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GIZ NP Policy

  1. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Benefit for National Personnel 13.08.2012 Seite 1
  2. Compensation Salary Upgrading/promoting to a higher/ another salary band Revisions, increments and allowances Performance Base Remuneration 13.08.2012 Seite 2
  3. Promotion 13.08.2012 Seite 3
  4. Benefit 1. Leave 2. Outpatient Allowance (staff, spouse, child) 3. Inpatient allowance (sharing cost) 4. EUR 20.000 accident Insurance (dead) 5. EUR 40.000 accident insurance (disability) 6. Medical check-up 7. Glasses and or contact lens, frame 8. Baby Delivery Subsidy 9. Jamsostek 10.13th Salary 11.Additional allowance (temporal) 12.Remuneration Based on Performance 13.08.2012 Seite 4
  5. Official Leave Annual leave Infant sickness leave Maternity leave Marriage of staff leave, Child’s wedding Sick leave Paternity Leave Public holiday Others (son’s got circumsized/ baptized, child’s wedding, mourning) 13.08.2012 Seite 5
  6. Outpatient Allowance Staff, IDR 2.600.000 Dependant @ IDR 1.000.000 13.08.2012 Seite 6
  7. Inpatient allowance In Allianz Network = Cashless Non Allianz Network = Reimbursement Insurance sharing cost ? Monthly salary GIZ’s Share Staff’s Share <1.000.000 80% 20% 1.000.001 – 2.000.000 75% 25% 2.000.001 – 5.000.000 70% 30% 5.000.001 – 7.000.000 60% 40% >7.000.001 50% 50% 13.08.2012 Seite 7
  8. Insurance Accident Insurance Accident Insurance (Death) € 20.000 (Disability) € 40.000 13.08.2012 Seite 8
  9. Medical Check-up Staff only, once in 3 years 1. Call Parahita Laboratory, to make an appointment on 021.7949624 2. Inform GOJ, to have confirmation Letter. 3. On the appointed date, along with the letter, have check in Parahita 4. Result will be sent to GOJ in sealed envelop and GOJ will directly forward to respective staff 13.08.2012 Seite 9
  10. Optical prothese Glasses or contact lens : • For staff • once a year • 90% Frame : • For Staff • once in 3 years • Max. IDR 750.000 13.08.2012 Seite 10
  11. Baby Delivery/Miscarriage Subsidy Staff should submit invoice(s) to their respective project office. Project Office will forward it to GOJ to be processed. The money shall be wired after 13.08.2012 Seite 11
  12. Jamsostek Tunjangan Kecelakaan Kerja / Working related Accident 0.24% of gross, paid by GIZ Tunjangan Kematian / Death 0.3% of gross, paid by GIZ Tunjangan Hari Tua(saving) 2.0% of gross, paid by Employee 3.7% of gross, paid by GIZ 13.08.2012 Seite 12
  13. 13th Salary THR = Tunjangan Hari Raya A year or more = 100% of gross Duration Amount Less than a year proportional 01.01.2012 - 30.06.2012 6/12 of gross 01.04.2012 – 31.12.2012 9/12 of gross etc 13.08.2012 Seite 13
  14. Additional Allowance When an Employee is temporarily reassigned or assumes the “acting” title of a position that has a higher and/or same salary group and/or same level of responsibility, the Employee might be given an additional allowance maximum of 30% of his/her gross salary for the duration of the assignment. The same scheme should also be applied for Employee who performs additional tasks temporarily due to the absence of a colleague who has the “same level” position. This allowance shall be paid when the position is held for one month or more. The Country Director or Director of Administration, Finance and Human Resources in GIZ Office Jakarta or the Principal Advisor respectively shall give written instructions approving such additional responsibilities 13.08.2012 Seite 14
  15. Remuneration Based on Performance Rating Figures A 0% B 20% C 60% D 85% E 115% 13.08.2012 Seite 15
  16. New Employee Database 13.08.2012 Seite 16
  17. 13.08.2012 Seite 17

