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Assure day 2

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Assure day 2

  1. 1. Kyle Gwinn CI 350 Blanco Assure Day 2 A: The class is a 10th grade Honors History class with 21 students. There are 7 males and 14 females. The class consists of 9 black students, 11 white students, and 1 Native American student. 1 of these students suffers from Autism but is high functioning and is well liked by his classmates. Most students are visual learners and prefer class discussion. S: Audience: 21 10th graders from a variation of cultures. Behavior: To go further in depth with what the tensions were of the American Revolutionary War: The Stamp, Sugar Act, and Improper Taxation. Condition: With various forms of technologies and lecture as well as group learning. Degree: 100%. Objective: Students will know why the Stamp Act, the Sugar Act, and Improper Taxation played such a major role in creating tensions between the colonists and England. Students will be able to learn and retain the information they have learned by the end of the day with 100% accuracy. S: -Method: Discussion Based. Media: Podcasts, QR and Vokis, Videos. Materials: Computer, Attention -Class will begin in a discussion about what all the separate groups had found the previous day in their research time period. -Then we would go and listen to various Podcasts about the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and Improper Taxation. -I will then show them how to make a QR and a Voki after we watch a video about Paul Revere’s famous ride. U: -First I would make sure all the kids were on the right page once we had discussed the previous day’s notes. -Next I would play the kids some Podcast about the Stamp Act and the Sugar act as well as the Improper Taxation. -Then we will get on Youtube and I will show them a movie I had previously made about Paul Revere’s famous ride because his name has been popping up throughout these last few days. -After we watched the video I would ask them what they thought about it and answer their questions. -Then I would show them how to make a QR and a Voki and make them pick one for a part of their presentation. -After instruction I’d give them time to work together in their groups to get their presentation ready. R: -I would make sure each student was participating in the class discussion as well as making sure each student had a question for me to answer.
  2. 2. -Next I would wander back and forth from their groups to make sure that work was getting done and that each student was doing their fair share of the work. E: -Assess children on their ability to work together as well as to help each other. Evaluate their participation and their attentiveness and participation as well as ability to follow directions especially while making their QR or Voki.