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7 Startup Metrics That You Must Track

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What are some key performance indicators (KPIs) that startups and small businesses should be tracking on a regular basis?

Well in this Slideshare, we share 7 startup metrics that you must track.

These 7 include:
1) Revenue run rate
2) Revenue per user
3) Cost per acquisition
4) Churn rate
5) Burn rate
6) Gross margins
7) Conversion rate

7 Startup Metrics That You Must Track

  1. P H O T O C R E D I T: G O N Z A L O _ A R Startupmetrics you must track seven
  3. #1: Revenue Run Rate
  4. Measures how sales are developing over time. Revenue Run Rate
  5. #2: Revenue Per User
  6. Measure of a customer’s average contribution to revenue. Revenue Per User
  7. #3: Cost Per Acquisition
  8. How much it costs you to attract each customer. Cost Per Acquisition
  9. #4: Churn Rate
  10. How long do customers stay with your product or services. Churn Rate
  11. #5: Burn Rate
  12. How much cash do you spend every month. Burn Rate
  13. #6: Gross Margins
  14. The percent of total sales revenue that the company retains after incurring the direct costs. Gross Margins
  15. #7: Conversion Rate
  16. The rate at which you turn eyeballs into desired actions (such as sales). Conversion Rate
  17. Startup seven metrics you must track
  18. 1. Revenue Run Rate 2. Revenue Per User 3. Cost Per Acquisition 4. Churn Rate 5. Burn Rate 6. Gross Margins 7. Conversion Rate
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