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Sketchnoting : Visual Thinking- Overview

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The term sketchnoting describes a style of visual note-taking recently gaining popularity among conference attendees. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be an artist to sketchnote and to take advantage of a different type of learning and making content connections beyond conference keynotes . Sketchnoting is helping make your thinking visible and shareable as you are reading a professional book, watching a movie clip, reading an educational blog post or article or listening to a lecture of conference keynote.

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Sketchnoting : Visual Thinking- Overview

  1. Sketchnoting SilviaRosenthalTolisano @langwitches OVERVIEW Visual Thinking
  2. Artist Drawing ? ?
  3. The Noun
  4. BLCSKetchnoterNewbies
  5. BLCSKetchnoterNewbies
  6. BLCSKetchnoterNewbies
  7. BLCSKetchnoterNewbies
  8. Creative Notetaking Chapter by Heidi Hayes Jacobs SketchnotingProcess
  9. Beyond the Logistics Research BASEDINNEUROSCIENCE understandingcanbeimprovedbydrawing VisualsImproveComprehension VisualsTransmitMessagesFaster VisualCuesTriggerEmotions VisualsMotivateLearnersVisualsStickinLong-TermMemory Drawingtocommunicate Drawingasalearningstrategy Whenideasandrelatedconceptscanbeencapsulatedinanimage,the brainrememberstheinformationassociatedwiththatimage. Drawingtoenhanceengagement
  10. Sketchnotinghelpsme…. …connectmyideas. …thinkdeeperaboutthecontent. …calm down. …lookatthecontentfromadifferentperspective. ...focusonessentials. …Identifythebigideasfromcomplexinformation @traintheteacher @EALstories Beyond the Logistics Anecdotal …arrangethecontentdifferentlyinmybrain. …Connectideas/infow/imagestoenhancelearning @HeckAwesome
  11. Beyond the Logistics Definition MikeRohde ... “creatingapersonalvisualstoryasoneis listeningtoaspeakerorreadingatext.” Beyond what it is
  12. Beyond the Logistics Think about it TempleGrandin “i'mavisualthinker,nota language-basedthinker.My brainislikeGoogleImages”
  13. Itmustbeseenasawayto communicateanddocument one'sthinkingasopposedto awaytodraw. Royan Lee
  14. Ideas MikeRohde not “ Art”
  15. isreallytomakespontaneous markstohelpyourself THINK DOODLING ” “ SunniBrown
  16. hasaprofoundeffectoncreativeproblem- solvinganddeepinformationprocessing DOODLING ” “ SunniBrown
  17. Doodlingwitha Purpose!
  18. Apps Stylus Analog Paper FlipInk Adobe Ideas Brushes 53 byfiftythree CosmonautbyStudioNeat JotClassic byAdonit FreeSwag Pencil byApple
  19. passionate Whatareyou about ? 2 min words :
  20. Now about those Logistics
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  22. Typography
  23. Elements
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