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7 Vital Business Lessons from the Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is in business—the business of staying alive.

This is not an easy gig. You thought retaining clients or finding new customers was difficult, but at least it’s just your livelihood on the line instead of your life.

Yet, being a small business owner can feel like a life or death situation at times. When sales are slow and clients are sparse, it can feel like you’ve been thrown in with the wolves with a flimsy marketing book as your only weapon for defense.

And who knows better about fighting your way back out of these types of sticky situations than our latest post-apocalyptic hero Katniss?

No matter how you slice it, the Girl on Fire has quite a few lesson she can teach us about staying alive in business when the going gets tough. Here are 7 killer business lessons you can sink your teeth into from the Hunger Games.

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7 Vital Business Lessons from the Hunger Games

  1. 1. 7GAMES VITAL BUSINESS LESSONS from the HUNGER by Laurel Staples @
  2. 2. Katniss Everdeen is in business—the business of staying alive • Being a small business owner can feel like a life or death situation at times • When sales are slow & clients are sparse, it can feel like you’ve been thrown in with the wolves with a flimsy marketing book as your only weapon for defense • Who knows better about fighting your way back out of these types of sticky situations than our latest postapocalyptic hero Katniss? by Laurel Staples @
  3. 3. What can you learn from the Hunger Games? A lot, actually. The following are 7 killer business lessons that you can discover from the Girl on Fire… by Laurel Staples @
  4. 4. Hunger Games Lesson #1: Team Up With Your Competitors
  5. 5. Team Up KATNISS • In the dog-eat-dog arena that Katniss gets flung into, it would be understandable for her to go it alone • Who can trust the competition when their sole intention is to see you lying dead in the water anyway? • But what does she do? She teams up with the other competitors to stay alive BIZ OWNER • As a business owner, it’s tempting to think that for you to succeed, that your competition has to fail, but this is a false notion • The most successful business owners work together--through joint ventures, symbiotic content promotion, affiliate programs, etc--to stay alive by Laurel Staples @
  6. 6. Hunger Games Lesson #2: Constantly Be Cultivating Useful Skills
  7. 7. Useful Skills KATNISS • When Katniss first learned how to hunt with a bow and arrow, she didn’t foresee that this skill would keep her alive in the arena years later, but there’s no doubt it saved her life on multiple occasions • No skill is too minor that it can’t pay off in a major way down the road BIZ OWNER • If you wait to learn new skills until the time you need them, it’s too late • You need to be constantly cultivating useful skills on a daily basis • Seek out opportunities to learn new things and make an effort to broaden your knowledge and capabilities by Laurel Staples @
  8. 8. Hunger Games Lesson #3: Get a Mentor
  9. 9. Get a Mentor KATNISS BIZ OWNER • Chances are slim that Katniss would have made it out of the first movie alive if she didn’t have a mentor • Despite the fact that her mentor was a raging alcoholic (a quality that I wouldn’t recommend for a good mentor), the lessons and teachings that he imparted to her were invaluable • You are too close to your business to always see what needs to be done to ensure long-term success • Getting an outside, impartial perspective about your business from a qualified mentor is extremely beneficial • Mentors can help fast-track your business by saving you from mistakes and providing useful insight based on past experiences by Laurel Staples @
  10. 10. Hunger Games Lesson #4: Know Your “Why”
  11. 11. Ask Why KATNISS BIZ OWNER • Without a clear purpose, Katniss wouldn’t have made it very far in the arena • Katniss’s “why” wasn’t just staying alive, it was keeping her loved-ones safe—that’s her sole motivator from the get-go • She originally volunteered for the Games to save her sister, she put her life on the line to help Peeta and Gale & she complied with the President’s wishes to protect her family • You always have to know your “why” in order to make it through tough times in your business • Without a purpose, chances are you will quit before you reach the light (i.e. money) at the end of the tunnel • Everyone’s “why” is going to be different, but it’s critical that you define yours. • Why are YOU running your business? by Laurel Staples @
  12. 12. Hunger Games Lesson #5: Learn As You Go
  13. 13. Learn as you go KATNISS BIZ OWNER • For Katniss, each time she is thrown into the arena, she has no clue what to expect or what to do • No amount of time spent strategizing or training in advance is going to help her negotiate all the curve balls thrown at her • She learns everything as she goes along (and sometimes being naïve is one of her biggest assets because she can make decisions without second-guessing herself) • You have to jump in and start playing the game now if you want to end up victorious • If you’re trying to learn everything you need to know before you start taking action, you’re wasting valuable time • Take the plunge, be willing to make mistakes and learn as you go by Laurel Staples @
  14. 14. Hunger Games Lesson #6: Win Today
  15. 15. Win Today KATNISS BIZ OWNER • Katniss’s ability to live in the moment is one of the major keys to her survival • She doesn’t get caught up in worrying about the future— her primary goal in the arena is to stay alive today. • In the end, when she focuses on the doing the best she can to survive each and every day, then the future will take care of itself • Don’t spend time worrying what slings and arrows the future might bring • You can’t reach your long-term goals unless you successful execute your series of shortterm goals starting now • When you consistently focus on winning today—doing your best to accomplish what needs to be done in the next 24 hours—then the future will take care of itself by Laurel Staples @
  16. 16. Hunger Games Lesson #7: Play Your Game
  17. 17. Play Your Game KATNISS BIZ OWNER • The people of Panem love Katniss because she’s the heroic rebel that doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules • Even though she can’t escape her fate to participate in the Hunger Games, she intentionally ignores the Game’s guidelines while all the other tributes stick to the rulebook • In turn, she beats the system, becomes a celebrity of sorts and most importantly, manages to stay alive • You have to play your own game and make your own rules in business • If you follow the safe, worn path that everyone else has traveled down, there’s little hope that your business will stand out from the crowd and become a giant success • If there’s something unique about yourself or your business, don’t hide it— highlight it by Laurel Staples @
  18. 18. Connect with Laurel: Laurel Staples is a marketing expert, writer, and podcaster. She runs a popular blog & podcast called Go Fire Yourself that gives you the insider secrets to successfully escape your day job, grow your own business and live life on your terms. Connect with Laurel and download her free ebook: INCOME SWITCH: How to Replace Your 9-to-5 Income by Building a Profitable (& Unstoppable) Online Platform by visiting her website:
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