more dynamic “Consumer Journey” model Brazilian consumers frequently rely on their phones for researching products and services
  27. 32% of smartphone owners
 in Brazil have intentionally
 clicked on a mobile ad ––PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2014
  28. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Step Three: Pull your data together
 Harvest cross-screen identities by tapping into the streams of data coming from mobile, social and video activities This is your antidote to fragmentation!
  29. Data can even be used in real-time, 
 right at the point-of-purchase Software installed in cash 
 registers detects Hellmann’s
 in the cart, as well as other
 ingredients, to print a recipe
 at the bottom of the receipt
 using those ingredients ––Ogilvy Brazil Sales up 44% in 1st
  30. Source: Econsultancy and Adobe, Jan, 2014 As a marketer, make Content Marketing a #1 priority Survey: Leading Digital Priorities in 2014, according to B2C Marketers Worldwide
  31. Push Marketing
  32. Pull Marketing “It’s more about ATTRACTING, rather than DISTRACTING.” Magnetic Content
  33. Instead of “hunting,” think of 
 “fishing” for the consumer... Magnetic Content
  34. myStain, from Clorox “With mobile––ask yourself, ‘How can I be useful?’” ice cream
  35. Brazil example: Netshoes mobile app If you see a pair of shoes you like, take a photo Then, you can buy the shoes right on your phone!
  36. What about “Native ads?” “Marketing should be as compelling and engaging as the content you would see from your family and friends.” “Think like a consumer. You know, would I pin this? Would I comment on it? We always try to ask ourselves, ‘Why would people care?” ––Emily Schildt, Chobani
  37. Join the conversation on social 
 media––but do it in the right way
 “With social media, give consumers some kind of genuine value in exchange for their attention.”
  38. Set an Engagement Level Trigger Point ENGAGEMENT RATE Time Trigger
 Point 0 Boost media spend behind activity 100
  39. Double-down on your core brand loyalists to amplify their advocacy Customers 
 #1. They have come to expect it. #2. You’ll make them even more loyal. #3. They’ll want 
 to tell others. Why? Nurture them Find them via Social Media CORE

  40. Master the Mobile Mindset:
 The Swiss Army Knife of marketing Location Services Mobile Social Mobile Commerce Mobile Payments In-Store Mapping Email Coupon Delivery Text Notifications Mobile Apps Mobile Search
  41. New opportunities are coming with geo-targeting Focus intently on the consumer’s need–– NOT pitching your product Location Services 41% of worldwide firms collected location-based data about consumers in 2013, but 23% plan to start ––EIU, 2013
  42. Marketers will combine in-store mapping with 
 real-time mobile messaging to detect and react to shoppers’ intentions––while they’re in the store “We will know you’re in the tomato sauce section and be able to deliver you a recipe, health information or point out the best value on the aisle.” ––Scott Townsend, Urban Airship Where is mobile geo-targeting going?
  43. Ask: How can you help the consumer in the store? Coupons Nutrition Recipes
  44. III. Following the Money Spending is shifting towards digital
  45. Brazil accounts for over 1/2 of total ad spending in Latin America Brazil 53% Mexico 13% Argentina 10% All Others 25% Source: eMarketer, 2014 It’s also the 6th largest advertising market in the world
  46. And media spending is growing rapidly eMarketer 12.0% GroupM 12.3% 5.0%ZenithOptimedia Carat 12.3% MAGNA GLOBAL 12.7% Total Media Spending Growth (2014)
  47. But digital is growing over 2X faster... 17%eMarketer 28.0% PwC 18.5% 11.7%ZenithOptimedia MAGNA GLOBAL 20.1% Digital Media Spending Growth (2014) GroupM 16.8% IAB Brasil 25.0% 14% of media
  48. Digital Media Spending as a % of Total Source: eMarketer, 2014 US 28% UK 47% Brazil 14% Argentina 8% Mexico 18% Global 25%
  49. Watch out for the rapid rise of programmatic, and Real-Time 2014 Sources: IDC; ZenithOptimedia; eMarketer, 2014 In 2014, RTB = ~13% Digital Display Ad Spending Worldwide ~$50 B Growth Drivers: ! • Global trend towards
 more efficient buying
 • FBX, video and mobile are shifting towards programmatic In 2017, RTB = 
 25% - 30% ~2% in Brazil today
  50. In Brazil, what’s growing even faster than digital ad spending??? +12% +28% Source: eMarketer, 2014 Total Media Digital Media ??? Mobile Media +120%
  51. Nothing is growing faster than mobile 8.5X $120 M $1,023
  52. Among 22 countries, Brazil is #1 globally in terms of mobile ad spending growth this year ©2014 eMarketer Inc. #1 Brazil
  53. Mobile’s slice of the digital ad spending pie in Brazil
 Source: eMarketer, 2014 = 4.2% in 2014= 20.7% in 2018
  54. In the US, mobile already accounts for 34% of total digital ad spending
 Source: eMarketer, 2014 Mobile = >1/3
  55. % of Global Advertising Revenue that Will Come from Mobile in 2014 63% 76% 34% ––eMarketer, 2014 70%
  56. Summary
 • Mobile is the most important trend to watch • Smartphone penetration in Brazil will rise from 20% to 34% by 2017 • As a marketer, you need to do four things: 
 1) manage your data; 
 2) create “Magnetic Content”; 
 3) engage consumers with social media;
 4) master mobile marketing • While Brazil’s media spending market is growing rapidly, digital is growing at 2X, and mobile is exploding at 120%
  57. Geoffrey Ramsey Chairman, Co-Founder @geofframsey “Obrigado”
 Twitter: #Proxxima