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Reading Strategies



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Reading Strategies

  1. 1.  How to retain information when reading a text, that you, must read but you don’t understand it or don’t like it?
  2. 2.  A text is in front of you, but reading is the last thing you want to do at that time. In that moment you are: - Disappointed - Concentration is impossible - Easily distracted - Waste your time - Leave it for next day!
  3. 3. In that moment you should: Sit in front of the book, text. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Then: You should start wondering: Domain the content of this book? Pass the course? Flunk the course? Approve with the highest grade? Outstanding student? And so on!
  5. 5. READING STRATEGIES  Skim reading In skim reading, you just scan through the material, letting your eyes catch key words. This can give you an idea of the meaning of the material.  Skim several times When reading a large amount of material, you can first skim over the chapter and section titles to give you an idea of what the material is about.
  6. 6.  Read first sentence Since often the first sentence of each paragraph states the main idea of that paragraph, while the other sentences elaborate on that idea, you can get enough information by only reading the first sentence from each paragraph.
  7. 7.  Complex reading With some complex reading--like Mathematics--you should still skim over the material, quickly looking at section titles and the equations and formulae. After you get an idea of what the material is about and where it is going, you can read it more carefully.
  8. 8.  Practice with a newspaper Try reading several words, a phrase, or even a sentence at a time. A good way to practice this is to read newspaper articles by scanning down the column, digesting all the words across, instead of reading each word at a time. A newspaper column usually has 4 or 5 words per line, and you should be able to process all of them at once.
  9. 9. Wal-Mart plans price cuts Wal-Mart, which has ridden low prices to dominate the U.S. retail scene, has stepped up its game in price cutting further. The world's largest retailer said it will cut prices this holiday season for a week at a time on thousands of items, from bananas to board games. The first group of cuts hit Wednesday. Wal-Mart, also the largest U.S. grocery seller and overall retailer, hopes shoppers will see a widening gap between prices at its stores and those of its rivals.
  11. 11.  Skim reading • Skimming will be used to quickly identify the main ideas of a text. • People will be able to do at a speed three to four times faster than normal reading. • People will skim when they have lots of material to read in a limited amount of time.  Read first sentence • You will read the first sentence to give you a previous idea of what will you read • You can get enough information by only reading the first sentence from each paragraph.  Grouping words  * You will read using this technique to have a faster reading.
  12. 12. Tips - Have a reading environment in your house. - Make a schedule to read. - Read something that you like - Show interest about what you read