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Guide to dental implants

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Dental implant is performed when original tooth is unfit for use and needs to be extracted. It has number of benefits and is performed over a period of 12 months.

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Guide to dental implants

  1. 1. Dental implant is a metallic piece inserted in the jawbone in place of tooth root of a damaged tooth. This anchor is usually made from titanium.
  2. 2. When Is It Performed? Dental plants are performed when natural tooth of a person is decayed beyond use. Suitability of implant for a person depends on the health of the jawbone and gum of the concerned person. You can also consult a dental implants speciality in Encino for finding it whether the treatment is suitable to you.
  3. 3. How Useful Is An Implanted Tooth? Dental implant is the most durable and appropriate option for replacing missing teeth. These artificial teeth are very much like the regular ones. Their functionality is similar to natural teeth. They last for the lifetime.
  4. 4. Time taken for the entire process The entire process right from drilling the titanium anchor into jawbone and attaching the crown takes close
  5. 5. Benefits of dental implants Durable Convenient Improved facial appearance Improved smile No reduction in functionality
  6. 6. Success Rate of Dental Implants More than 90% of dental implants in encino are successful. There is hardly any chance of failure in the process if good oral health is maintained.