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Creative Use of Learning Technologies

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Presentation delivered as part of Forth Valley College's Creative Learning Conference. A selection of 4 learning technologies that can be utilised in a creative way.

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Creative Use of Learning Technologies

  1. 1. Creative Use of Learning Technologies Kenji Lamb - Digital Advisor, CDN 10th July 2016
  2. 2.
  3. 3. A solution looking for a problem • Don’t be me.
  4. 4. What we’re going to look at …
  5. 5. Kahoot! Okay this is really good … and staggeringly popular with 50M+ players in just 3 years. Kahoot! is a free web-based quiz tool, designed for any device. A games-based approach for individual/team play combined with a simple interface make this one of the best tools for formative assessment. Let’s have a go …
  6. 6. MySimpleShow A free presentation video authoring system, with an embedded storyline tool. MySimpleShow lets you to create Commoncraft- type presentations; the workflow focuses on you developing a script according to a template – the software then automatically adds images and a voiceover (which you can tweak). Let’s have a go …
  7. 7. Vizia Add your own questions to any YouTube video and then embed the video on any webpage (including Moodle courses). Vizia is a free tool that allows you to add multiple choice questions, polls and/or open text questions to videos. Data is collected via a downloadable spreadsheet. Let’s have a go …
  8. 8. PollEverywhere A flexible ‘audience response’ tool that collects responses via the web, SMS and Twitter. Although the free account is limited to 25 responses, it’s still an impressive application with a variety of response types from open-ended text to clickable images. Let’s have a go …
  9. 9. Thanks for listening m (_ _) m