Notas del editor

  1. This page explains what compensations (cash) GIZ provides
  2. In principle, vacant and higher-grade positions in the country are open to all national personnel. Vacant positions will be announced to national personnel. Offices are to draw up career development plans for successful experts with sought-after profiles
  3. Officially, Indonesia Regulation says, leave right would be occured AFTER 12 months uninterrupted employment. GIZ allows its staffs to take this benefit without it. 18 days/year is equivalent with 1.5 days/month. Last year leave will be expired on 31 October current year. It cannot be converted to cash during employment. Leave balance may convert to liquidate as cash only for termination reason.Infant is staff’s kid under 5 yearsold, for 5 working days/yearMaternity Leave is 3 months, 1.5 after and 1.5 before baby delivery and or miscarriage. It may be prolong with doctor’s recommendation.Marriage Leave is4working days, Child’s wedding is 2 days.Sick Leave, 3 working days a month are permitted without medical statement.Paternity Leave is 2 working daysMourning for nuclear family death (parents, parents in law, spouse, children, brother, sister) is 3 days, nonnuclear family (living in the same house) is 1 day
  4. It is reimbursement scheme. These figures are annual benefit. For those who join with GIZ after 1 January, will get proportional. The employee’s spouse who does not get this benefit in his/her company, must provide a confirmation letter from their employer. Child is maximum 3 children
  5. GIZ has choosenAllianz to coverinpatientbenefit for NP. Itispremium-sharing program and itisoptional. Employeemay not joinwith this program. HR have put Allianz benefit plan in the separate uploaded file. Also, the file shows how to calculate premium sharing.Allianzprovides 8 plans to choose. The plan name indicates which hospitalized room rate. They are IP150 – IP1200. IP150 means IDR150.000/day for room. GIZ coverage is until IP500. Staff may choose higher plan, GIZ will charge employees after cover first of 50% of IP500 premium
  6. Every GIZ NP Staffs willautomatically be covered to these Insurance, provided by GIZ.
  7. Staff may get The Medical Check-Up Facility once in 3 years which can be taken at anytime during his/her employment. For Staffs in Jakarta, GIZ has cooperation agreement with Parahita Laboratory, Mampang-South Jakarta with IDR 1.500.000/staff. For those who wants to have it, GOJ provide confirmation letter. Parahita will issue invoice to GOJ. For Outside Jakarta Staff(s), each project may point local laboratory with same budget scheme, reimbursement scheme should be granted.
  8. It is valid for staff. Glasses/contact lens reimbursement shall be attached withprescription. The prothese isexcludeof The OutpatientAllowance. The treatment cost will be reimbursed as OutpatientAllowance.
  9. This benefit is for female staff and wife’s staffs. GIZ applies Allianz IP500 as plan. The plan has also been uploaded.
  10. Jamsostek (JaminanSosialtenagaKerja)is social security program specialized for worker which is regulated by Indonesia Government.
  11. THR/Allowance for Feast Day is an Employer obligation mentioned in Indonesia Labor Law.Employees may choose in which feast day they want to be paid. Due to simplicity administration reason, Employees may choose either on upcoming Lebaran/Idhul Fitri or on December. GIZ also provides proportional THR for staff who meets their end of employment duration even the end would be longer than 30 days before the feast day. GIZ applies calendar year to find THR figure. Please refer to #1 HR Bulletin to find various example
  12. To measure actual performance against expected staff performance and to provide an opportunity for the Employee and the supervisor to exchange views and opinions about job performance, the employe’ssuperior must conduct an annual performance evaluation. Every Employee is assessed each year. The assessment is the basis for further personnel measures. Agreements concerning training, personal development and performance -related bonus payments in connection with the annual targets are also made in the personnel assessment talks. The employee’s performance is documented in the required form. The supervisor and Employee collaborate to complete the assessment form. The form is added to the employee’s personal file and a copy is given to the employee. The staff talk form has to be sent to GOJ HR section.
  13. After being recruited, please make sure our NP would have fulfilled this template. It contains tax information, bank information, insurance plan, etc.